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    Jiji Press Co.,

    Reportage Politics related words 郵政 Self-Defense Force Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Regime change House of Representatives election マニフェスト Futenma Political leadership Hatoyama Cabinet established jiji opinion polls Noda Yoshihiko Finance
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  • ○■ The veteran his own way s hould do this job, by his is one year after to retirement age assuming that and, it ended also parenting, you applied, so is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ おそらく裏の目的 「経済とお... It is slow, and others as for purpose of the priest's quarters you think that “economy distantly there is a gold”, but long for me who have lived in Yokohama it is intolerable thing

  • ○■ If “14 people and the b oat return (to China), it doesn't mean that the circumstance which in addition is different opens?”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「寝てくれ〜!」 と思って抱... “You sleep, -!” With thinking, carrying doing swingingly, the hand becoming tired, you sleep completely and say and there is also a thing and…

  • ○■ As for provision amount o f 10, at national pension month amount 66,008 Yen (1 people), at public welfare annuity the same 232,592 Yen (standard married couple 2 household)

  • ○■ ところが、同じ広 よこはま... However, is a following kind of figure in the same public information Yokohama, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because the article like whether and, as follows, even at Washington times paper of America you produce imaginary enemy & China politely of, being published is published, the rubbish sale of [nabetsune] (Yomiuri) at the newspaper it reprints

  • ○■ ご同慶の至り(笑 ... Reaching (laughing) of the same celebration

  • ○■ At the beginning, from th e fact that bowl Lu is driven to resignation, every day being agitated with bowl Lu news item, you can regard the mass communications that prime object was placed in bending Maehara scandal from the eye of the citizen

  • ○■ 2012会計年度 2011年1... 2012 accounting period (2011 October ~12 year September) including reduction from budget, in 2015 accounting period, approximately 100,000,000,000 dollar with such as reduction of allowance of the government staff, toward annual expenditure reduction of approximately 100,000,000,000 dollar should aim with reduction of national defense-related budget, that it has done

  • ○■ It receives the Tokyo Ele ctric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear accident, that to point out, “with the surprise, it cannot understand the Japanese numerical value completely,” that you expressed e.g., provisional regulation value of the food to which the Japanese government sets is too high, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 有効回収率は66 2%だった... Effective recovery factor was 66.2%

  • ○■ Support ratio of the Hato yama Cabinet by the fact that it falls, inside the Democratic party on the 16th, trembling spread to 23.7% in April public opinion poll of the Jiji Press, Ltd.

  • ○■ 提供:時事通信社 の度の「東北... Offer: In everyone of suffering area “of northeast local Pacific Ocean open sea earthquake” of Jiji Press, Ltd. this time we visit from heart, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for Ozawa centering on “the secret agreement” between non-prosecution 3.9 Japan and America, the intellectual person continuation is read

  • ○■ 午前9時現在は1 ル=80円8... 9 o'clock in the morning presently 1 dollars =80 Yen 83~87 sen and front weekend (5 o'clock in the afternoon, 80 Yen 77~80 sen) with in comparison single breadth strong dollar weak yen of 06 sen

  • ○■ In that, it influences al so the problem of politics and the gold largely”, that you express, go round Secretary General Ozawa of the policy correspondence and the Democratic party of the prime minister himself when problem “of politics and the gold” has influenced, the viewpoint was expressed

  • ○■ その上で同社に対 て「企業は誰... On that vis-a-vis the same company “enterprise would like to desire the fact that of the starting point is thought it is because someone's,”, that order was acquired, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because of this, present provision amount has become the level which is higher than originally

  • ○■ この記事を評価し 下さった方は... As for the one appraising this article, 1 days 1 time pushing Japanese [burogu] village [niyusuburogu], if it can receive, it is fortunate, if (while [ctrl] pushing the key, you can push the one which does not have the reaction for the second time, it is fortunate)

  • ○■ Everyone who asks please pray, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 【ワシントン時事 米紙ワシント... As for American newspaper Washington post electronic edition in order on the 1st, to cope with the threat of the Iranian ballistic missile which arrives in U.S. mainland and Europe, [obama] administration the reserve of interceptor missile sm3 advanced the plan which disposes the early warning radar especially and Europe and the Middle East which are increased to approximately 3 times by 2015, announced that the Iranian encircling net is spread steadily,

  • ○■ According to the April pu blic opinion poll which the Jiji Press, Ltd. executes on 9 - 12th, support ratio of the Hatoyama Cabinet became 23.7% of the front month ratio 7.2 point decrease, fell in 2 percentage level which makes “the dangerous waters” of administration management, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (転載開始) ◆ 主 負の... (Start of reprint) * as for democracy negative spiral 菅 as for drowse and Sengoku horse deep water non confidence 2010 November 16th 17:00/offer: zakzak (evening paper [huji]) 菅 Naoto (64) the Cabinet has fallen to negative spiral, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When grasping the Liberal Democratic Party administration, the notion that where at the Liberal Democratic Party it is useless,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 民主党 政権が国民 から見放さ... Because the Democratic party administration the fact that it is released considered as the citizen is not “politics for the citizen”

  • ○■ Now in the Asahi newspape r of morning, in addition because “the professional school employment ratio is higher than the university”, you call to the professional school rush, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今年は日韓併合か 100年の... This year from day Korea merger it makes the turning point of 100 years

  • ○■ 2010 September 菅 inside Naoto. Reforming. . Outside Matsumoto coming out duty 务 secondary minister of state

  • ○■ 東電の資産状況な を調査した... On the basis of the report of third party commission of the country which investigated the Tokyo Electric Power Company property circumstance and the like, computing claim amount, a liberal translation

  • 時事通信社

    Jiji Press Co.,

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