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    Meijin ,

    Video Game Avocation related words Ryuuou match board game of capturing territory Cho Chi Hun Sponsored by Sankei Shimbun Meijin (shogi) Ishida Kazuo Badger Goda Kudan During a game
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  • ○■ まあ、自分で踏み んだ変化で負... But well, because it was defeated with the change which you depress by your you cannot call complaint,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Temporarily, when the pla yer who has been supported in the expert game produces superior

  • ○■ それにしても、富 通杯の覇者は... Nevertheless, the champion of the Fujitsu cup 18 years old, a liberal translation

  • ○■ April 27th (gold), cloudi ness, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 5月2日(日)み のく名人戦... Though May 2nd (day) [ku] expert game of being full (the Aomori branch school) May 3rd (celebration) the southern place shogi conference (the southern established by the town central public citizen's hall) May 4th (celebration) high school Dragon God game (the Aomori branch school) May 5th (celebration) the [auga] shogi conference (Aomori city [auga]) May 5th (celebration) it is dense, the shogi conference (the Yato mayor person public citizen's hall) May 7th (the gold) expert game explanation meeting (the Aomori branch school) * first-come 30 name May 7th (the gold) expert game explanation meeting coffee hour (the Aomori branch school) May 8th (the Saturday)Guidance go/shogi meeting (the Aomori branch school) * first-come 30 name May 9th (day) the Aomori prefecture shogi expert game preliminary round (the Aomori branch school) May 16th (day) the Aomori prefecture shogi expert game decision (the Aomori branch school) May 16th (day) literature course cup small junior high school military officer. Group game preliminary round (needing town you do not see, %

  • ○■ Office group anti- resist ance (the Aomori city [apio] [a] weight) October 11th (celebration) akahata expert Tsugaru area preliminary round under October 10th (Sunday) Towada shogi conference (Towada city central public citizen's hall) October 10th (Sunday) akahata expert 38 area preliminary round (Yato city 38 castle public citizen's hall) October 10th (Sunday) prefecture (Hirosaki city Tsu. Hygienic co-operative headquarters 2f hole) October 17th (Sunday) Asahi [ama] prefectural preliminary round①(The Aomori city Aomori branch school)

  • ○■ 結果は森内先生が り返して名... The result Mr. Moriuti reviving, became expert reseating, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for the Watanabe Drago n God presently somewhat 25 years old young as for the Watanabe Dragon God which is 6 consecutive championship victory achievements with warrior this at that time of 6 year ago since capturing, continual defense is carried out from the Moriuti nine step of the title retention person, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 将棋の羽生善治名 の講演会「... “To continue to produce the seminar in the result of the Hanyu virtue Osamu expert of shogi being defeated three secret steps in order”, it is to be something which writes down the story of the Hanyu expert

  • ○■ By yourself how to burn i t you being popular alone to expert game, increase it was, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は名人戦第3 2日目... Today expert game 3rd bureau 2nd day, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Well mountain Yutaka the challenger to the expert, was decided thickly in road our Honinbou Yamashita

  • ○■ 主 催青森県将棋連 盟、東奥日... Sponsorship Aomori prefecture shogi union and east inner part daily report corporation, a liberal translation

  • ○■ You challenge to the oppo sition record 2003 41st period ten step game royal genuine ten steps of title game Takao 紳 road nine step with 2 victory 3 defeat/miss not to become capture, game Hari 2005 60th period Honinbou. 2006 61st period Honinbou game defensive game which challenges to Honinbou and captures Honinbou rank with 4 victory 1 defeat/miss: Yamada. 2007 62nd period Honinbou game defensive game where it receives the challenge of three raw nine steps and defends Honinbou rank with 4 victory 2 defeat/miss and challenges to two consecutive championship victory 31st period expert game Hari 栩 experts and captures expert rank with 4 victory 2 defeat/miss and becomes expert Honinbou of six public attention in histories: To receive the challenge challenge of Yorita period basic nine step and to defend Honinbou rank with 4 victory 1 defeat/miss three consecutive championship victories

  • ○■ クラス県女流名人 部 一般の... Section general section of class prefectural female expert (stepless person), a liberal translation

  • ○■ With being the case that it is said, the home village rice field bet the checkmate on expert rank capture, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「文章」カテゴリ 最新記事... Up-to-date article fixed aim 3rd period expert game “of composition” category 2nd bureau oral detail. Eel shogi antenna autumn rain

  • ○■ * As for champion of high level person game, seed to challenger decisive tournament of north Ouu expert game

  • ○■ 2009-04-10(fri... 2009-04 -10 (fri) During Hanyu playing go/shogi the observation reporter asks sign , a liberal translation

  • ○■ That the hand which you t hink whether it spreads even infinitely barely, in mass of 81 of shogi, is developed

  • ○■ 7月3日(日)、 5回アマ名... July 3rd (day), 65 [ama] expert game Osaka preliminary round 1st days started

  • ○■ The Hanyu expert, negativ e economized [ya] now it does yesterday, the seed

  • ○■ 張栩名人に井山裕 八段が挑戦... Well mountain Yutaka eight steps had challenged to the Hari 栩 expert thickly,

  • ○■ Heaven 鳳 expert game wi tness's accout (temporary), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 参加料一般2千円 昼食付)... 1,000 Yen participation charge general 2000 Yen (lunch to attach,) junior high school and high school students 1500 Yen (lunch to attach,) elementary school student women (lunch attaching)

  • ○■ As for champion seed to c hallenger decisive tournament of north Ouu expert game, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 日時平成21年1 月11日(... Day and time 2009 October 11th (Sunday) 9 o'clock in the morning ~ acceptance, 10 o'clock citizen hole class a class (high level person) before the start meeting place [jiyotsuparu] (old Daiei Inc.) 4f Hirosaki station and b class (3 class ~ first level), Yen c class (beginners' class) fee children 500 lunch being attached sponsorship Tsugaru branch, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Shogi to be the game of c omplete information disclosure type, because, examination does the top professional go player with plural, that using the board, while moving scene, if you do not think just in the head, more profitable expectation than the go/shogi person who is not

  • ○■ さて、第七局は羽 名人の圧勝... Well, seventh bureau was the overwhelming victory of the Hanyu expert

  • ○■ Title game relay explanat ion with NHK bs premium: Takemiya correct tree nine step chairmanship: Volume Hata Eiko three step September 1st (the wood) morning 9: 00~9: 30/in the afternoon 5: 00~6: 00 September 2nd (the gold) morning 9: 00~9: 30/in the afternoon 4: 00~6: 00 * bulletin in the afternoon 10: 45~10: 55, a liberal translation

  • 名人戦

    Meijin ,

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