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    House of Representatives election,

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  • ○■ 衆院選

  • ○■ Article Democratic party staff 8th in the afternoon, question criticism resolution was approved with House of Councillors

  • ○■ 民主党の衆院選マ フェストの「... To hurry the achievement “of entire labor cost 2 percentage reduction of the government employee” of the House of Representatives selection manifest of the Democratic party, is because with reduction of the allowance which is adjusted to human recommendation level it is not enough, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Atmosphere of the Democra tic party changed

  • ○■ 民主党の中井洽委 長は衆参予算... Nakai of the Democratic party 洽 the chairman proposed the release which limits to group of people going/participating budget committee director, but conclusion did not come out

  • ○■ As for the constituent wh o examined concerning the manifest which the Democratic party emphasizes before the electing reading as for many it became difference it is not that much, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 次期衆院選をにら 、先の府知事... When you glare next term House of Representatives selection, you would like to deepen the meeting and cooperation of the restoration which wins overwhelmingly with the twin election of prefecture governor and Osaka mayor ahead, there is a thought

  • ○■ The face of the politicia n is faced, or, the citizen are faced to your own chair or they are the clear two people

  • ○■ 政治主導の理念も 退させる変節... You say the defection which also idea of political main leadership backs up you do not obtain

  • ○■ Political party support r atio continued democracy 34% (the same 37%) our people 18% (same 17%) and the like, the non party was 33% (same 31%), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 平成8年10月、衆 。埼玉県第... 1996 October, the House of Representatives. At the Saitama prefecture 13th constituency first election and 4 period continual election

  • ○■ With Ozawa's political fi nancial problem, Assemblyman Ubukata who repeatedly Ozawa criticism is extremely

  • ○■ 国民はどういう基 で、人気投票... The citizen votes with some standard, popularity, it is?

  • ○■ The message which you are wrong to the citizen is given”, that dissatisfaction was made open

  • ○■ 参院選への有権者 関心が高いっ... Interest of the voter to House of Councillors selection calling, high however you say, it was that the Democratic party is useless clear, but if administration you reset in the Liberal Democratic Party, it becomes somehow? It probably is outside problem reaching up to the other political party

  • ○■ Privately we like the que stion and answer corner

  • ○■ 企業・団体献金禁 のための政治... It has made the reason that goal of political financial readjustment method amendment for enterprise & group donation prohibition is not in sight and the like,

  • ○■ Yosano 馨 also cooperati on representation “because you stood up with overthrow democracy, there are no times when it hinders mutually”, that did with the program recording of bs11

  • ○■ マスコミはそれを じている だ... The mass communications just announce that

  • ○■ The American way you say that it is possible to be that,

  • ○■ アメリカ支配を脱 るチャンスが... Although it has been about that the chance which escapes will visit the American control,

  • ○■ It is the new party which begins the party of everyone, but it probably is temporary boom

  • ○■ だが、次期党首候 とも目された... But, also next term party chief candidacy the crisis atmosphere collects in Tuzimoto's secession which regards

  • ○■ For example the data of e nvironmental radiation value and the like is attached and is not, lie the way

  • ○■ ただ、民主党は平 21年の衆院... Simply, the Democratic party said that with the House of Representatives selection manifest 2009, with reduction and buried deposit gold application of squander of administration, you can produce the revenue source of 16.8 trillion Yen,

  • ○■ Vis-a-vis this, Kawakami publishes the apology sentence in the same day night,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ お次は詐欺フェス 全面みなおし... As for the next news news of fraud Festo extensive second look

  • ○■ It is with you think prob lem “of politics and the gold”, the varieties, but with, in the first place politics and the gold [tsu] [te] as for the fact that you say because it is the problem which cannot be separated, the eyebrows the air where the one which is raised is strange it does

  • ○■ 「小沢議員による 国大訪中団」... Also we would like to call “the Chinese large visit to China group by Assemblyman Ozawa” and,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The prime minister 23 day s and nights, calls living in peace 淳 national anti- chairman of the Democratic party in the prime minister official residence, “wants listing all power to formation of draft budget and the related bill” that you indicated

  • 衆院選

    House of Representatives election,

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