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    Cho Chi Hun,

    Avocation related words Ryuuou match Meijin board game of capturing territory Sponsored by Sankei Shimbun Kisei 名人戦七番勝負 Battle of Honinbou Honinbo Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    0 .
  • ○■ 七番勝負

  • ○■ At the throne game relay sight

  • ○■ New necessary the shootin g work person [the Aomori Asahi Broadcasting Corporation] 10/19 (month) - /23 (the gold) 10: 30-11: 25

  • ○■ Necessary shooting work h uman i [with [chi] [gi] [terehi] ゙] 05/11 (the wood) 22: 00-22: 55

  • ○■ Mountain village beauty g ossamer [sasuhe] ゚ [nsu] red hearse 23 wise murderous intent [Tokai [terehi] ゙] 06/20 (Saturday) 15: 00-16: 55

  • ○■ Transmission ~ outside ma in water 之 help seventh game ~ Tokugawa winds record [[bi] [wa] lake broadcast] 06/30 (fire) 08: 00-08: 55

  • ○■ The lugger intellectual [ tsu] it is dense! [tbs [terehi] ゙] 06/27 (Saturday) 07: 30-09: 25

  • ○■ The gypsy Hokuriku of the bride snow which aimed. Kidnapping homicide [hu] ゚ [reiha] ゙ [tsuku]! The dangerous daughters where it was taken to [hi] ゙ [te] ゙ [o] [kbc] 06/20 (the Saturday) 02: 15-04: 05

  • ○■ [sunikahe] ゙ [sutoto] llama 100 happy girl [bs-tbs] 05/08 (Saturday) 14: 30-15: 00 big river [to] ゙ llama Kasuga bureaus #43-#46 [family theater] 05/10 (Monday) - /13 (Thursday) 09: 00-10: Homicide inference travelling 1 of 00 roommate [katsuhu] ゚ [ru] [[terehi] ゙ [se] and inside] 05/10 (Monday) 12: 30-14: 21 fungi it does, the healthy entertainment! Medical science [knb [terehi] ゙] 05/12 of home of everyone (Wednesday) 09: 55-10: [sasuhe] ゚ [nsu] now of 55 afternoon, pounding, as the white coming runner mother and the full marathon which it runs pulls out as the woman! [[terehi] ゙ Osaka] 05/12 (Wednesday) 13: 00-15: 00 big river [to] ゙ llama Kasuga bureaus #43-#46 [family theater] 05/14 (Friday) 08: 00-12: 00 Thursday traveling of [ko] ゙ [rute] ゙ [nwaito] ゙ early summer! [nitsuho] ゚ [n] river travelogue…05/14 (Friday) where you probably will aim toward the source of the big river [mro [terehi] ゙] 15: 00-16: 52

  • ○■ Yamashita chessman saintl y story “4 without successively losing, it was good

  • ○■ As for challenge to the H anyu virtue Osamu expert being decided, at “the day when the shogi boundary is longest” victory the Miura Hiro line which is done eight step

  • ○■ Yamashita chessman saint to win, in 1 victory 3 defeat/miss…Chessman jihad 4th bureau (Yomiuri) 34th period chessman jihad seventh game of go (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company corporation sponsorship), Yamashita Keigo chessman saint (31) with challenger Hari. Three crowns (30) 4th bureau from 18 days was done at the Arima gland hotel of Kobe city, 19th 7:23 PM, Yamashita chessman saint of white turn did to win 7 eye half by 280 hands, total record as 1 victory 3 defeat/miss designated

  • ○■ Schedule feather Honinbou high. Challenger go/shogi place 1st bureau May 13th (the water) 14 days (the wood) 2 eye semi- △× Ishikawa prefecture Nomi city “ahead it waits” 2nd bureau May 27th (the water) 28 days (the wood) the △? ? Considerably prefectural Usa city “Usa shrine” 3rd bureau June 10th (the water) 11 days (the wood)? △? Hokkaido Hakodate city “hotel Hakodate royal” 4th bureau June 18th (wood) 19 days (gold) △? ? Mie prefecture Toba city “Heda house” 5th bureau June 29th (month) 30 days (fire)? △? Yamagata prefecture Yonezawa city “middle house annex firm official building” 6th bureau July 15th (water) 16 days (wood) △? ? Chiba prefecture sake holder city “the [gi] [yo] it is to receive, mansion” 7th bureau July 27th (month) 28 days (the fire)? ? The Saitama prefecture Chichibu city “hotel beauty and [ma]”

  • ○■ You challenge to the oppo sition record 2003 41st period ten step game royal genuine ten steps of title game Takao 紳 road nine step with 2 victory 3 defeat/miss not to become capture, game Hari 2005 60th period Honinbou. 2006 61st period Honinbou game defensive game which challenges to Honinbou and captures Honinbou rank with 4 victory 1 defeat/miss: Yamada. 2007 62nd period Honinbou game defensive game where it receives the challenge of three raw nine steps and defends Honinbou rank with 4 victory 2 defeat/miss and challenges to two consecutive championship victory 31st period expert game Hari 栩 experts and captures expert rank with 4 victory 2 defeat/miss and becomes expert Honinbou of six public attention in histories: To receive the challenge challenge of Yorita period basic nine step and to defend Honinbou rank with 4 victory 1 defeat/miss three consecutive championship victories

  • 七番勝負

    Cho Chi Hun,

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