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    Reportage Politics related words Democratic Party Hashimoto Toru Nuclear power plant Thermal power plant Fan METI Annual general meeting Stress Test Noda Yoshihiko Finance Natural energy Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima nuclear power plant Kyushu Electric Power Power demand dissipation power nuke-in 節電要請 Oii Nuclear power plant
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  • ○■ kei san shou niyoruto t eiken nakano genpatsu ga sai kadou dekinakereba konka no yobi ritsu hasudeni mainasu no touden �� touhokudenryoku ni kuwae �� nishinihon �� sha mo �������� to kinpaku joutai ni ochiiru

  • ○■ 発電所見学を終え 黒部ダムへ... It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ 再生可能エネルギ で政治家が... Isn't the fact that the politician has wriggled by renewable energy the same structure as the right of the atomic energy?

  • ○■

  • ○■ だが、その通貨・ 金は紙幣で... But, the currency fund in paper currency or being the coin,… it is the electronic intelligence which enters into the id card, a liberal translation

  • ○■ But, there is also influe nce of the latest accident, the distrust to the obsolete furnace is deep-rooted, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし、関電は節 を要望する... But, before demanding conservation of electricity, we want Kansai Electric Power Company withdrawing the advertisement of all electrification, a liberal translation

  • ○■ But because there is a po ssibility the enterprise which offers the service where the sale of power industry goes down, is new appearing, whether as for the electric power company which would like to maintain information monopoly “with truth it is opposite”, that it is many, still it adds the voice which is pointed out as function, conclusion it has not done

  • ○■ “空を飛ぶ恥”と 誌タイムは... You write “shame and the American magazine time which fly through the sky”, so is

  • ○■ (8.22)……, a liberal t ranslation

  • ○■ > 静岡県がhp の公... > Shizuoka prefecture in radioactive physical detection of the publication stopping manufactured tea with hp - 47news (it is news) 47news.jp/cn/201106/cn20…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ From July 5th it was 399k wh and 9,150 Yen in 1 months August 2nd

  • ○■ 東電ならt-cia(関 電力... If Tokyo Electric Power Company there is a post, where it was called in t-cia (Kansai Electric Power if k-cia), and secret “wide area regional measure room” of president room direct control, there it is made clear that private information of all inhabitants of nuclear geographical area is made data-oriented,

  • ○■ Observation of the nuclea r power plant, just a little, was luxurious sightseeing tour

  • ○■ しかし、それぞれ 地域で電力... But, the conception is lacking in the electric power company of the principle which being personally owned, supplies electric power at the respective area

  • ○■ Kansai Electric Power poi nted lc simply, but including Tokyo Electric Power, perhaps it is not the environment which still you can buy

  • ○■ 20日に八木社長 会談した... As for not proposing “'' the deviation from nuclear plant as the shareholder, the potato [ku] you do not understand on the basis of the fact that the same city is the Kansai Electric Power Company head shareholder vis-a-vis Mayor Kunio Hiramatsu of Osaka city which conversed with President Yagi on the 20th, whether

  • ○■ The Kansai Electric Power Oi nuclear plant 1 the machine starts adjustment driving from March 13th entering periodic inspection from December of last year, presently 1,180,000 kilowatt has generated electricity

  • ○■ 東電と東北電に融 している... The Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. which has been accommodated at Tokyo Electric Power Company and northeast electricity is a remaining strength of 1,700,000 kilowatt in electric power of the summer, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for Kansai Electric Po wer Company ratio of the nuclear plant which is occupied in generation of electricity electric ability approximately 50% degree of dependence to the nuclear plant is high above Tokyo Electric Power Company, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 関西電力の夏場の 大需要予測は... As for largest demand forecasting of the Kansai Electric Power summer season as for the supply capability for that with 3,138 ten thousand kwh there being only 2,943 ten thousand kwh, from the electric power company of other area, support. In the circumstance which cannot apply either the expectation of supply, there is a very painful circumstance

  • ○■ East Japanese large earth quake disaster (3.11) after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, the movement which is directed to nuclear reopening from the anxiety regarding the safety of the self-governing community became difficult circumstance, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 本日の損益 ?万円 手数料・税金... Profit and loss of this day? For considering such as ten thousand Yen commission tax discernment morning you write, is

  • ○■ The carrying over buying ball it is not short account 4042 east saw 7974 Nintendo Co. 4061 electrification 6758 SONY 6674 [yuasa] 9503 Kansai electric 3402 Toray Industries 8804 Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. 9501 Tokyo Electric Power, a liberal translation

  • ○■ <関電>15%節 事実上断念... <Kansai Electric Power Company >15% conservation of electricity in fact abandonment Nara “10% super” with agreements everyday newspaper June 23rd (the wood) 2:36 transmissions

  • ○■ Because Kansai Electric P ower at to go back and forth and, when forecasting you look, today seems just a little pinch, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 原子力発電所を再 させたいが... We would like to make the nuclear power plant reopen, but whether being play of for the sake of how being…

  • ○■ By the way as for, when T oka Machi city you say,

  • ○■ ということで、本 もぼちぼち... With the notion that where you say, the ♪ where also this day is defeated by degrees

  • ○■ (From the Yomiuri Shimbun Company sight ↓) between Osaka and Kobe already execution jr west Japanese Akashi streetcar Ku (Hyogo prefecture Akashi city), develops the operational method of the streetcar which being maximum, 26% can reduce electric power consumption normally to echo driving method company-wide execution of jr west electric power consumption 26% reduction, while electric power supply of the Kansai Electric Power tightrope walking continues at the severe heat, has contributed to conservation of electricity with the Tokaido Highway Sanyo line between Osaka and Kobe, a liberal translation

  • 関西電力


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