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  • ○■ ske48

  • ○■ As expected whether it be comes some kind of result it is interest Tsu 々, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 松井珠理奈、松井 奈、大矢真... As for the member Matsui 珠 Rina, Matsui 玲 奈, the Oya truth 那, Takayanagi discernment sound, 5 people who arrow God Kumi last year enter into 40 rank, from woody plant flower sound, may be ranked on, when you think from single selection, Aa Ishida Ogiso 汐 莉 about the same kana what you can imagine, me who wooden promontory lily [a] 須 rice field sub- Kaori Furukawa love Japanese plum direction rice field 茉 summer almost do not look at the actual place of ske48, has written with just the impression which was seen with the media, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When eating those which l ike the girl, the smiling face is highest

  • ○■ 今日の公演では、 しい推しは... In the present performance, as for the recommending which is new it was not born, but it probably means that because that charm of each member has been lacking in the ability to take in,

  • ○■ This time we assumed that oh stands in the premier position,

  • ○■ 中西…私、陽ちゃ 、聖羅の3... Nakanishi…Me, with 3 people of positive and saintly 羅 in Makiko's house staying

  • ○■ Unit of the team there be ing a fresh taste truly, is splendid, is

  • ○■ アイドルとは、微 なバランス... Idling is the entertainment which consists with respect to delicate balance

  • ○■ In any case, the bodily s ensation time tend [yo] [tsu] [pa] and was

  • ○■ それに今回は、デ ラーが大活... This time, death Ra large participates to that

  • ○■ The plain gauze [wa] havi ng done densely, agape only 1 times it makes the Sato actual picture child older sister let do in 1 years, it is catch what depending, when it is taught, like whether it was fixed to the pot of, laughing, it increased, (^o^)/, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「いつでも戻って ていいから... “Because it is possible to return with anytime,” with you said

  • ○■ The referee did not becom e aware the mountain, secondary making clear as for famous staff 4 name easily, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ■(akb48)小嶋陽 :a... * (akb48) Kozima positive greens: With akb48, the only all the tune selection members! * (sdn48) Japanese parsley 那 × Sato reason adding reason * (ske48) Matsui 玲 奈: Gal make-up [iitsu]! * (nmb48) Miyuki Watanabe: The [tsu] [pi] which does it is it is [kawaii]! * Sasaki rare: Rabbit, or [gu] and princess & Cinderella! * Sasaki rare × Suzuki smile & Takashima 彩 * paulownia valley beauty 玲: ca! * The Maya Eri greens × Sakata Rika child * the good fortune wooden [ri] × (℃-ute) Nakajima it is quick your * the good fortune wooden [ri]: Quite another person! * Takanasi overlooking: Digital photograph collection “smiling face day harmony” sale! * Be the clover z× Tanimura beauty month × Nagano [ji] [yu] [ri] [a] * Mikako Horikawa Sugawara pear middle Matusima's?: Mistake young champion 2011 ■g☆girls: Unit of mistake flash * Aa Ishibashi * Nakajima beauty 嘉: Sexy! ■tokyo idol festival 2011, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * The Nagoya shop tel/052 -310-2548 * Shibuya shop tel/03-6427-8450

  • ○■ ※商品は数に限り ございます... * Because the commodity is the limit in number, the case of sellout please acknowledge

  • ○■ * Sale of the day is plan ned in regard to ske48 offical net shop

  • ○■ skeに入って、どの らいな... Entering into ske, it probably is to be about which?

  • ○■ In on the 3rd it was anno unced to 26 rank

  • ○■ [akb48 ske48 nm... [akb 48 ske48 nmb48 age layer] (as for age as for age/the color which this year becomes team a team k team b team 4 team s team kⅱ team e team n) <25 years old> Mariko Sinoda (1.5 periods) <24 years old> Ono clear fragrance (1 periods) <23 years old> the Kozima positive greens (1 periods) Akimoto ability adding (2 periods) Yuuko Oshima (2 periods) Sawako Qin (3 periods) <22 years old> Umeda 彩 it is good (2 periods) warehouse holding Asuka (4 periods) <21 years old> the shrine 澤 佐 river (2 periods) Katayama positive adding (3 periods) Oya true 那 (1 periods) <20 years old> Itano friend beauty (1 periods) Atuko Maeda (1 periods) the Takahashi everyone seeing(1 periods) Kawanishi Satoshi beauty (2 periods) the Masuda possession bloom (2 periods) Yuki Kasiwagi (3 periods) expert will Tsu Kaori (4 periods) Kitahara village England (5 periods) the Takajo sub- tree (6 periods) Matsui 玲 奈 (1 periods) Takayanagi discernment sound (2 periods) 須 rice field sub- Kaori (3 periods) <19 years old> 峯 bank everyone you see, (1 periods) flat 嶋 summer the sea (1 periods) relations river far fragrance (3 periods) the finger field 莉 乃 (5 periods) Nitou 萌 乃 (5 periods) Mina Ooba (9 periods) Shimada clear fragrance(9 periods) Yokoyama reason depending %, a liberal translation

  • ○■ <Opening schedule plac e > day and time: 2011 October 9th (day) place: You see as Kanagawa prefecture people hole everyone and you you guide to the one which is elected from the leprosy line Japanese avenue station walking approximately 15 minutes * in regard to opening place raising the curtain time from walking approximately 6 minute /jr Negisi lines city barracks subway Sekiuti station,

  • ○■ 詳しくは本紙本社 口にお問い合... Please inquire details to this paper head office window

  • ○■ Understanding of everyone about acknowledgment, we ask may

  • ○■ 珠理奈は亡くなっ いながらも、... 珠 Rina although having died, has watched over the member whose relations are good directly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Extent of acknowledgment we ask beforehand may

  • ○■ メンバーも会場も ックリの結果... The member and the meeting place were the result of surprise

  • ○■ ナタリーpower pushで ... It is in the midst of developing with [natari] POWER push, at “the Fuji urgent highland domineering ×ske48” special edition, the details report “of the domineering” opening event was released

  • ○■ As for the idle framework we would like to observe at such

  • ○■ ふくろう(´;ω;`).. . The wax which you wipe ('; Ω; `), a liberal translation

  • ske48


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