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  • ○■ channeru ���� wakasugi mitsuo �� garasu no nakano shoujo �ף������� nen yori

  • ○■ ※表題句の外、3句 を記す... �� hyoudai ku no soto �� 3 ku wo shirusu

  • ○■ 「空・雲・月・雨 カテゴリの... �� sora �� kumo �� gatsu �� ame �� kategori no saishinkiji

  • ○■ These are talking of Ja panese blogoholic.

  • ○■ 山頭火もこの山を ながら温泉... While also Santouka looking at this mountain, it passed to the hot spring, that it is thought, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The Japanese movie specia lty ch: Kazuo Kurogi from “silence 1966 it cannot fly”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ —表象の森— 詩と はなにか... - Forest of representation - what poem?

  • ○■ The up-to-date article of cultural art” category it shakes and is attached the manner manner 逢 [hi] which you want you want 握 you want the [ri] and the like doing the hand of the woman of dream, the dream [ma] and others doing uninformed, already you want it is the [po] HKRPT the mountain of the flower winter sounds it waits for the person where as for the day when also the lamp the [se] you transfer, the alone shadow large

  • ○■ —四方のたより— 螺線館だよ... - Rather than the depending of four side - being the spiral shellfish line mansion, they were two days ago which depart in traveling of north of one week, Berlin activity is continued in base, there was a letter which informs about recent condition from 嶋 rice field three bright you of the “spiral shellfish line mansion”

  • ○■ Santouka to warn abandonm ent compared to, because and it was the person of lingering, the shank, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 昭和記念公園の雪 りです... It is the snow hanging of the Showa commemoration park

  • ○■ Ziyunko 1 actress directo ry Tsuruta true reason 3 actress directory Tsuruta true reason 2 inside Ziyunko 2 actress directory pond inside Ziyunko 3 actress directory pond inside up-to-date article actress directory pond “of actress directory” category

  • ○■ 山頭火風吹きつの 草原の虫... Insect ringing of the grassy plain which Santouka wind blowing hard rides the water in only [ku] [mu] releasing 哉 wind sound draws the water of the dawn which has the wind in the grassy plain Santouka weed which you walk to the one which the releasing 哉 wind which rides hard is blown

  • ○■ * Only title phrase is st atement, adaptation and a note,

  • ○■ 種田山頭火 霧雨し くしく濡れ... The kind rice field Santouka drizzle it does and the paragraph [ku] it gets wet pulls out may in habit to be if to be possible there is water area anywhere of day and drinks to be tasty it may in the washing [hu] in the eye of Ozaki releasing 哉 heat yellow morning of the flower to be possible, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (As for Santouka in order the diary, for there to be some which are superior in form of this kind of verselet, it is to be able to think, but as for the authorized personnel who is appraised with that kind of point of view the combining which probably is not to be

  • ○■ 岩かげまさしく水 湧いてゐる... The rock or the [ge] the water growing just, the water which the [wi] [ru] we would like to drink building, sound the [wi] wants the way of Santouka's popularity even now does not become weak, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Good fortune rice plant f orming shrine of photo/Toyoura Cho - '11.04.30

  • ○■ 山頭火障子の朝日 もう郵便屋... It is the good man where the Asahi shadow of the Santouka shoji the time where already the postal house comes [ratsupa] of the tofu house where the Santouka morning to which releasing 哉 now the mail and opened the shoji of morning spreads with that way and trains releasing 哉 tofu house morning with this and comes

  • ○■ “Siyuuhuu's kind rice f ield Santouka … … ” Siyuuhuu's stone 祀 connection worshipping the picking up [hu] Siyuuhuu's stone, the [wi] [ru] Siyuuhuu's area [be] it is to become the [te] [hu] [te] [hu] Siyuuhuu's traveler, it starts and connection [wi] [ru] Siyuuhuu, can become angry and the thing Siyuuhuu's where the clay which Siyuuhuu wipes with the [wi] [ru] oven drill falls home it is to be close to do to become one person of Siyuuhuu's street corner, with Siyuuhuu's water which polishes the stone of Siyuuhuu's water sound the washing [hu

  • ○■ −読まれたあとは 1cli... After - it was read, 1click−

  • ○■ “You live and the thing you are the [za] to be”, up-to-date article living ones of category it is the [za] to be, [minminzemi] living ones it is the [za] to be, [aburazemi] living ones it is the [za] to be, [chiyabaneseseri] living ones it is the [za] to be, sparrow 2 living ones it is the [za] to be, sparrow 1

  • ○■ —山頭火の一句— 行乞記再び... - One phrase of Santouka's - line 乞 description again - 1932 - 248

  • ○■ The up-to-date article ta lkative parent and child “of diary” category being even, eggplant hateful open [oji] Suisen it comes fascinating and shakes in the wind and opens also color and scent and [oji] the shadow of the one oak which takes a nap it does deeply and opens and calls to [oji] greeting reason abundance homecoming kana open [oji

  • ○■ 晴れ、ときどき散 ... Clearing up and occasionally walking, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Up-to-date article yellow flower fall “of flower leaf truth tree grass” category the cherry tree ([kibanakosumosu]) the leek (the leek) the flower Ryo 霄 flower ([nouzenkazura]) 21 [pinkunouzenkazura] fall the cherry tree (the cosmos)

  • ○■ 「詩・短歌・俳句 カテゴリの... The up-to-date article bush camellia “of poem Japanese verse haiku” category ([yabutsubaki]) kind rice field Santouka “it cannot pass,” kind which “it does not pass” rice field Santouka “it passes and” 2 kind which “it passes” rice field Santouka “it passes and” 1 kind rice field Santouka “it passes”, 2

  • ○■ [akebi] which is discover ed with the village mountain of neighborhood (the persimmon the extent where the branch breaks it was borne fruit in the vicinity)

  • ○■ このブログの人気 事 大冒... Kiyoshi of the popularity article large venture Takasago lily of this [burogu] blazing sun as for the coral thorn paulownia thrusting, the white sheath hundred day crimson which is not defeated to either midsummer (the crape myrtle)

  • 山頭火


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