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    kojima haruna,

    Entertainment related words AKB48 Yonezawa Akimoto sayaka Ooshima Masako Kashiwagi Yuki Ono Erena Maeda Atsuko kitahara rie Sashihara Rino Itano Tomomi Shinoda Mariko Minami Takahashi
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  • ○■ * All knight Japanese 02: 58 Takahashi everyone seeing Kozima positive greens Yokoyama reason depending of akb48

  • ○■ akb48メンバーが写 週...

  • ○■ * Presently, with maris, directing to the new store branch store, stylist [kararisuto] assistant front [neirisuto] next year new graduate raw, we collect!! * As for details please view this, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ske48だと真那とか 要以上... When it is ske48, appealing the truth 那 [rori] above necessity, adhering to the 奈 cheaply, the [ru] it does and even the [ji] [yu] [ri] adheres to the other men and [ru] copying [me] is many

  • ○■ As Tomonobu Togasaki of t he akb theater director “you have this book the research student read who enters newly by all means”, said, the fact that it is written there is “the truth” of akb48, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2011年版!アイドル カレンダ... 2011 edition! Idling calendar!! Yuuko ◇★2011 year edition a2 calendar Oshima (akb48) 11a2c-19, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In the result, where 1 ra nks “storm” 2009 follow to last year and 2 rank, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 1位篠田麻里子(チ ームa) 2... Mariko 1 rank Sinoda (team a) 2 rank Fujie [re] it is, (team k) 3 rank 峯 bank everyone seeing (team k) 4 rank- Kobayashi 茉 Rina (akb research student) 5 rank Akimoto ability adding (team k) 6 rank- Expert will Tsu Kaori (team a) 7 rank Maeda sub- beauty (team a) 8 rank Sato being completed [re] (team b)

  • ○■ The selection general ele ction of akb48 ends, the better seed

  • ○■ 大方の予想通り、 優子とあっ... According to expectation of people in general, Yuuko oh one-on-one contest, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Don't you think? ↓↓ [pochitsu] please push, a liberal translation

  • ○■ akb48(左から前田 子、... akb48 (from the left Mariko Atuko Maeda and Sinoda, Kozima positive greens)

  • ○■ The 19th single of akb48 acquiring 1 rank with first appearance!

  • ○■ 22位梅田彩佳11860票 ... 22 rank Umeda 彩 it is good 11860 vote 23 rank Takayanagi discernment sounds (ske48) 11674 vote 24 rank relations river far fragrance 10854 votes

  • ○■ Income and outgo to 2011 last time

  • ○■ 1位:内田眞由美( チームk)... 1 rank: Uchida 眞 Yumi (team k) 2 rank: Ishida clear fragrance (team b) 3 rank: Kozima positive greens (team a) 4 rank: Relations river far fragrance (team a) 5 rank: Maeda sub- beauty (team a) 6 rank: Sato being completed [re] (team b) 7 rank: Sato Natuki (team b) 8 rank: Takajo sub- tree (team a) 9 rank: Nakatuka Satoshi actual (team k) 10 rank: Warehouse holding Asuka (team a) 11 rank: Kobayashi Kaori greens (team b) 12 rank: Tanabe innate (team k) 13 rank: Kawanishi Satoshi beauty (team b) 14 rank: Matsui 咲 child (team k) 15 rank: Maeda Atuko (team a) 16 rank: It is close the field 莉 greens (team b)

  • ○■ <End predetermined tim e >16: 30 - Solo lane (5 lanes) ①Yuuko Oshima②Takahashi everyone seeing③Watanabe flax friend④Kozima positive greens⑤Finger field 莉 乃 ●2 human group lane (4 lanes)⑥Kawanishi Satoshi beauty 峯 bank everyone seeing⑦Miho Miyazaki Yokoyama reason depending⑧Small forest beauty fruit Sato being completed [re]⑨Yamamoto 彩 Watanabe Miyuki (nmb48) ●3 human group lane⑩The Kikuchi leash Nitou 萌 the 乃 Fujie [re] it is, the ●4 human group lane⑪Mariko the Mina Ichikawa beauty woven Ooba Nagao ball and Nakamura it is the Nagoya dome before this of the ~ the handshake ticket which is the expectation which goes, still 2 remaining, whether the [ru] it does and the ~ [te]… the reason which it can go it is not it is with the ^^ rub k performance, it does not come with the [bashi] [tsu] in the [wa] [a] ~ earth day which would like to do flying to [tsu] [chi] [ya] Fukuoka, the ~

