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    Reactor building,

    Reportage related words Nuclear power plant radioactivity METI Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima nuclear power plant Sievert Radioactive material Pressure Vessels polluted water Meltdown
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  • ○■ 1kg当たり、放射 性セシウム... Per 1kg, radioactive cesium 6g length and the side which stuff the zeolite 100kg which adsorbs, large-sized sandbag 3 package of height each 80cm the water-intake kiss �

  • ○■ 5 and 6 as for the machin e during cool temperature stopping, the function which cools the reactor is moving

  • ○■ 東電広報部は「放 線量が高... Has had making publish the Tokyo Electric Power Company public information section so far as fact “concerning the radiation dose being high, but it does not publish that concrete data and the like, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Tokyo Electric Power Comp any so far presumes that approximately 55% has been damaged 1 concerning the nuclear fuel of the machine,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 格納容器より小さ 圧力容器が爆... The possibility the pressure container which is smaller than the Containment Vessel exploding furthermore is little

  • ○■ Workers entered one of th e damaged reactor buildings at Japan's stricken nuclear POWER plant yesterday for the first time since it was rocked by an explosion in the days after a devastating earthquake and the country's nuclear safety… As for the worker, since that devastating earthquake, being shaken in explosion after the atomic energy safe day of country, for the first time, yesterday, either of the reactor buildings which the Japanese suffering nuclear power plant breaks input…

  • ○■ 1号機では、原子 圧力容器を... 1 in the machine, every Containment Vessel which covers the reactor pressure vessel it fills up with the water, it has started “water crown” job, but, it is necessary to verify continuously whether the fuel securely has been submerged as the prerequisite, in construction of the system which cools that reactor stably, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In the Tokyo Electric Pow er Company announcement, as for height of the tidal wave which attacks the Fukushima 1st nuclear plant on March 11th 14~15 meter, a liberal translation

  • ○■ とにかく、取水口 近から漏出... In any case, 1000 millimeter sievert which has leaked out from near the intake super (?)In order to prevent the fact that the radioactive contamination water of high density spreads to the sea, it utilizes for prevention of the diffusion pollution water installation of the “silt fence” (?)You say that it does, but is, …

  • ○■ Fukushima first nuclear p lant 1 machine “melt down” Tokyo Electric Power Company it recognizes

  • ○■ 東電の内部資料に ると、3号... According to the Tokyo Electric Power Company internal data, 3 concerning the machine, there was description from 13 days, concerning the data of the radiation dose where the inside of the reactor building is high and the possibility hydrogen increasing

  • ○■ From “you have excerpte d amateur detective group sweetly”

  • ○■ we have to be... we have to be afraid that the true circumstances of a nuclear POWER plant hukushimanobyl gathering a temporizing person to here (it should fear the true circumstance of [hukushimanobuiri] which does the makeshift human gathering to here)!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 原子炉建屋

  • ○■ 1 radiation of the machin e, 1120 millimeter sievert, at tremendous value, for focusing at this accident when it is possible to be bombed, although also Mr. Koide thought, when it is called to 1 hours 1000 millimeter sievert, you hesitate, when the core has collapsed 50%, with very collapse, the radioactivity is tremendous, with tremendous pollution, it cannot enter inside the Containment Vessel from the water outside, if the reactor building as for this pollution, at such accident as for being bombed it is not to be avoided, a liberal translation

  • ○■ < 2011年4月18日...

  • ○■ Tokyo Electric Power anno unced in the accident of the Fukushima first nuclear plant that on the 18th, 1 inside the reactor building of the machine per hour maximum of 49 millimeter sievert, 3 the radiation dose of 57 millimeter sievert was measured with the machine,

  • ○■ 同原発では地震発 翌日の3月... With the same nuclear plant on March 12th of the earthquake occurrence next day 1 the machine, on the 14th 3 the machine, on the 15th 2 the explosion where you can see hydrogen as cause with the machine occurred

  • ○■ Before repairing the dama ge of the Containment Vessel, burning. The water can be filled up to limits top, whether or not you do not understand

  • ○■ 新聞報道にもある うに、菅政... That there is also newspaper reporting, probably the excessiveness you did the operation sheet which does not have the reason where 菅 administration 催 urges the operation sheet to Tokyo Electric Power Company, is possible made make

  • 原子炉建屋

    Reactor building,

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