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    aizawa ,

    Drama related words Toda Erika Yui Aragaki Yamashita Tomohisa LOVELESS Shiina Kippei Code Blue 2 Higa Manami doctor Helicopters Dr. Aizawa
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  • ○■ 藍沢

  • ○■ “Despair!?”With the [ tsu] [te] tea eye in shrewd orange teacher, makes the eye blink, Aizawa… which([kawai] - [tsusu]) 2 performance…It is funny

  • ○■ p18〜19 (2ペーシ ゙... p18 - 19 (2 [he] ゚ [shi] ゙) [shi] ゙ [yanisu] ゙ [kauntota] ゙ [unraihu] ゙ it is small, mountain p all the way o which is (^-^) everyone smiling face produces the mountain p of o news,

  • ○■ Aizawa cultivation (Tomoh isa Yamashita) thing of the grandmother who is 1 blood relatives who pass

  • ○■ でも薬飲みすぎち ってて、今... So the medicine drinking too much [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [te], the present stomach is to be bad the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu

  • ○■ The Aizawa teacher [] [ts u] [me] [tsu] as for the smile of this lightly [me] being [ikemen] black hair Oji ~~ what the ~~ [ho] [re] [te] [ma] [u] and the [ro] ~~← well, already this time, season with the winter [tsu] lever everyone flight jacket wearing from 4 years ago, the [ru] it is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 藍沢は、無償の愛 知らない男と... As for Aizawa, the man who does not know gratuitous love it was written,…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ With the notion that wher e you say, the reed leprosy & [rona] criticism of this year, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「出産」は無事に 功し<未熟児... “Childbirth” succeeds safely and < the immature child > is, but the ~” new life” was born

  • ○■ “As for that day of… a perhaps, (laughing) and, what the television camera enters, putting on make-up perfectly, in it is with the notion that the ~!”Of course is! Likes b, “whether it comes the storm which Asuka, the ~!”… It is the [tsu]? Storm? Even c “Seki [jiyani]!”b “oh, so was!”When such it goes back and forth, however either can do nothing training, when the ~ (laughing) it comes, crying, you rejoice!! While such expectation, (it comes and says and), tomorrow receiving explanatory meeting the [ma] ~ does!

  • ○■ スタッフさんがセ ティング... The staff [setsuteinku] ゙ stepping on in the waiting which has been done, what [sutetsuhu] ゚, [ru] mountain p…Dancing with the Aizawa form, from the [ru], wonder & rare it was the spectacle, so is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Piles up also [ku] ゙ [r ahi] ゙ [a] and special edition and etc with Sawayama, this year is enormous [tsusu]… which

  • ○■ 写真も、どの山pも 凛々しくて... Photograph also every mountain p being dignified, the fact that it is groovy of course is, but mountain p on of photographing site doing the refined expression which is complete truly now the shank

  • ○■ In cord/code blue 4 volum e it rushed it is understood in the person who was seen, however you probably will do, the [ri] which is the [ku] where [obaa] of Aizawa (p) becomes the acknowledgment symptom it can cry, it is, don't you think? while at the ~ stand your [tsu] [te] candy buying for the grandchild and [tsu] [te] p which it sows stopping, the mark which cries 'it cried completely and the [ro]?' It tried hearing, it is, 'it cried entirely to about the [wa] 1~7 story which has been made we thing foolish and' as expected it continues to cry to the last time which is (laughing)

  • ○■ でもやっぱり、山p のことを想...

  • ○■ Puts out, believes the fa vorite so, any mountain p and, current mountain p puts out most the favorite,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ では、再び ぴぃ事 にもどりま... So, it returns to [pi] [i] thing again* And tomorrow (*^_^*)

  • ○■

  • ○■ ちなみに、名古屋 いる私の小... By the way, name of the raw nephew [tsu] child of my elementary school student who is in Nagoya Yutaka mountain ○ Satoshi…(My maiden name) the mountain is attached to the name letter, it is, don't you think?…Therefore as for initial in ty… how me [muhuhu]…So, super - it was and don't you think? and others the [e] - it was information

  • ○■ But being hot, being pure , more delicate than everyone, it is the consideration deep person, don't you think?…Mountain p

  • ○■ 『ぴあ』さん p16− 冬ド... 'Decorating [totsuhu] ゚ of the special edition of Pia Co., Ltd.' p16− winter [to] ゙ llama recording [riho] ゚ [to] 'coat ゙ [hu] ゙ [ru] 2', a liberal translation

  • ○■ However “fat amount it has tried not to take it is, completely with the reaction what… (laughing)”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「山pモリモリ(略 して山モリ... “Mountain p [morimori] (omitting, mountain [mori])” with you remembered, a liberal translation

  • ○■ p19☆ [netabare] limit* The [to] ゙ llama which this week moves largely* With, by the fact that you say, truly, 'coat 4th story news item ...... of ゙ [hu] ゙ [ru] 2'It is [ha] ゙ [reha] ゙ [re], (laughing)

  • ○■ newsやジョーで、テ レビ... With news and the jaw, appearing in [terehi] ゙ and the magazine, from the [ru], [ma]…It is, the [tsu]?…The ^^ which with tries thinking, is

  • ○■ (Work has entered into th e next day the empty, dropping being difficult), a liberal translation

  • ○■ (絵文字一気に減り ますw)... (Picture letter w which decreases at a stroke)

  • ○■ The regarding [tsu] which looks at the mountain [pi] [i] from cord/code blue 1 it is and the personality which changes being too strong, just a little being poor, it has sidestepped the time, however it was, now also Fujikawa teacher similar Aizawa [sensei] is the favorite food, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 山pは…なんか若々 しくて か... As for mountain p…Something being youthful, it is lovely -, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Today weather being bad, shank ......, a liberal translation

  • 藍沢

    aizawa ,

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