  • ○■ 篠田麻里子と小嶋 菜は結構好き... Because Mariko and the Kozima positive greens Sinoda are well enough favorite, but the face and name are agree,

  • ○■ Atuko Maeda, Yuuko Oshima , Watanabe flax friend, Kozima positive greens, Takahashi everyone seeing and Itano friend beauty, Kitahara village England, Mariko Yuki Kasiwagi and Sinoda, Ono Megumi 奈, Takajo sub- tree, Miho Miyazaki, 峯 bank everyone seeing and Kawanishi Satoshi beauty, shrine 澤 佐 river, 16 people of Akimoto ability adding performance schedule

  • ○■ メディア選抜組(松 井玲奈を除く... Media selection group (11 names which exclude the Matsui 玲 奈) Atuko Maeda (1) 2 game retreat victories name [chi] 12,345 vs negative name [chi] 123,450 Akimoto ability adding k [chi]… vs the Atuko × Maeda a pas… 2 games (note) () as for numerical value among sides of name ranking of 3rd selection general election

  • ○■ From the member of [aidor ugurupu] akb48 the only, the Kozima positive greens which are chosen

  • ○■ ちなみに去年の速 1位は前田敦... By the way bulletin 1 rank of last year Atuko Maeda

  • ○■ Because the yard of the g oods of akb48 was delicate with the delivery vegetable [shisutazu]〟 onion (Mariko Sinoda) broccoli (Kozima positive greens) 汐 stationary [zerosuta] open space 〝day tele house〟, negotiating 〝vigor to the store manager, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今回の総選挙は、 7枚目のシン... As for the latest general election, 17th single (August 18th sale) with the fan poll which decides the selection member who is sung, it can give the right to sing in superior 21 rank

  • ○■ The Itano friend flavor o f akb48 is Kawanishi Satoshi flavor is Kozima positive greens Takahashi everyone seeing 'tvcm of expert wii authorized edition of the drum where 5 names of the Watanabe flax friend perform' is in on air, but the person who purchases the software from November 16th was designated as the object, “expert ×akb48 present campaign of the drum” starts

  • ○■ [dvd付初回限定盤/ ームド... [dvd attaching first limited board/team dragon ver.]/Team dragon from akb48 [dvd attaching first limited board/dragon ball reforming ver.]/Team dragon from akb48 [Yuuko dvd attaching first limited board/Oshima ver.]/Team dragon from akb48 [dvd attaching first limited board/Watanabe flax friend ver.]/Team dragon from akb48

  • ○■ 2011.03.25 It is in the m idst of holding in 3rd Okinawa international movie festival as a charity to suffering area of akb48 attendance decisive northeast local Pacific Ocean open sea earthquake, in “3rd Okinawa international movie festival”, it was decided that the selection member 12 person (Mariko Atuko Maeda and Sinoda, Kozima positive greens, 峯 bank everyone seeing and shrine 澤 佐 river, finger field 莉 乃, Yuuko Takahashi everyone seeing and Oshima, Akimoto ability adding, Yokoyama reason depending, Kawanishi Satoshi beauty, Kitahara village England) of popularity idle group “akb48” urgently, participates

  • ○■ *3 ↑ 13474 板野友美 ... Mariko friend beauty *4 ↑ 13289 Sinoda *3 ↑ 13474 Itano

  • ○■ [akb new tune] [ske new t une, a liberal translation

  • ○■ だってだって…フ イルの中に入... Even even…Going in the file, if it pulls out the [ru] white paper,…Swimming wear ......(///∇//), a liberal translation

  • 小嶋陽菜

    kojima haruna,

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