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    April Fool,

    japanese culture related words Graduation Initiation Ceremony Spring Break White Day Rookie 新年度 New member of society
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  • ○■ 今日は4月1日、エ プリルフ... Today April 1st, with April $fools' $day shank that and, from today 2nd grade! Today even accidentally section life heat is languid with the day off, from the morning when 瑠 summer is bothered is, the mail of the fraud reached from the boy of class right away, the person who is caught it is, however it seems, the [a] it is to do, it has been attached to the [yo] animated picture which is not swindled the [ri] doing, it was real, (laughing) today of last year, going to the close friend and Disneyland of local end, however now when it increases, it is not done with liquefied conversion phenomenon to summer has done the heart friend of the local end which does to the sea on January 3rd opening luck is wanted doing and the promise which goes to the summer, it is today when is down tomorrow there is section life at the houseThe empty, physical condition should have become good

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: Going to wo rk time sometime is good? Going to work time sometime calls the participation Nakamoto sentence from here?? I have been employed as for the place such was not far, however, because occurring at the house occurs 6:30 it was rather harsh, is, because… now with work with the part there is also a attending school time of the child, it has stopped the work at quick time if possible, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ゆるゆり : 第8話 エ... It is loose the lily: 8th story “April $fools' $day”

  • ○■ Just a little, you will t hink already, a liberal translation

  • ○■ どうしてこの砦で トバス!が... At stronghold of lever [ritobasu]! Being appraised?

  • ○■ By the way… the “Apri l $fools' $day”… lie being attached, it can be able, don't you think? day and it is the [te, a liberal translation

  • ○■ と、こんな感じで ... With, it is such feeling

  • ○■ Such a thing thinking, th e mini- amplifier of the cod and the fender arrives! [me] densely with small getting off lovely [tsu]! The same as the daughter, it is small size?! Is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ それからどうした まあいっか... Then how it did? It is well, the [tsu]?

  • ○■ The “discount seal” i s conspicuous in the consequence or the pack of the meats

  • ○■ そして、3位は1 歳の羽生く... And, Hanyu of 17 years old the lovely prince the birth stripe does 3 rank, the seed obtaining

  • ○■ So, if you say, most Apri l $fools' $day news items are not done being, it does, April 1st of this year the seed

  • ○■ さらに、イルリメ( 作詞) 坂... Furthermore, [irurime] (writing the lyric) the Sakamoto true twill (the vocal) with it was produced with the unique collaboration which is said, new tune “April $fools' $day feat. Recording the Sakamoto true twill”

  • ○■ The game which as expecte d, [teizasaitoopun] is done in the April $fools' $day

  • ○■ いよいよ広島のラ ブが近づい... The Hiroshima live got near more and more, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The [a], there is no 此 [re] April $fools' $day news item, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「なんで抱っこな ?!」... “Being carrying with something?!”

  • ○■ Whether the present [wa] entrance ceremony April $fools' $day (the ^^) it is from morning also the [a] the [yu], when the present university line can [tsu] [te] mail it does, the telephone coming, [bariuke] you build and yesterday are to 5:30 also the [a] telephoning [te] 1 hour semi- sleep…However (laughing) [yaba] well the [ro] first the tension [ma] [ji] it is weakened, last burst of laughter it melts taking and not to be, it goes, the [ma

  • ○■ 今日の誕生日の花 、アマナ... As for flower of present birthday, [amana, a liberal translation

  • ○■ So if you say, today Apri l 1st

  • ○■ さてエイプリルフ ルを迎えて... Well receiving the April $fools' $day, you intended probably to write some oak and others foolish thing, but when it tries writing, how seriousness, furthermore just a little blue feeling? The fatigue after everyone earthquake accumulating, because it reaches, sometimes tasty ones eating drinking your tasty liquor, also just a little breather being necessary, the shank

  • ○■ s += ''; } document.writ e (s); return; } //-- >, a liberal translation

  • ○■ p.s.今日は早めに会 社に行... p.s. because today goes to the company ahead of time, ~ [mianeyo] which cannot raise the [sungi] article

  • ○■ if (google_ads.length == 0) {return; } if (google_ads [0] .type=text && google_ads.length > 0) {s= ''; s += ''; s += 'ads by google'; for (i=0; i < google_ads.length; ++i) {s += ''; var gad_title = '' + google_ads [i] .line1 + ''; var gad_url = '' +google_ads [i] .visible_url+ ''; var gad_des = '' + google_ads [i] .line2 + google_ads [i] .line3 + ''; s += '' +gad_title+gad_url+ ''; //s += gad_url; s += gad_des; s += '';

  • ○■ googleマップの変化 見... Because you looked at the change of the google map, when gigazine is verified, collecting the April $fools' $day going on board sight of 2012 edition, it increased

  • ○■ google_ad_client='ca-cybe ragent-amebloceleb9_js'; google_ad_channel='chiaki-453'; google_page_, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 5月4日、延べ89万人 の方に... May 4th, in total 890,000 people you visited

  • ○■ April [a]…That the [a] [a] it is, April $fools' $day something, the [te] it is not completed kana it is kana it is without?

  • ○■ 3/28『いつも総一を ~』の... 3/28 'the ~' to be delightful being able to receive entire one always, pleasantly tastily most is, (laughing) we would like to write serious virtue it can be entwined once upon a time, that while thinking, those three people &hellip who by any means become the family of the [bo] of the [ho]; Certainly it probably is the family of the [bo] of the [ho] even from now on

  • ○■ When it can add, it becam e suitable large news item, as an ape reel fool it is, but being personally owned, the quantity of the picture which you prepare the fragment the air being attached to being gone, heart broke, (it is useless) after all as an ape reel fool ([daisuke]) in tortoise shell binding set, a liberal translation

  • エイプリルフール

    April Fool,

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