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    Case Mountain Land Association,

    Politics related words Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Prosecutors Brass instrument Mountain Land Association Prosecution Committee Fund Management Group Ishikawa members arrested Force charged with
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  • ○■ しかも、単なる政 批判という域... Furthermore, exceeding the limits, mere administration criticism, to you do not observe to the point where the disappointment “of the Democratic party itself” has become clear and the [te] is not good, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 1st grade Assemblyman of a certain Democratic party it was and the framework, “when general election 2009, received the grant from the party

  • ○■ 陸山会事件小沢公 での指定... About the final speach of designated attorney in the land mountain meeting incident Ozawa trial Meijo University Professor attorney home village field trust 郎 March 9th, in the trial of the political financial readjustment method violation incident for Ichiro Ozawa who was done at Tokyo district court, designated attorney did final speach, proposed imprisonment 3 year vis-a-vis Ozawa of the defendant

  • ○■ ([tsuito] of Asahi newspa per official residence club) what has been heard in 11:17 from web secretariat director interview is different estimate and it is what, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 民主党の常任幹事 は8日、陸... Permanent manager meeting of the Democratic party on the 8th, decided the cancellation of 党員 qualification stop dealing of the Ozawa Ichiro original representation which receives judgment of acquittal in the land mountain meeting incident, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Ozawa private secretary d ecision and the mechanism of investigation and judgment [guru] which understands When you aim in investigation, the end being and being (daily gene die/di September 28th)

  • ○■ 「話をすり替える よ!小沢は... “The [ri] which does story it changes, is! As for Ozawa origin of 400,000,000 Yen explanatory margin! You cannot explain, if it is clo!”

  • ○■ The thing Toyama new age arrival which up-to-date article now “of political economic” category is thought! Miscellaneous impressions this year crucial point? The future which has dream

  • ○■ 起訴状によると、 川被告らは... According to written indictment, it assumes that the entire income and outgo which is done was entered e.g., Defendant Ishikawa two 〇 〇 four, 〇 five, in the political financial income and outgo report of land mountain meeting of 〇 seven year, from Ozawa exclude 400,000,000 Yen loans,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The politician who most i s tackled consumer tax most forward in the political world is Ichiro Ozawa

  • ○■ ・・・ サンヨリ... … [sanyori

  • ○■

  • ○■ 筆者佐藤彦一郎 約 9年半近く放... Sato writer 彦 nearly Ichiro approximately 9 year half it is left hp (manuscript to be done in virus, that way leaving) while Publication such as past [merumaga

  • ○■ Because the inquest of pr osecution member being yourself, is not the meaning which searches evidence, if the attorney of investigation part you say that “it will prosecute”, having tried that the attorney of the 其 probably will do everything, you approve prosecution probably will be

  • ○■ 小沢氏は消費税に 対なのでは... Ozawa is not to be opposite to consumer tax, you probably say that method is different, but it has been fascinated everyone in Noda administration and composition of Ozawa's opposition

  • ○■ Ozawa side, to 15 day sui t “as for = investigation making clear resolution illegality” - in national partner administrative litigation land mountain meeting incident, a liberal translation

  • ○■ このブログの人気 事 小沢... As for the control tower of the popularity article Ozawa false charge judgment Ozawa hitting of this [burogu] whether it is who in the focus land mountain meeting incident Ozawa trial about the final speach of designated attorney… The Greek default cds motion decision! Passes 3,200,000,000 [do]… which

  • ○■ Due to the up-to-date art icle automobile accident “of weblog” category the major accident occurring frequently deviation from nuclear head meeting as for start land mountain meeting incident Ozawa original representation as for the object of innocence Oi nuclear re-work explanatory meeting just the Oi townspeople! Again reckless driving, two people and the fetus death

  • ○■ (ご参考2010 4/15「... (Reference 2010.4/15 “destiny study, fortune-telling is utilized to in regard” category and destiny study application)

  • ○■ “Politics/investigation /judgment/up-to-date article Ozawa Ichiro interview of Ichiro Ozawa/media” category “Ichiro Ozawa, 'you talk' now,”… “inspection making clear” bribe doubt 'of the Ozawa judgment the “Supreme Court” which is devised… In local inner part state of Ozawa's 30 annual election support “hydration meeting” solution… “as for me in this way, as for Ozawa who made the false charge” judgment between difference… The Sakaguchi Takahiro House of Representatives… of Ozawa Ichiro Kumano Hongu Taisha worshipping/Ozawa g

  • ○■ 「小沢は悪い奴だ !悪い奴が... “Ozawa is the bad person! Observing at that the bad person can punish, as for clapping applauding the [ro] which is proper!”

  • ○■ Ozawa probably is to rece ive the fund perhaps such as that

  • ○■ しかし結果として れを裏づけ... But nothing evidence data which supports that as a result was obtained, did not obtain Ozawa stand case is given up

  • ○■ “The new policy worksho p where Ozawa itself serves the chairman (the new governmental research)” with assembly April 5th, like this you predicted, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 小沢一郎氏「起訴 当」と議決... With Ichiro Ozawa “prosecution suitable” and resolution land mountain meeting incident inquest of prosecution meeting, a liberal translation

  • ○■ “The gong obtaining is, the product sutra newspaper the [ru] is in Ozawa guilt with self-confidence! Because the product sutra newspaper is a self-confidence, you have become silent, it is!”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 陸山会裁判「嘘」 まみれた報... In land mountain meeting judgment “lie” is covered content (weekly Asahi/index) of the report which

  • ○■ 陸山会事件

  • ○■ kensatsu shinsakai

  • ○■ �� ishikawa shi no kyoujutsu ha �� tashiro kenji kara �� tokusoubu haosoroshii soshiki da

  • 陸山会事件

    Case Mountain Land Association,

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