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  • ○■ The up-to-date article fo od “of radioactivity-related information” category and designates the radioactivity as theme the book “by your which for you to protect the child from the radioactivity,” Japanese meaning publication NHK [burogu] explanation member room “Chernobyl and Fukushima [be]… Chernobyl - - concerning the influence pectic combination cellulose which the catastrophe causes to the people and environment (3), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「体の相談室」と 著書」の販... There is “a consultation room of the body” and sale “of the book”

  • ○■ The up-to-date article of category like this as for thinking this person who is the expectation which is not just we… how much virulence was strong “from present news”?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「ムービー」カテ リの最新記... Festival salt of door other [ansutotsupaburuhomukaminguaburakusasu] of up-to-date article Chernobyl “of movie” category - memory

  • ○■ Good country it is attach ed the up-to-date article “of news” category meaning = of the [erenin] comet Yomiuri 2 surface announcement which disappears “for (the [yuda] gold)… Handwritten it is written on a-bomb fat man who is dropped in Nagasaki… Japanese-Chinese war, quick! From the American Chernobyl which yearns 18 kilometer…The extent bucolic living which is surprised, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「スケジュール」 テゴリの最... Up-to-date article 2 “of schedule” category the machine, temporarily Yasuo critical possibility h23.11.01 House of Representatives plenary assembly Tanaka: Representation question tpp: As for the Mexican agriculture with the agricultural furtherance of nafta and American government destruction… Democracy tpp group of objectors, also opposition party cooperation Fukushima Chernobyl investigation committee, nuclear inspection

  • ○■ <<The one of the wr iters, >> as for the radiation dose which is poured to the body basically less one is good from Hiroshi Masa Yoneyama, probably will be, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 東京電力福島第1 発事故から... March 25th of 2 weeks later, 菅 in the indication of front Prime Minister Naoto, Cabinet prefecture atomic energy Chairman Shunsuke Kondo drew up the “worst scenario” from the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear accident, 菅 it understood with collection of data to the group of authorized personnel that it has submitted,

  • ○■ As for nuclear policy, ci rcumstance is different with Japan which is surrounded in Europe and the sea where integration of economy and politics advances

  • ○■ 原発事故の数年前 ガイガーカ... After procuring the Geiger counter several years ago of nuclear accident, it had always carried about terra-p and rd1706 when going out

  • ○■ When the humans involved in atomic energy becoming not to be the sickness and the like even, of, like whether that it became not to be the radioactivity you make think

  • ○■ gareki326.jimd... gareki3 26.jimdo.com application/([tsuito] of k sisters) at 15:01 rt from web shank! rt @baziru: Funabashi it is Noda's knee cause, don't you think? @hankin18 crisis atmosphere shortage it passes,…Purposely, the [yarase] [te] it is with to do, the [yo]? @buhi_2: @singo_mpc: Reopens the third shoal seaside park tokyo-np.co.jp/s/article/2012… of tide dried hunt Funabashi which … ([bu] [hi]: In deviation from nuclear plant 2 vote + [wanko] 2 votes! [tsuito]) 15:03 rt from web (@nyakuso) rt @kucyan: Now the Ukrainian child 70%, is a some sickness and increases even in 25 years later, a liberal translation

  • ○■ countdown rocks 1 stay ev ery teardrop is a waterfall/coldplay 28 ↑ jet lag feat.natasha bedingfield/simple plan 31 ↑ a new day is comin'/the bawdies 41 ↓ miracle/[ri] 53 ↓ revolution /andymori 6 new bouquet /back number 71 ↓ the hellcat spangled shalalala/arctic monkeys 8 new yoakemae /base ball bear 9 new gold cobra/limp bizkit 103 ↓ 2 hearts /digitalism which comes

  • ○■ 19:36 from twi... These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.

  • ○■ 18:58 from it includes al so [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple speed unintentionally and when it cannot process at the locale processing with entire country becomes necessary, you said some time ago, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 11:44 a-24バンシー... As for the 11:44 a-24 van sea it is suitable to some type of sbd, and others the [u, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In a word instead of as f or Tokyo Electric Power Company “when the nuclear plant it handles, being disqualified” it seems like being disqualified as an enterprise, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 自分たちにとって 「直接関係... For by your therefore “directly without being relationship”, having been ready freely and easily?

  • ○■ The Tokyo Electric Power Company beginning, the electric power company so!? With the extent which is said being related, that it hurt, you were surprised

  • ○■ 本当にかわいそう けど、どう... But truly pitiful whether the [be] which how is not kana and others rubs

  • ○■ As for Japan the expectat ion which can be played back

  • ○■ 日本の技術を信じ 、少しでも... Believing the Japanese technology, you think that the fact that it executes the fact that even a little it is possibility, today is serving the person

  • ○■ It is to come to the poin t of living way and Minsk which either the image for the country, [berarushi] does not have completely

  • ○■ もちろんたった一 の人間がで... Only the alone human who passes of course being able to do it is possible, but it is,

  • ○■ So, when being hot, it is highest to go to hot [toko],

  • ○■ つまり後ろめたい 本当は仕事... In other words it is hesitant, as for truth work is play which many relationships is not, that you confess personally, it is equal

  • ○■ That to fight, was the en emy which even excessively is too enormous, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし実際、そこ で割り切ら... But unless really, it divides to there, in this weird world, it cannot make pleasant to keep living,

  • ○■ If this becomes the innoc ence false charge, investigation becomes the enemy of the Japanese democracy

  • ○■ あの爆発によって すごい中性... Due to that explosion, that it is not verified that you say whether the enormous neutron comes out, a liberal translation

  • チェルノブイリ


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