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    Thermal power plant,

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  • ○■ 火力発電所

  • ○■ As for atomic energy, it is not possible the human how it is good the regardless of there is a possibility argument becoming profitable to control,

  • ○■ 休止中の火力発電 を再度稼働さ... For the supplying lng in order to operate the thermal power plant which is inactive for the second time something government as for doing?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ From now on, full working the thermal power plant, the policy of providing demand

  • ○■ 今のままだと、前 夜まで何時に... As it is now when is, you do not know to the preceding day night to sometime it becomes the next daily trial picture power failure,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If cham dallas the Cherno byl nuclear accident measure team is led says, the person who works in nuclear energy section such reply returning, it is not strange, that, but as for margaret harding miss specialist of nuclear safety control “if it is to be long, the extent danger of being increases”, “even then it remains in actual place, if it goes with that, until it goes, is, that what they can say that much is the proving which is spirit”, you say

  • ○■ エネルギー業界で 「犬猿の仲」... In energy industry Kansai Electric Power and the Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. which make “relations of the dog monkey”, the United Arab Emirates (uae) being joint to the generation of electricity business of [abudabi] head country, it comes to the point of bidding, has become topic of industry, a liberal translation

  • ○■ However it is the suffici ent impression which was seen of course don't you think?

  • ○■ だから、全国紙の 聞の社説に原... Therefore, the nuclear plant to be possible to push to Aomori, is in editorial of the newspaper of the national newspaper, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Even then this summer als o threat of the electric power company and government, as for the person where the air is weak in the conservation of electricity indication which can be thought without being able to use the air conditioner, it is

  • ○■ そこで見たあまり 惨状に、a氏... A calls to the disastrous state of the remainder which was seen then, that our eye was doubted,

  • ○■ Capital has designated su ch tremendously as the air

  • ○■ しかも、日中は家 にあまり人が... Furthermore, because as for Japan and China excessively the person is not in home, problem of peak electric power the majority for industry is problem for business

  • ○■ But, because it is the pr oblem which relates to life and death for the islander opposite motion, after the plan approving, the islander uniting, develops

  • ○■ これから記載する とを実現する... In order to actualize the fact that it states from now on, because Japan has faced national existence dying/fleeing crisis, if with supralegal measure, all governments do not hit especially direct, it is not to be possible

  • ○■ You used also the offer e lectric power from over there this summer, a liberal translation

  • ○■ いくら非常事態で 量規制が必要... Regulation of total emission necessity is with however much state of emergency with saying in the country of the political system the Japanese way public power intervening in the contract of the people people, because “, [omae] using the electricity above this, is not possible replaces viewing” and the ampere braker mandatorily,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ “In addition to nuclear stop, it is and with the article of the Asahi newspaper writes also the trouble of the thermal power plant”, but as for restoring that trouble urgently furthermore as for re-working the thermal power plant and the hydroelectric power plant which have gone to bed as for guaranteeing the electric power which it can stabilize can supply even just at the time of peak with that, that, why as for the Asahi newspaper kind of saying whether it is not possible, whether it is not possible, whether it is not possible, you do not hear whether!! Therefore “Asahi newspaper, you!”With word it becomes greatly

  • ○■ 東電は、巨額の赤 となる決算と... Tokyo Electric Power Company announces restructuring step such as balancing of accounts and the property sale which become the enormous deficit to 20th afternoon

  • ○■ If as for Tokyo Electric Power Company, this summer heat like the common year, as for electric power demand at the time of peak it estimates that it reaches 55,000,000 kilowatt,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 停電は続いている のの、快晴の... Power failure although it is continued, restores the just a little air with brightness of fine weather

  • ○■ In addition in order to c ontinue “the principle non- execution” of plan power failure of this summer, it continued in addition to the further guaranty of supply capability, of the widely to conservation of electricity customer understanding from the fact that cooperation is indispensable, it was shown from the electrical supply and demand urgent measure headquarters of government, we arrange concrete match contents “concerning the electrical supply and demand measure of summer” on the basis of contents, as this corporation, a liberal translation

  • ○■ また、電力供給の 下を防ぐため... In addition, in order to prevent the decrease of electric power supply, “we would like to back up via all expedients e.g., the fuel which is necessary for the adaptability of the electricity from Kansai Electric Power and the generation of electricity other than the nuclear plant is supplied from the foreign country,”, that the intention which cooperates to the Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. was stated

  • ○■ At Fukushima thermal powe r plant communication NHK news of explosion, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ※9月26日午前11時 5分頃、... * September 26th 11:5 AM around, 1 cooperative enterprise operators being similar, inside the power plant site (the outside) the left hand fourth finger is put to the steel, injury

  • ○■ (When it is article which has value which is read click we ask)

  • ○■ 電力会社による融 がなされた... You could do the adaptability by the electric power company with say, while this much the power plant knocking down well, you think that it is something which the hot summer without reaching to large-scale power failure overcame, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In order the person who f eels new threat with the latest aftershock to be it provides, to the people who suffer,

  • ○■ 福島の果物ととも 東京へと帰... With the Fukushima fruit it returned to Tokyo

  • ○■ In order not to cause Ham aoka shutdown electricity shortage, but - everyday newspaper editorial, the request of the prime minister even excessively was abrupt without either advance adjustment,

  • 火力発電所

    Thermal power plant,

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