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    Gamble related words Memorial Shinzan Tulip Award Oka award Hartland I'm Yours Sound of heart Joie de Vivre VilleSheena Hana's Goal Parara Salou Meisho Susanna
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  • ○■ Horse ream 7-9 for 270 Ye n horse single 9-7 390 Yen?

  • ○■ ヴィルシーナもク ーンカップ... Interval opens also [vuirushina] ever since the queen cup to do, 2 heads whose degree of consumption is little ream the feeling which confronts, a liberal translation

  • ○■ But as for Bordeaux in he re good running popularity being the clock dissatisfied in the distance result abundant dividing

  • ○■ 気持ちを切り換え 、今週はオ... Changing feeling, this week Oaks

  • ○■ Last week [jienteirudonna ] of the shadow warrior controlled in 2 po horses, but because only one sight ranking is being increased, you ask here at one two! Because long-term secession to put out [jiyowado] of mare main existence, the mare front there is also the feeling which is ended with fracture, especially, a liberal translation

  • ○■ �ジョワドヴィー ル �... The horse connected box betting ticket � [jiyowadovuivuru] � [jienteirudonna] � [episearomu] above-mentioned 3 and, 17-10- it tries buying 23 connected single together

  • ○■ With 2 arrival queens c i t rises with Ouka prize and wins overwhelmingly with 33 second generation

  • ○■ 以上から、軸は◎ ェンティルド... From above, as for axis * [jienteirudonna]! Finishing to pour Ouka prize vividly, [rote

  • ○■ Nakayama plate federalist 1 Kyoto plate [danonshiyaku] 2 arrival [shinzan] commemoration [jienteirudonna] 1 arrival January s [zennoberano] 2 arrival Keisei cup [besutodeiru] 1 arrival Nikkei New Year cup [danonbarado] 2 arrival Kyoto mare [sutekusudonauburu] 1 arrival joint communication cup [deipuburirante] 2 arrival Kyoto commemoration dark shadow 2 Loyang [sutekusutoushiyouhuriku] 2 arrival [huirizurebiyuaimuyuazu] 1 arrival spring s [deipuburirante] 2 arrival Osaka and Kobe grand prix model [oruhuevuru] 2 arrival Takamatunomiya commemoration [karenchiyan] 1 arrival Osaka cup [shiyounanmaitei] 1 arrival Ouka prize [jienteirudonna] 1 arrival [vuikutoriamairuhoerukiyapuchiya] 1 arrival

  • ○■ ●白骨温泉 昨晩、 白骨温泉から... - Skeleton hot spring last night, it returned from the skeleton hot spring

  • ○■ - Horse racing expectatio n “the horse racing expectation 2012 which is removed” Tokyo 11r, NHK mile the cup (g�), 5th [karenburatsukuhiru] Niigata 11r, the Niigata grand prix model, 13th [naritakurisutaru, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日はオークスで ! 桜花賞... Today is Oaks! It becomes 2 crowns of Ouka prize horse [jienteirudonna] or!? It is and another horse!? Conclusion is as follows! ◎� midsummer only 2 points of the fair ○� [jienteirudonna] ▲� [vuirushina] �→�� there is no ambush horse main point… “bank betting ticket” reason hotly to be thick purchase!

  • ○■ Oaks… poor race/lace

  • ○■ それでは本日の1曲 をどうぞ... Then 1 tunes of this day go ahead with

  • ○■ [inko] of the up-to-date article lost child “of daily life” category, gw5 consecutive holiday 1st day eye new employee who returns to the home after that from tomorrow gw5 consecutive holiday Ikuta forested land rose 苑 May 17th (the wood) opening 苑!!

  • ○■ ◎ジョワドヴィー ル ◯フク... * [jiyowadovuiburu] ◯ [hukunohatsuhime] - the [jienteirudonna] △ [uinguzamun] *2 dividing strongly, if it enters, [hukunohatsuhime] which can strike the escaping of my pace with the single horseman, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * Race/lace reminiscence of Sunday

  • ○■ ジェンテルドンナ 母系から... [jienterudonna] a little is disliking the Mylar type from maternal line, the long air does 2400, a liberal translation

  • ○■ *⑰[jiyowadovuivuru] ○ ⑩[jienteirudonna] -⑪[aimuyuazu] △②[episearomu] △⑮[vuirushina] △⑧[maineepona] △⑫[purenotato] △④Sunshine

  • ○■ このブログの人気 事 第5... Popularity article 57th Keio cup sc of this [burogu] (g2) “with distance shortening a group horse,… 7th [vuikutoriamairu] (g1) “this week anew g1 [ji]… [vuikutoriamairu] (g1), a liberal translation

  • ○■ Up-to-date article 2012 g 1 7th game [vuikutoriamairu] expectation 2012 ng1 6th game NHK “of g1 expectation & result” category mile expectation 2012 g1 5th game emperor prize spring expectation 2012 g1 4th game Satuki prize expectation 2012 Ouka prize expectation

  • ○■ ◎2番エピセアロ ム…15着◯... ◎2 turn [episearomu]…15 arrival ◯10 turn [jienteirudonna]…1 arrival ▲17 turn [jiyowadovuivuru]…6 arrival △11 turn [aimuyuazu]…3 arrival horse reams 2-102-172-11…End

  • ○■ Way this horse transport is weak,

  • ○■ ジェンティルドン (こばまえ)... [jienteirudonna] (it is dense, before) they were 4 arrivals

  • ○■ This year it receives whe n it is not in the ordinary year that all Kanto horses control the trial which includes high prize, “Ouka prize” to be, furthermore the last month when trial was done to be many weekend for the rain to fall, Baba state being done in “abnormality” often, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「スポーツ」カテ リの最新記... Because as for the up-to-date article Titibunomiya Rugby place “of sport” category while caring the lawn the government employee runner defeat error drinking [tsu] [te] of the marathon you say, in cat Hiroshi - Urawa [uinzu

  • ○■ First self satisfactory u seless expectation of horse racing…It is Ouka prize, but

  • ○■ 3連複17−3、 ,10、1... 3 daily double 17−3, 9,10 and 13,14,15, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because it is limited rac e/lace of the 72nd Ouka prize starting running horse 01 [damudouratsuku] 02 [episearomu] 03 Omega heartland 04 sunshine 05 [pararasaru] 06 [eishinkinchiemu] 07 [meishiyousuzanna] 08 [maineepona] 09 [ichiokunohoshi] 10 [jienteirudonna] 11 [aimuyuazu] 12 [purenotato] 13 sound of heart 14 [tosenbenizakura] 15 [vuirushina] 16 fine choice 17 [jiyowadovuivuru] 18 [arahune] young 3 year old mares, there is the image that the jockey well cannot work the maidens and to be good becomes “Ouka prize pace of the demon,” becomes the result of becoming rough, don't you think?

  • ○■ スタミナもあり、 田が大逃げ... When there is also a stamina, Uchida executes the large escaping, still, [jiyowado] and [jienteiru] enter into the inside framework and/or end in the end leg misfire,, a liberal translation

  • ジェンティルドンナ


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