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    Japan-US agreement,

    Politics related words Marine Corps Democratic Party Futenma Camp Schwab Social Democratic Party Katsuya Okada Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Relocation problem Futenma issue Henoko
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  • ○■ In the background of the participation of Fukuda is close to Ozawa and others which, like this Ozawa directs to break with Futenma problem of arrival state and is seen that there is expectation to the thing which moves

  • ○■ さて本命の志位委 長が出てき... Well Chairman Sii of the favorite being present, the experience talks which do to America with appraisal and ippmw of prime minister alternation of current Democratic party administration talked

  • ○■ Futenma transfer of facil ities problem before being problem of area, is problem in regard to the security of Japan

  • ○■ 米側は「現行案が 一実現可能な... As for American side “current plan is the plan which is the only actualization possible”, that, early it pressed for conclusion, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The reason where the Demo cratic party is supported is not everywhere, therefore it is, there is no ginger

  • ○■ 普天間基地の重要 が薄れ、アメ... Importance of the Futenma base will fade, seem like the US military public information charge, Marines will be the kind of deterrent and the like which Japanese specialization is said regardless of, but it probably will stop being, but understanding, that there is no relationship in deterrent, you rival, is

  • ○■ As for Foreign Minister a s for the Japanese side Okada (as for Prime Minister Hatoyama) “the work of deciding ahead new relocating to May is done”, that you say, Secretary Clinton side field old moving best method saying probably is “verification” to call the “parallel line”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 平野官房長官や北 防衛相が「普... Plain secretariat director and Kitazawa defensive phase “as for moving problem of the Futenma base that it is not influenced by the result of Nago mayor selection”, threw restraint sphere

  • ○■ The vicinity of Ozawa exp laining even in the House of Representatives political ethical examination meeting, conclusion points to the problem wants, but you think, also the voice which desires Ozawa's resignation is started from the Assemblyman and the local organization which face reelection

  • ○■ 小沢氏の「剛腕」 米国には通用... It does not pass with you thought also Ozawa's “hardness arm” in the United States

  • ○■ As for Prime Minister Hat oyama 逮. The Assemblyman “the fact that it is not prosecuted is desired”, that to say, the following day withdrawal

  • ○■ 民事訴訟法では公 員でも承。... With civil lawsuit method even with government employee acceptance. The case where interrogation is received the place. If from the fact that approval of ministry and board is needed, there is no Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval, what makes public was not, but this time administration alternation being done in the Democratic party administration, for the first time, the origin of the approval of Minister of Foreign Affairs Okada, interrogation actualized publicly

  • ○■ “Futenma transfer of fa cilities me believing,”…In the Japanese-American summit meeting as for prime minister source the Yomiuri Shimbun Company

  • ○■ では、素敵な一日 !... So, cute one day!

  • ○■ Also Futenma base problem , after all is the Japanese-American agreement,… with, it has hung on

  • ○■ 首相は直前まで「 案がある」... As for the prime minister “there is a concept”, that you had boasted to immediately before, but after all, it is not different from the plan of the Liberal Democratic Party era, with “Nago city side field old” Japan and America in [hame] which agrees, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Before also the Okinawan is [uchinanchiyu], the consciousness that should be verified it is the Japanese,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 民主党の高速道路 料化政策に期... Expecting to the highway free conversion policy of the Democratic party, one vote the people who were inserted may get angry

  • ○■ We verify by the fact tha t the Japanese-American agreement is fulfilled, we want advancing Tokunoshima transfer of facilities in any case positively as a base transfer of facilities propulsion group,”, that you expressed, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 政権交代時のあの いを取り戻し... We want recovering that spirit at the time of administration alternation

  • ○■ Unless [obama] president expresses, this way admits either the difference of little opinion centering on the American strategy, it warned

  • ○■ アメリカ基地は永 に残り、日本... The American base remains eternally, Japan continues to be tributary country of America which loses the pride of independency eternally, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Vis-a-vis this, as for Am erican side “Japan is defended from the Chinese military power which has been increased dramatically, the US military must be stationed in Okinawa,”, that the” [bu] [tsu] coming and others [bo] sea urchin” you answered, that it has done

  • ○■ 「日米同盟は外交 礎」と語った... With “as for Japan-U.S. alliance the prime minister who talked the foundation of diplomacy” is an obligation which explains the basic recognition meaning and nation of alliance regarding safely clearly

  • ○■ As for whereabouts of Oki nawa nomarch selection?

  • ○■ 米軍普天間飛行場 設問題をめぐ... In Prime Minister Hatoyama giving up the conclusion within year centering on the US military Futenma airport transfer of facilities problem,

  • ○■ Foreign Minister Okada th e Seek Spartan Kadena base (is the circumstance which insists) to integration such as Okinawa prefecture Kadena Cho, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 米軍普天間飛行場 設問題をめぐ... In Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama giving up the conclusion within year centering on the US military Futenma airport transfer of facilities problem, the American side raged, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Prime Minister transfer o f facilities problem Hatoyama Futenma, “government program it collects during March”, that concerning the speech correction which is done as for the explanation source 03/3013: 22fnn

  • ○■ 日米合意の中には 低空飛行訓... During the Japanese-American agreement “low altitude flight training, a liberal translation

  • 日米合意

    Japan-US agreement,

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