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  • ○■ Analog deflection super t iger meeting 'be able to persevere, the Hanshin Tigers'

  • ○■ とにかく勝ってう しいね!... Winning in any case, don't you think? it is delightful!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Fujikawa 俊 you striking first sphere from the reverse side 2 deaths, 2 base hits were shot to the light/write line, but pinch-hitting Sekimoto ended in the first racketeer, it could not pull back the flow, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし、点差より 競った内容の... But, the air like the contents which are rivaled did point difference compared to, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Abe 28 solo (2 times, [hu otsusamu]), Takahashi 8 2 runs (2 times, [huotsusamu]), 9 3 runs (3 times, [huotsusamu]), Lami less 27 solo (5 times, Uezono) Bird valley 5 at bats 2 hit, plain 4 at bats 2 hit and [burazeru] 4 at bats 2 hit 1 stroke, Asai 3 at bats 2 hit - [huotsusamu]: 2 times 1/3 and 9 hits and 23 swing, 1 Annie Oakley, 7 mistakes (12 tournament 2 victory 5 defeat/miss) Uezono: 2 times 2/3 and 2 hits and 43 swing, non Annie Oakley, 1 mistakes Watanabe: 1 times and 2 hits and non three swing, non Annie Oakley, non mistake Fujiwara: 1 times and 2 hits and 23 swing, non Annie Oakley, 1 mistakes it is young the bamboo: 1 times and 1 hits and 13 swing, non Annie Oakley, 1 mistake ○ Higashino: 5 times 2/3 and 7 hits and 23 swing, 1 Annie Oakley, 2 mistakes (15 tournament 11 victory 2 defeat/miss)

  • ○■ 8月4日対巨人1 回戦東京ドー... August 4th anti- giant 15 game Tokyo dome

  • ○■ Increased with timely of [maton] in 5 times

  • ○■ <body><... < b ody> <! -- [fc2 analyzer] --> < script language=javascript src= type=text/javascript> < /script> < noscript> < div align=right> < img src=/> < a href= [burogurankingu] < /a> < /div> < /noscript> <! -- [fc2 analyz, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Bulletin of Osaka and Kob e [taigazu]!! Net news concerning Osaka and Kobe [taigazu]!! [are] and [kore] of Osaka and Kobe [taigazu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ◎昨日(9/9)の阪 タイガ... * The Hanshin Tigers information of yesterday (9/9), a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for 7 times Fujiwara g oes to the mound

  • ○■ ブラゼル選手はセ ンド後方に高... The [burazeru] player launches the high fly in the second rear, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Today starting pitcher me ssenger pitcher and inland sea pitcher, a liberal translation

  • ○■ マートン(右) 平 野(二) 鳥... [maton] (the right) plain (two) bird valley (playing) Arai (three) [burazeru] (one) Kanemoto (the left) Jojima (捕) Siyunsuke (in) Iwata (throwing), a liberal translation

  • ○■ Result of 9/21~9/25

  • ○■ <阪神>ブラゼル 猛打の口火... <Osaka and Kobe > [burazeru] the super hitting fuse, the bird valley which continues.

  • ○■ 3 reverse side 9th talent seeing: In it is cheap non dead one base 1st [maton]: The left flying 1 dead one base 2nd plain: Medium flying 2 dead one base 3rd bird valley: Medium 22 −1 Osaka and Kobe net win!! 2 dead second base 4th Arai your: One wickedness

  • ○■ 一 二 三 四 五 六 ... 123,456,792 meter h e Osaka and Kobe 4,120,020,254,720 Yakult 200,204,096, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 9/21 medium day game 0 to 3 being defeated day game 6 to 1 victory 9/25 Hiroshima game 8 to 3 victory in day game 0 to 1 being defeated 9/23 in 9/22, a liberal translation

  • ○■ で喜んでたら、ブ ゼル3発... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ The kana where the way of ability of the true bow supervision and defense coach is shown, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ピッチャー久保田 のまま打席に... Kubota pitcher entering at bat that way, batted ball flies to the short circuit deep place, hit 6 inside timely - 2

  • ○■ Temporarily if the Kanemo to player pinch-hitting is appointed to 9 charts, there is no the worry

  • ○■ gamblymanさんの投稿 ... gamblyman you contributed looking at [u] Ochiai comment, it settled, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 7 reverse side 7th Jojima : The left it is cheap non dead one base Osaka and Kobe pinch-hitting: 8th Sekimoto Sekimoto: Empty three swing 1 dead one base 9th Asai: Playing [go] second base force-out 2 dead one base Yakult pitcher: Ishikawa -> pushing book 1st [maton]: The right it is cheap 2 deaths one, the third base Yakult pitcher: Pushing book -> Japanese plum blessing 踐 2nd plain: Seeing three swing

  • ○■ 4回裏 9番岩田: 左飛1死走... 4 reverse side 9th Iwata: The left flying 1 dead runner it is not 1st [maton]: The left 21 dead second base 2nd plain: Medium 23 - 1 dead second base 3rd bird valley: The right is cheap the 4− 1 dead one base bird valley two stealing 1 dead second base 4th Arai your: Empty three swing 2 dead second base 5th [burazeru]: Playing [go

  • ○■ The Hanshin Tigers profes sional baseball regular game 2010/07/08 Yakult game (the Koshien ball park) 123,456,804,880,384 meter h e Yakult 2,070,000,959,488 Osaka and Kobe 2,001,000,202,240 victory Kato 1 victory 0 defeat/miss 0s s negative Ando 1 victory 3 defeat/miss 0s That (Osaka and Kobe) [burazeru] 29 (Yakult) Hatakeyama 2 at this time you praised, the thought cod, as for pitch of yesterday with something the [tsu] plain gauze [ro]????????? The Hanshin Tigers 2 points taking from the first time, although it is helping Ando, the lead/read, being returned immediately on 2 reverse sides, tie (> _<) It may well, still to here, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 阪神よこのまま突 進め、怖い... While it is the Osaka and Kobe side dashes, fearing middle day and,

  • ○■ The ball is thrown in to the seat with [maton] 2 death -, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「阪神タイガース カテゴリの... , a liberal translation

  • ブラゼル


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