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    April Fool,

    japanese culture related words Graduation Initiation Ceremony Spring Break White Day Rookie 新年度 New member of society

    • [bu] and coming March 20th (Sunday)
      00:03 from keitai web (re: @nobodyknows1234) @nobodyknows1234 we would like to eat
      从keitai网的00:03 (关于: @nobodyknows1234)我们希望吃的@nobodyknows1234

    • April 1st (gold) [bu] and coming
      recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
      从keitai邮件55.1kg 18.8%废物的05:56从是的echofon的07:12 (关于: @darkmatterzero) @darkmatterzero钢山传送的驻地的60khz波浪偶然地被拾起那? 从echofon的07:26 (关于: @ishinorichan),如果“选定城市的政府法令” @ishinorichan wikipedia看,横滨市神奈川Ku和神户市兵库可能避免神奈川旅店的Ku历史上,从也转动横滨村庄获得对条约口岸似乎相似的kana的神户是否是? 从改名对Hakata市的echofon @ishinorichan福冈市的07:39决定福冈专区Hakata市福冈Ku开始:) 为了支持从echofon $day 4月$fools自我控制的07:42,什么被做3月32日今天被决定: 然而p您说从keitai邮件4月的08:45首先读“[wa]狸”,您不可能发布的围巾,从奇怪的今天的keitai邮件,虽然它是期望3月32日,午休转移改变, [ru],财产休剩余天增加的12:56, [ru] : 由iyuusuke ON慌张的p

    • [bu] and coming March 28th (Wednesday), a liberal translation
      Mr. 10:00 rt from web Imanaka it met Toshi
      10:00 rt先生从网Imanaka的它会见了Toshi

    • January 12th (the wood) the [bu] and it comes and -> “is quick the [tsu].
      10:08 from tweet button it is quick the [tsu

    • [bu] and coming March 31st (Saturday) that 5, a liberal translation
      14:48 from janetter [a] [a]… #seibulions 14:54 from janetter [nakaji], this year it is the pleasure, a liberal translation
      从janetter [a] [a]… #seibulions 14:54的14:48从janetter [nakaji],今年它是乐趣

    • [bu] and coming March 31st (Saturday) that 12, a liberal translation
      23:16 from janetter (re: @nowneet) @nowneet it did not inhale, -! Because 23:20 from janetter new [regiyu] it came almost each time [dovue] [ru] 23:27 from janetter [rasutoyouhei] 23:30 from janetter [dovue] ww 23:33 from janetter you bear, it failed that the reverse side you probably will take, 23:33 from janetter (re: @stkyo) Well @stkyo the collar - 23:35 from janetter, however it is [toresu] of topic, don't you think? generally it ended, it is, even at 23:35 from janetter this while you see without fail it is the pencil or, the extension which was used the thickly the 23:37 from janetter which becomes like as expected small place is rough, but don't you think? 23:37 from janetter well the 23:37 from janetter April $fools' $day which that is comes you disperse before cripes by ragurudo ON twitter
      从janetter的23:16 (关于: 它没有吸入的@nowneet) @nowneet, -! 由于从新的janetter的23:20 [regiyu]它几乎每次来了[dovue] [ru]从janetter [rasutoyouhei] 23:30的23:27从janetter [dovue]从janetter的ww 23:33您负担,它出故障您大概将采取的反面,从janetter的23:33 (关于: @stkyo)好的@stkyo衣领-从janetter的23:35,然而它是[toresu]题目,您是否不认为? 它通常结束了,它,甚而在从janetter的23:35这,当您看见时无误它是铅笔或,厚实地是半新的引伸从成为象正如所料小地方的janetter的23:37粗砺的,但是您是否是不认为? 从janetter井的23:37从那是的janetter $day的4月$fools 23:37在cripes之前获得您分散剂ragurudo ON慌张

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Don't you think? 00:39 from twitbird still Monday is, a liberal translation
      您是否不认为? 从twitbird仍然星期一的00:39是

    April Fool, japanese culture,

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