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    Nuclear Safety Commission,

    Reportage Politics related words Cabinet Office Nuclear power plant radioactivity METI Chernobyl Iodine Naoto Kan Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima nuclear power plant Sievert Radioactive material
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  • ○■ 2011/3/30

  • ○■ May be linked to more d etailed information..

  • ○■ sono ten deha genshiryo ku anzen iinkai ga keizokuteki ni ������� wo tsukatte genjitsu ni kaze no muki de kawa ru houshaseibusshitsu no joutai wo koukai shitekurerukoto wo tsuyoku nozon deimasu

  • ○■ satou shi ha �֡� k onkai no jiko de �� osore teitakotoga genjitsu ninatteshimatta �� to shiteki

  • ○■ �� genshiryoku anze n iinkai ga �� genshiryoku shisetsutou no bousai taisaku nitsuite �ע� de �� inshokubutsu no sesshu seigen ni kansu ru shihyou �� inryousui �� wo shimeshi teimasu

  • ○■ But, as for the Nuclear S afety Commission which was opened in the night “it is how to come out of the substance which usually is not possible”, that and so on doing, it requested re-analysis to Tokyo Electric Power Company

  • ○■ From the Tokyo Electric P ower Fukushima 1st nuclear plant approximately 40 kilometers in Fukushima prefecture rice 舘 village which is far, the International Atomic Energy Agency (iaea) with the problem where the radiation level which was measured exceeds the evacuation standard of the same system, economic industrial economical atomic energy safety preservation institute on the 31st, that it is restricted to approximately half of evacuation standard of the result and the Cabinet prefecture Nuclear Safety Commission which the being bombed quantity due to radiation individually estimate are done clear made

  • ○■ As for Chairman group eye Haruki of Nuclear Safety Commission, vis-a-vis the document question of the cooperation communication regarding this case “there is no circumstance which replies”, that it did, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Chairman unevenness eye H aruki of Nuclear Safety Commission, at House of Councillors budget committee of 28 days, March 12th 菅 would like to study the fact that the prime minister inspected the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima first nuclear power plant of accident occurrence, a little 菅 the prime minister 'concerning the atomic energy, that' because you said, it went to inspection

  • ○■ 2011 April 3rd mric by me dical [gabanansu] academic society issue ---------------------------------------------------------------------

  • ○■ 原子力安全委員会

  • ○■ Job in the protection sui t which protects the entire body from radiation does extensively with the mask

  • ○■ Yokota one of the atomic energy preservation inspector office which resides in the same nuclear plant 麿 (the [zu] [ma]) the chief (39) 5 days you resided on the 22nd after the earthquake disaster entering into the nuclear facility for the first time,

  • ○■

  • ○■ As for provisional regula tion value thick labor ministry on the 17th urgent sewer decision

  • ○■ There is a possibility of causing situation intensification with mistake of initial motion judgment, the responsibility of the prime minister and the group eye person may be questioned,>The high radiation dose where (28 day morning edition) 2 per hour it exceeds 1000 millimeters sievert from the water and the air of the turbine building underground of the machine is verified, the announcement, kind of Tokyo Electric Power Company which does correction interview there is no qualification of public enterprise, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Estimate range of Nuclear Safety Commission

  • 原子力安全委員会

    Nuclear Safety Commission,

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