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  • ○■ アルタイル

  • ○■ ある時エツさんと ャットして... At the time of a certain [etsu] and the kyat doing, when it stays,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If “we want the seat of the king, or want giving

  • ○■ 「頼むシャロン、 の為だと思... “Thinking, that it is the Charon and because of we you ask, you promised and” “with also… that future” as for the Charon being confused, will have been flustered, but as for [kakeru], “as for future from now with

  • ○■ “Also 3 people, the [wa ] which can do the meal” plain gauze Lima to shake the hand largely, because [rukiusu] the stomach was spaced, jumping off from Alutile, it kept running, [kakeru] and Alutile laughing, followed afterwards

  • ○■ 「私どもがしっか と大将軍を... Though “me supports large General securely!” [rukiusu] with the smiling face, “the older brother is the older brother, believing, that it cannot sprain no matter what, hitting the [ru]” and the chest, to say, “so Good Heavens

  • ○■ “Way it can meet with t he husband who is loved,”

  • ○■ …もしかしたら、 違う誰かが... … Perhaps when it does, someone who is different isn't login to have done?

  • ○■ “The dry [me] it is day”

  • ○■ ⑪ホクトは今年絶 調... ⑪[hokuto] this year stopping out of order

  • ○■ ⑩Dream distance is long , (expectation)

  • ○■ 織姫はこと座のベ で彦星はわし... As for woven princess as for Altair Alutile of the Aquila it seems with Vega of Lyra

  • ○■ 最後にふたたび光 機をonしエ... The optical machine to turn on lastly and again rise the elevator, 23: The large triangle of the summer (the line) with Lyra Aquila to output the constellation picture of the oral [yo] [u] seat at the starry sky of 00, start diurnal and the direction light ON and Jupiter -> the Pegasus -> the skyline (night scene) on→bgm to change the constellation picture (from the optical machine and) -> to change the twilight on→ skyline to noon scene from the digital machine and -> from the optical machine off→ digital machine optical machine from the morning glow on→ optical machine sun on→bgm furthermore to produce the sunrise simultaneously with the sequence of change, be a little and being the place where it makes diurnal stop projection end

  • ○■ Diurnal rotation position slips somewhat on east while continuous the constellation picture of all heaven ON (vis-a-vis the optical machine after the 3rd intermediate section), immediately before music end the constellation picture all OFF

  • ○■ 夏彦星(彦星、牽 星)は、わし... The Natuhiko star (Altair and the 牽 cow star), with Aquila Alutile 2 people of the hard-worker you become successfully the married couple, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The above-mentioned sort, all heaven which screens “hayabusa” lap as for the type projector the combination 3 projectors

  • ○■ レフィナも負けじ 酌をすすめ、... Also [rehuina] to be defeated, to recommend the [ji] and serving wine, in order for [vuarensu] to be jealous him, when you see, because Alutile barked from rear, it jumped up from the seat

  • ○■ Don't you think? the [kak eru] older brother…… please protect everyone”, with you smiled and did gratitude

  • ○■ そのためには、見 けなければ・... For that, if you do not find,…

  • ○■ Lyra Vega and Aquila Alut ile with the bank of the shore where the Milky Way meanders loosely, being surrounded in the flower of the month when the fragrance of doubtful magic is scattered, do Hisashi's date

  • ○■ <阪神10r>(15:35 )... <Osaka and Kobe 10r> (15: 35) Asahi cc2000 lawn gⅲ(Degree of self-confidence: b) , a liberal translation

  • ○■ (Girl of second chapter b lue and red), a liberal translation

  • ○■ タグ: 宙のまにま に 伊藤か... Tag: In [ma] of space in [ma] Itoh kana blessing Maeno Koshimizu sub- beauty list door pine far picture animation synopsis [kiyapu] astronomical star *

  • ○■ Alutile w it was, such a star yesterday although there is no cloud in the full moon, the star it is to be visible the first-class star which is applied? How there is no multiplication of the 7×7=49 which is visible, the favorite

  • ○■ とりあえずその星 大きく描く... That star is drawn temporarily largely, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Even then air temperature has reached in the 10℃, it is, don't you think? the [e] -, a liberal translation

  • ○■ こと座のベガとわ 座のアルタ... Vega of Lyra and Alutile of Aquila…

  • ○■ But woven princess whom t hat sees and finds as for Deneb Alutile Vega you the finger the large triangle of the summer when it points remembering, space (the [so] and others) at last that it probably is Altair, this loneliness the [ge] could not call at all your me of one next door pleasantly and the [tsu] [te] where [te] truth is found and directly somewhere your thing understood, it is useless the air which reaches does not do without crying, but, so ah~ which is warned, I who bluff being cowardly, have done kind of [huri] which is not interest don't you think?, the pain which sticks increasing, whether the [ku] well the [so] [tsu] the [tsu] lever [u] which becomes favorite is thing what which is said

  • ○■ 『星が3つ並んだ美 しく清んだ... The form to which 'the star lined up and is clear three beautifully', a liberal translation

  • ○■ “The [u] it is…” Do n't you think? “so, it is lovely,” “…” Lath TASS being inattentive, it replies

  • アルタイル


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