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  • ○■ 天の川をはさんで 上がこと座... Putting the Milky Way, with respect to the right Vega of Lyra, this woven princess, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Of course, the fact that this skill can be used is just yf-21

  • ○■ 「でも、どうして こに?」... “With, the lever it makes densemakes dense?” “Because exactly, hell female and [aruzasu] came because came to searching, Good Heavens” hell female and [aruzasu] shaking the hand from east, also [vueresu] and Achilles Corp coming out facing toward this, five human everyone were even and rejoiced reunion

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 星を見るとき、あ 星の名前は何... When looking at the star, is name of that star probably what? That, that while thinking, it probably is star such as something, it probably is portion of some constellation, you see, it is with the shank, a liberal translation

  • ○■ It has been about probabl y to search the Daizo rectangularity of the summer, but whether such it is in Tokyo furthermore being visible with naked eye,

  • ○■ ドーム照明をoff、1 7:00... Dome illumination OFF, 17: The sun of 00 (coloration of the orange to be) it outputs from the optical machine, furthermore turns the dome light of the optical machine to ON and explaining direction first

  • ○■ Inquiring” about that o f the Alutile troop, as just expression of the Sirius loosens a little, it was visible, a liberal translation

  • ○■ また、この日に降 雨は催涙雨と... In addition, as for the rain which falls in this day also the tearing rain is called

  • ○■ While bgm ON, furthermore making the fixed star light up with the timing where Venus sinks, about 1 hours spending from the sunset and explaining the fact that such as 1~6 it reaches the point where the star in order is visible with naked eye, the dome illumination evening glow light OFF, also blue output of the digital machine to turn off together, as for the digital machine itself stand-by (illuminant ON shutter open), a liberal translation

  • ○■ (プラネドームのあ る3fへと移... (To 3f which has [puranedomu] movement)

  • ○■ (Horse pillar of [meishiy ouregaro]) --------------------------------------------------------------------- (08/01/05) Nakayama 2000m plate gⅲ([hante] ゙) 54k9 keeper air 3 arrival (08/01/27) Nakayama 2200majcgⅱ 56k8 keeper air 15 arrival 5 month recreation (08/06/15) Tokyo 1800m [epu] cgⅲ 56k10 keeper air 17 arrival (08/07/06) the Hakodate 1800m 10,000,057 k1 keeper air 1 arrival (08/07/27) the Hakodate 2000m Hakodate description gⅲ([hante] ゙) 54k7 keeper air 9 arrival (08/08/24) the Sapporo 2000m Sapporo description gⅱ 57k7 keeper air 5 arrival (08/09/14) Nakayama 2000m 16,000,057 k2 keeper air 4 arrival (rectilinear disadvantageous) 3 month recreation (08/12/27) Nakayama 1800m 16,000,057 k1 keeper air 1 arrival (09/01/25) Nakayama 2200majcgⅱ 57k5 keeper air 11 arrival 5 month recreation (09/06/14) Tokyo 1800m [epu] cgⅲ 56k12 keeper air 11 arrival ---------------------------------------------------------------------

  • ○■ 昨日は夜にゴーヤ 植え替えを... Yesterday did the planting changing of [goya] in the night

  • ○■ Yesterday (9 days), as fo r weather forecast of evening “it becomes cloudy”. “You are disgusted and [ya] [a] this evening (as for the village observatory of the castle village town contact) it probably is closed”, that the hawk was bound, but is, it reaches the point where the star is visible from gap between clouds, opening decides. Being flurried, going to the locale, observation meeting., a liberal translation

  • ○■ ちなみにみんなは う???... Everyone buys by the way???, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In order that and the Sta r Festival decoration is made, the folded paper was done after a long time

  • ○■ しかし、私の中で 河>昴とい... But, in me the big river > 昴 with being able to become aware in the notion that where you say, led the result of this sort

  • ○■ (¯m¯) [pu] [pu] [tsu]!

  • ○■ 「後で一人になっ 時に読んで... “When afterwards becoming one person, please reads” like whether with the both hands, it receives valuable ones quite of, had her letter [kakeru], apologized and put away in the inside pocket of the coat

  • ○■ “[kakeru], as for the [ anubisu] troop however you retreated to [soron], according to reconnaissance troop, to front of [soron] the [anubisu] troop is stationed on the rear, it seems

  • ○■ 「もう・・・カケ 兄の未来を... “You do not look already… at the future of the [kakeru] older brother!” “It is promise”, [kuronosu] directing the large sickle on, when spell is advocated, the cage which shuts in the Charon like the fog it went out, and could be wrapped her in light

  • ○■ The Milky Way is not visi ble the sky becoming cloudy,

  • ○■ とりあえずこれだ は言える、p... Temporarily, just this you can say, consumption of the electric battery of psp is enormous, it became quick, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because of this as for th e heaven emperor you got angry, you detached 2 people across the Milky Way

  • ○■ 織姫星(ベガ)と 星(アルタ... Woven princess star (Vega) with Altair (Alutile) together coined word, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The rain of Star Festival day, woven princess and Altair which it cannot meet it lets flow, “the tear” it seems

  • ○■ 「シャロン、助け 来たよ... “It came to the Charon and help, a liberal translation

  • ○■ That we like per [benebua rutairu] - the ♪, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 七夕伝説を見つけ ので、載せ... Because Star Festival legend was found, it tried placing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The international space s tation ran and kept coming out between Vega and Alutile,

  • アルタイル


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