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    Core melt,

    Reportage related words melt Nuclear power plant radioactivity METI Chernobyl Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima nuclear power plant Radioactive material Nuclear Safety Commission Pressure Vessels polluted water Meltdown
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  • ○■ 過去の原発の事故 して、アメ... As an accident of the past nuclear plant, accident of the American Three Mile Island nuclear plant and accident of the old Soviet Chernobyl nuclear plant are famous, but to the accident which is suitable “level 7” is past to be only the Chernobyl nuclear accident, don't you think?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If the Matsumoto represen tation, government the same as the Chernobyl accident “level 7” is questioned that you appraise in interview and “aspect of accident is different with calls, sees from the viewpoint of the discharge quantity of the radioactive substance, it is a match to Chernobyl, perhaps, or it exceeds,” that you speak

  • ○■ 昨年10月 に は 原子力... In the October last year, atomic energy safe basis mechanism, “is danger of core melt with power source loss of 3 hour half”, that although it has reported, Tokyo Electric Power Company says that the fact that the correspondence which stands on this report is not taken is recognized

  • ○■ Being in a state where la rge portion of the result and the fuel which measured the water level inside the pressure container with the limnimeter which however adjusted, this time has exposed is ascertained

  • ○■ 格納容器内にも水 あるため... As for the water because of a certain, the melted fuel which has the possibility of leaking out being cooled, has not become feverish even inside the Containment Vessel, danger of hydrogen explosion sees that it is low,

  • ○■ As correspondence of nucl ear accident is fixed and being looked at the [dotabata] play,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 反対派の方が原子 が冷却でき... Group of objectors becomes not be able to cool the reactor and core melt happens, there is no danger where the radioactivity spreads? With questioning, power source supply because for double triple cooling is guaranteed, that it falls to that kind of situation not to limit, it insisted that it is not possible, (it is not with you do not say no matter what, but)

  • ○■ It recognized melt down a t point in time March 12th and was demoted, is Nakamura deliberation official of atomic energy safety preservation institute probably now to stay somewhere?

  • ○■ 東電では、過去3 の通産省... At Tokyo Electric Power Company, past the Ministry of Trade and Industry 3 (the present multipara ministry) ob passing the advisor, has been engaged in the official

  • ○■ Accident appraisal of Fuk ushima first nuclear accident lines up with Chernobyl already, it reached “level 7”

  • ○■ 東電や政府が限定 な発表しか... Because Tokyo Electric Power Company and government only limited announcement it does not do, the circumstance whose inside of the Fukushima first nuclear plant is detailed still it continues to be unclear

  • ○■ 炉心溶融

  • ○■ Also confusion of the mas s communications is continued, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「炉心損傷」は、 き固めた燃料... It burns the “core damage”, and the fuel which is set (the pellet) the coating tube of the metal which is covered has been broken, but as for shape of the fuel assembly when it has not deteriorated

  • ○■ 1 months passed from eart hquake disaster, reached the point where also preservation institute finally recognizes core melt

  • ○■ 40年前、私は原発 題を核兵... 40 years ago, I turned catching nuclear problem with the extended line of total destruction of nuclear weapons motion, in the opposite direction

  • ○■ It is thought that 1,2,3 the machine, in other words core melt occurred at reactor everything which was worked,

  • ○■ それを棚に上げて 別を無く... Increasing that to the shelf, that lose the discrimination, trying talking to the bureaucracy, what there is no either effect

  • 炉心溶融

    Core melt,

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