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    Water injection,

    Reportage related words Self-Defense Force Democratic Party melt Nuclear power plant radioactivity Chernobyl Naoto Kan Fukushima nuclear plant Recriticality Fukushima nuclear power plant Hydrogen explosion Nuclear Safety Commission Yoshida Masao Meltdown
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  • ○■ その「55分間の中 」を菅首... sono �� 55 funkan no chuudan �� wo kan shushou no sekinin toshite kibishi i hihan gasaretayoudesuga �� kono kiji yoruto hontou ha �� ayamatta ���� hentou wo shita han me iinchou ga hihan sarerubekinanodeha ��

  • ○■ 同原発では真水注 ができなく... To learn more, ask bloggers to link to.

  • ○■ しかし、1号機と3 機は十分... shikashi �� 1 gouki to 3 gouki ha juubun na suii ga kakuho dekizu �� nenryou ga roshutsu shita joutai �� kaisui chuunyuu nochi mo suii ni henka ha mira renakatta

  • ○■ �� gouki no torench i no mizu ha �������� mirishi^beruto �ʣ� shi^beruto �� ijou de �� dou ta^bin tateya chika no osen mizu to douyou �� roshin no reikyakusui no ���� manbai ijou no reberu datta

  • ○■ 福島第1原発2号 では、昨夜... fukushima daiichi genpatsu �� gouki deha �� sakuya �� kaisui wo chuunyuu shiteita ponpu no nenryou ga kire takotokara �� nenryou bou ga roshutsu shita joukyou ga keizoku �� sono nochi futatabi kaisui chuunyuu wo saikai shitaga �� suii ga juubun aga razu �� fuantei na joutai ga tsudui teita

  • ○■ recommendation , suggest ions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ また、政府・東京 力統合対策... mata �� seifu �� toukyoudenryoku tougou taisaku shitsu ha ���� nichi �� kaisui wo chuunyuu sureba sai rinkai no kikensei gaaruto shiteki shitanoha han me haruki genshiryoku anzen iinchou dattato happyou shitaga �� han me shi hakoreni tsuyoku hanpatsu

  • ○■ �� koremade �� atta �� to happyou shitekita kaisui chuunyuu no chuudan ha �� jitsuha �� nakatta �� toiu

  • ○■ 勝俣会長は「人災 そんなお... kachi mata kaichou ha �� jinsai �� sonnaokashiikoto �� iwanaideyo �� to hatsugen saretasoudaga �� sukunakutomo hijouyou dengen no secchi �� shudou niyoru fuku mizu utsuwa no teishi �� kaisui chuunyuu wo tameratta shoki no ishikettei nadohasubete tsunami dehanaku �� keieijin no handan

  • ○■ May be linked to more d etailed information..

  • ○■ 東電は、「炉心が 融している可... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ It produces what kind of effect on Asian nuclear geographical each country whose the abrupt announcement of the prime minister who is not unable to deny the safety of the nuclear plant earthquake is many, you say you do not obtain that consideration was lacked,

  • ○■ 仮に首相が保安院 ら東電の通報... If we assume that the prime minister had not been conveyed the Tokyo Electric Power Company information temporarily from preservation institute, crisis management system of the prime minister official residence means functioning not to have done completely

  • ○■ After that, the work of i ntroducing the seawater was continued, but without water level inside the reactor rising, same 6:22 first complete exposure was done in

  • ○■ 菅直人が福島第一 発一号機... 菅 Naoto Fukushima first nuclear plant one indicated the seawater fill stop to the machine, so is

  • ○■ 1 machine 2 of the Fukush ima first nuclear power plant machine 3 melt down of the machine (core melt) upon attendant, becoming a leak where the water which is filled in order to cool the core is and is you say that it is accumulated on the floor of the reactor building,

  • ○■ 第1原発は地震で 動停止した... As for the 1st nuclear plant although it stopped automatically in the earthquake, pressure inside the reactor rose abnormally, a liberal translation

  • ○■ East Japanese large earth quake disaster, accompanies this radioactivity leak… of the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant which

  • ○■ 海江田氏の指示を けた東電は午... Tokyo Electric Power Company which receives Kaieda's indication 8:20 PM reopened fill in

  • ○■ Expectation & you pray to the best struggle of Tokyo Electric Power

  • ○■ 原発事故以後、3 間ごとの計測... From now on nuclear accident, measurement every of 3 hours was changed to the measurement every of hours, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If cham dallas the Cherno byl nuclear accident measure team is led says, the person who works in nuclear energy section such reply returning, it is not strange, that, but as for margaret harding miss specialist of nuclear safety control “if it is to be long, the extent danger of being increases”, “even then it remains in actual place, if it goes with that, until it goes, is, that what they can say that much is the proving which is spirit”, you say

  • ○■ 海水注入中断、首 指示を否定... Seawater fill discontinuance and prime minister indication with negative = Fukushima 1.1st number machine Hosono advisor [Jiji Press, Ltd. 2011 May 21st 20:34

  • ○■ The branch field person completely has not contradicted concerning the speech and behavior of the prime minister

  • ○■ 福島原発爆発事件 官邸が揺れ... The official residence shakes in the Fukushima nuclear explosive incident, a liberal translation

  • ○■ That you think whether th e authority transferring/changing 譲 of the decision making which harshly it should you question at the time of accident, the chairman and the president being even, with the system, absence with business trip, you called seawater fill to the reactor, shakes management how having become, whether having the qualification which keeps the facility which exerts serious influence on the national life, nuclear power plant whether is not,

  • ○■ 首相の発言は、東 電力福島第... As for the speech of the prime minister, the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear plant 1 with the problem which seawater fill to the machine discontinues at one time, Liberal Democratic Party Tanigaki 禎 from one president “(at that time) there was re-critical and the like various danger when, it is possible to being recognition?” that the case where it is corrected the reply, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 海水注入

  • ○■ According to economic ind ustrial economical atomic energy safety preservation institute and Tokyo Electric Power Company, the same nuclear plant 2 the machine stopped doing same day in the afternoon, when isolating cooling system of the reactor which is called cooling system functioning

  • ○■ As for Tokyo Electric Pow er Company “it cannot deny as the reason where water level does not rise water leak as one of possibility” that the viewpoint was expressed

  • 海水注入

    Water injection,

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