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  • ○■ Also the Kubo pitcher bei ng sticky to end, 8 times 1 mistakes and good throwing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ホームラン・・・ ・でも打った... Home run… with after striking, [burazeru] which collapses not be able to run!

  • ○■ It beat the Tigers beauti ful and Giants!!

  • ○■ アナフレ目線です ☆☆ 滅多に... The ☆☆☆ which is the analog deflection eye line the Arai sun which does not put out feeling to the chart rarely got angry, (- the _ - [me]) home run of the tremendous bullet liner springs out immediately after, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Nakata went to the mound from the reverse side, after the continual overlooking three swing, [maton] shot hit to center, but plain you from full count ended in three swings of overlooking, it came lastly and the [tsu] [chi] was held down

  • ○■ しかし5回裏に田 ろ飯原と連打... But the Tanaka [ro] rice field it was repeatedly hit on 5 reverse sides and [huotsusamu] the descending/disembarking board, Uezono of 2 counts [howaitoseru] Aikawa and 2 people continuously was struck timely hitting here and lost 3 points

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 7月5日(月)昨 の日曜日は、... Because July 5th (month) Sunday of yesterday, it was during the clearing up of rain, that it will admire the hydrangea, you resolved, inspected with the personal computer

  • ○■ 10th game of day [doragon zu] in Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park Hanshin Tigers vs is the crushing defeat with 11-5, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 昨日は、横浜相手 、ホームラン... Yesterday, in Yokohama partner, fireworks rapid fire of home run

  • ○■ As for the Osaka and Kobe batting line-up, bird valley 3 hits and connection

  • ○■ 昨日の雨中での悔 い負け、... The being defeated where the inside of the rain of yesterday is vexatious, the giant was sticky in present daytime, middle day 3 shields was done, 4 rank of [tora] decided at that point in time, cs advance was not possible, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Intense fighting of 5 hou r 25 parts

  • ○■ 8回表にも、ブラゼ ル、マートン... Even in 8 charts, after the repeated hitting of [burazeru] and [maton], Siyunsuke sending, [setsuki] before the light/write 2 point timely, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The Kubo pitcher got off the mound with 6th reverse side 1 dead 2.3 bases and continuing throwing did in the Kozima pitcher, but being returned 1 points with the sacrifice fly, it became the difference 1 point, but after that you held down pinch well

  • ○■ 3回裏 阪神代打 マートン... 3 reverse side Osaka and Kobe pinch-hitting: [maton] 9th [maton]: The playing [go] 1 dead runner it is not the 1st plain: In it is cheap the book with respect to 1 dead one base 2nd: The right it is cheap 1 deaths one, the second base 3rd bird valley: Annie Oakley 1 dead loaded bases 4th Arai your: Empty three swing 2 dead loaded bases 5th [burazeru]: Medium 23 −2 Osaka and Kobe reversal!! 2 dead second base Yakult pitchers: Increase Fuchi -> 6th Kanemoto Akagawa: The right [burazeru] aims for the foam/home cheaply out

  • ○■ Osaka and Kobe - Hiroshim a 8 - 30

  • ○■ タイガース12- ベイスター... The Tigers 12-8 [beisutazu

  • ○■ You take the reverse side 3 points, re-are reversed once, but

  • ○■ そして、不名誉な mvpは、... And, dishonorable reverse side mvp, the combining which is the talent seeing

  • ○■ September 14th (fire) Yok ohama vs Osaka and Kobe, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「今日の想い」カ ゴリの最新... �� kyou no omoi �� kategori no saishinkiji

  • ○■ To learn more, ask blogg ers to link to.

  • ○■ 5回にもチャンス ありました... �� kai nimo chansu haarimashitaga �� ato ippon ga dema sendeshita

  • ○■ dasen zentai ga �� konnichiha sonnani ute tetawakedemonaikedo ��

  • ○■ これからもがんば てほしいで... It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ hanshin mosono ura bura zeru no taimuri^ desuguni douten ni oi tsuki ���� kai niha arai no �� ran to toriya no taimuri^ de kei �� ten wo kachi kosu

  • ○■ 阪神-北海道[4 戦](阪神1... Osaka and Kobe - Hokkaido [4 games] (the Osaka and Kobe 1 victory 2 defeat/miss) Hokkaido Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. Fighters 1 Tanaka Ken mediating/helping 3 [ni] 2 now 浪 6 left 5 [hohupawa] 916 Inaba Sho 4 Nakata in 4533 thread well 嘉 man 7 Hiroshi Takashi Atsushi period 41 right 7 funds genuine 8 playing 8 Ono 奨 it is thick 28 捕 3 bird valley Satoshi 1 playing 4 Arai your Hiroshi 2535 [burazeru] 6716 Sekimoto Kentarou 3 [ni] 7 forest dignity help 31 left 8 Fujii Akira person 50 in 9 [ta] ゙ [ruhi] ゙ [tsushiyu] possession 11 throwing Hanshin Tigers 1 [maton] 9 right 2 plain blessing 15 捕 9 [metsusenshi] ゙ [ya] 54 throwing 18: Sanctuary gaora17 of 00 tigers: 45~ tournament end [explanation] Sano 慈 period [reporter] Doi flax reason actual sun television 17: 55~18: 25 [explanation] Shozo Arita Kuriyama English tree [reporter] angular field Yuki abc television 18: 24~20: 48 [explanation] Shozo Arita Kuriyama, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Photographing: Analog def lection super tiger meeting 'be able to persevere, the Hanshin Tigers'

  • ○■ マートン君の穴を っかり埋めた... As for the plain your 12th combination which buries the [maton] your hole securely being may be a speed, the shank

  • ブラゼル


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