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    Mountain Land Association,

    Reportage Politics related words Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Prosecutors Brass instrument major construction contractor Fund Management Group Ichiro Ozawa, secretary Ishikawa members arrested
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  • ○■ Ichiro Ozawa, secretary general of the fund-management organization of the Democratic Party Mountain Land Association did not issue stated in the 2004 political funds report the proceeds of the land was purchased, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on September 13 Political Fund on suspicion of violating the law regulating, House of Representatives lawmaker Hiroshi Satoshi Ishikawa, who was in charge of the affairs of the Council (36) (Democrat) in office of members of the House (Tokyo) and a major contractor, Kashima (Minato-ku) and searched simultaneously

  • ○■ January 14, 2010 (Thu) A kahata Central Investigation Committee compulsory purchase of land mountain land. General contractors donate funds or the back four fund management groups Ichiro Ozawa, secretary general of the Democratic Party where 100 million yen Mountain Land Association in an obscure land purchase scandal on November 13, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office contacts and a leading general contractors and Ozawa Mountain Land Association situation has developed to face a criminal investigation

  • ○■ Mountain Land Association has requested the donation of testimony and confession of a construction company that claims to come every year

  • ○■ Tour of Ozawa s group of funds, fund management groups questioned former member secretary of Ishikawa Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic Party secretary general s offices to Mountain Land Association in 2004 purchased the land over the years, they have falsified political fund report problem was charged with Ta, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office to four days at the time secretary to Mr. Ozawa, the House of Representatives lawmaker Hiroshi Satoshi Ishikawa, who was Secretary of the Committee in charge of mountain land (36) u003d Democrat u003d any from Hokkaido District 11 Prosecutors yesterday questioned at

  • ○■ Surrounding Mr. Ozawa als o said yesterday, Democrats raised the bureaucratic prolapse, which penetrate the business interests of Kasumigaseki and sorting

  • ○■ Okubo is the official sec retary, I looked for him on land, but Mr. Ozawa is said, after Mr. Ishikawa『 Oke and procedures so 』said, my accountant is not involved in talking that the

  • ○■ 西松建設is the voice of heaven was recognized as donations continued to work to get your orders

  • ○■ The three prosecutors on the 14th, we questioned a second time, four also gave money to the relationship between the yen and Mizutani apparently sought clarification

  • ○■ Committee said the reason for deletion, The Political Funds Control Law, the deposit balance at the end of section 12, the date listed on site are not expected, answered

  • ○■ Any hearing request to th e Committee Ozawa u003d mountain land issues land transactions - Democratic fund-management organization Ichiro Ozawa, secretary general of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Mountain Land Association in the issues surrounding the purchase of land, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office until November 6, Ozawa that he sought any questioning, according to an official of

  • ○■ Ozawa s organizations, fa lsely alleged party ticket revenue

  • ○■ Mountain Land Association 2004 October, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo land purchases totaled 340 million yen

  • ○■ March 4, 2009 (Wed) 14:57 min Yomiuri Shimbun delivered

  • ○■ Prosecutors in March this year, fund-management organization from西松建設 Mountain Land Committee (Zankai land) in the case of illegal donations to one of Ozawa s state-funded secretary Takashi Tadashi Okubo (Taka Nori) defendant (48) arrested was indicted

  • ○■ Are also aware of the his tory of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office

  • ○■ Mr. Ozawa is better expla ined politely around here

  • ○■ Mountain Land Association purchased the land costs, the member s account Ishikawa landmark housing

  • ○■ Hisashi, first secretary of state-funded trial currently under Ozawa, the arrest warrant was taken as violating the Political Funds Control Law, the defendant in this matter Okubo, and you are requested to appear here in the middle

  • 陸山会

    Mountain Land Association,

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