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    April Fool,

    japanese culture related words Graduation Initiation Ceremony Spring Break White Day Rookie 新年度 New member of society
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  • ○■ 明日は4月らしい ... Tomorrow seems April…

  • ○■ Being tend to become clou dy, the wind blew the day strongly, was a little cold

  • ○■ 今日は・・・どう な?... Today how… kana?

  • ○■ Simply just one problem

  • ○■ さて、4月に入り したねー... Well, entering April the better seed -, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Well well, today April 1st

  • ○■ こんばんは、ネバ でっす... It is dense, it is, it is, the [tsu] it does with [nebaya

  • ○■ If you mention your popul arity article equinoctial week of this [burogu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「日記」カテゴリ 最新記事...

  • ○■ The up-to-date article of animation” category it is pleasant the stealing angel twin angel 8th story “barbarian severe one paragraph! Twins… It is loose, lily 8th story “April $fools' $day” Natume friend register going/participating 8th story “to dissolve, the [kurowaze] 8th story “nursery” flower of foreign maze of the child fox it is” the iroha 21st story which blooms “it revives, die”

  • ○■ (^o…... , a libera l translation

  • ○■ In other words, if it is moving suitably, clear possibility

  • ○■ しかし、震災の事 あって寸前... But, there being a thing of earthquake disaster, before the sun/size it became postponement

  • ○■ “In the rest room the g host [] which is!!” When the [tsu] [te] you said, just 1 people believed in circles, ww which is the person whose w heart is wide, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日からから4月 というのに、... It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ エイプリルフール け…楽しい嘘... eipurirufu^ru ake �� tanoshi i uso hanaikedo �� nandakandato ���� nichi yoko ninatteiru watashi ga �� uso noyouna genjitsu no fu^ru dattarishite �� kyou no soramoyou ha �� donten nagara �� zuibunto atataka kunarimashitanaa ���� nira noo hitashi �� negi wo ire ta tamagoyaki �� atsushi age hokani �� tsuke mono yakinpiramo �� iroai ga chairo inanka toshiyori poi toshiyori tsu ko datta watashi ha �� shuutome yori toshiyori jimiteimashitanaa �� tte �� shuutome no ryouri moamariitadaita koto naikedo �� agemono toka �� soto ni tabe ni iku kikai ga ooi shuutome ha �� kazari duke ga jouzu dattayounatte �� anmari kioku ganaiyaa �� koujou de asa go hanshoku betahazunanoni �� soto neko tachi ga irekawa ride ���� kai demo tabe ni kuru ohayousan'o neko kou shino hime chanha �� tada jitsu to nagame teiruwa �� sakkiha betsuno neko ga �� ie no naka de hime channogohan tabete ita hime chanha �� moufu no naka de mite irudake jibun no shiro dakeha mamoro uyo ^ kyou moyoropiko

  • ○■ さて、先日とうと 皮膚科に行っ... sate �� senjitsu toutou hifuka ni itte kimashita

  • ○■ 4/1エイプリルフー 年に一度... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ 昨日はスパコミで た... Yesterday was [supakomi

  • ○■ So, today still is not ye t opening

  • ○■ ちなみに自己満足 のに満足し... By the way although it is oneself satisfactory, because it is not satisfied, it is extension, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あ、何度も言うよ だけど、エイ... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ 今日から4月です 春近し 今... kyou kara �� gatsu desune haru chikashi

  • ○■ エイプリールフー やもんねッ... eipuri^rufu^ru yamonne tsu

  • ○■ そういやあ、有頂 界隈の方でエ... So, oh, in the ecstasy neighborhood the lie new work is done as an animated picture for the April $fools' $day, so is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Suehirotei's first day Ap ril $fools' $day

  • ○■ 今日はエイプリル ールやね今日... These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ 23:16 from janetter (re: @nowneet) @nowneet it did not inhale, -! Because 23:20 from janetter new [regiyu] it came almost each time [dovue] [ru] 23:27 from janetter [rasutoyouhei] 23:30 from janetter [dovue] ww 23:33 from janetter you bear, it failed that the reverse side you probably will take, 23:33 from janetter (re: @stkyo) Well @stkyo the collar - 23:35 from janetter, however it is [toresu] of topic, don't you think? generally it ended, it is, even at 23:35 from janetter this while you see without fail it is the pencil or, the extension which was used the thickly the 23:37 from janetter which becomes like as expected small place is rough, but don't you think? 23:37 from janetter well the 23:37 from janetter April $fools' $day which that is comes you disperse before cripes by ragurudo ON twitter

  • ○■ とりあえず高1楽 かった 高... Temporarily, high 1 with the pleasant high 1 time time [tsu] [tsu] from today the word [wa] you must be with high 2 [konnichiha] that, there being a thing, after all >< yesterday many large quantities you thought, but answering what the fan we had decided to stop! Suddenly passing, is but it may be doubted that it is lie with the April $fools' $day, it is to have become high 2 unless and either it must study properly, you think that, it is the [tsu] [te] which the cat stops what you say becoming hateful or the case that you lose interest being as for the [tsu] lever and the o competitive swimming which stop going to the meeting place without supporting, at today when it increases it darkens being, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Up-to-date article lesson tool “of weblog” category “. The ear you train” and the weather can receive… freemake product everyday maintenances tv, a liberal translation

  • エイプリルフール

    April Fool,

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