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    Tokara Islands,

    Nature related words Astronomical show total eclipse Bonin Islands Japan Meteorological Agency Tanegashima 鹿児島 Amami Island Yakushima Island Partial solar eclipse Akusekijima
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  • ○■ トカラ列島

  • ○■ 'nob. itai... 'nob. itai

  • ○■ While [urouro] to do insi de town, the sun which is lacking the cloud crossing over which is thin could be photographed

  • ○■ 最後は座技呼吸法 終了... End ends with seat skill breath method, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The next total eclipse so lar eclipse seems 26 years later, that it does not live long, you see and there is no [re]!!

  • ○■ 今日もとんでもな くらい蒸し暑... The present origin it is the extent which is not it is muggy, is…So, if you say, on July 22nd Amami O-Shima and the [tokara] archipelago, the Yaku island (in brief southwest) with be able to observe the total eclipse solar eclipse from Kyushu, it can observe the part solar eclipse where considerably most has been lacking even at the place other than that, after (^o^)/we would like to pray the fact that weather is good is! Beginning 10 of the Sapporo food:04 maximum of 11:10 end 12:16 beginning 09 of Sendai foods:59 maximum of 11:12 end 12:26 beginning 09 of Tokyo foods:55 maximum of 11:12 end 12:30 beginning 09 of Kyoto foods:47 maximum of 11:05 end 12:25 beginning 09 of Fukuoka foods:37 maximum of 10:56 end 12:17 it probably will put out, is! Cannot the solar eclipse about of this time see very, because is, don't you think? propriety everyone please try observing, REPT (' - the `) the no!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Also the Japanese all ear th enters of course, a liberal translation

  • ○■ また奄美大島北部 トカラ列島(... In addition inside the area where the Amami O-Shima north section, the [tokara] archipelago (Note 1), it is called, the total eclipse solar eclipse band such as Yaku island and the Tanegashima southern part extends long and narrow & the sea area where, it can observe the total eclipse solar eclipse, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Well well, today the Okin awa aquarium there was an opportunity which you speak distantly

  • ○■ 皆既日食は太陽と 、地球が直線... When as for the total eclipse solar eclipse the sun and month, the earth lines up on the straight line, sees from the ground the astronomical phenomenon where the sun is hidden in month, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 21 when the total eclipse solar eclipse which is after 46 years in the Japanese country approaches to tomorrow, with the [tokara] archipelago of the Kagoshima prefecture open sea which becomes the total eclipse solar eclipse band, that you will look at the solar eclipse, the people who by the ferryboat are done in the island preparation was begun making provision for that instant,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ newslog 2009年 0... news log 2009 July 24th (gold) Mori book

  • ○■ On July 22nd, in the Japa nese country you can see the total eclipse solar eclipse after 46 years, (the last time on 1963 July 21st was seen with the Hokkaido east), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 次の機会は26年後 うなるこ... As for the following opportunity from the fact that 26 years later how it becomes, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Yesterday July 22nd morni ng drag it was attached to the total eclipse solar eclipse broadcast television, a liberal translation

  • ○■ --------------... ------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You dive in Amami O-Shima! The ≫≫ '[hi] you drive, Divers', a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for the total eclipse solar eclipse, while having lived, as for one time we would like to see, but don't you think? this time… so it is unreasonable

  • ○■ ご予約とお問い合 せはお電話に... Reservation at the telephone we ask the inquiry distantly

  • ○■ As for [tokara] archipela go in solar eclipse. In [ne]” Tokyo whose even in that it has been categorized to zone bad Isizima total eclipse duration 6 minute 30 second 22 days when it clears up, is good and is 7 tenths of sun being lacking, it is visible when

  • ○■ 皆既日食・ダイヤ ンドリング... Instead of the total eclipse solar eclipse [daiyamondoringu] corona even state of the part solar eclipse of the front and back there was no thing which verifies the shape of the sun

  • ○■ That time, you asserted t hat it is not seen,

  • ○■ 日本国内では46 ぶりとなる皆... In the Japanese country the total eclipse solar eclipse which is after 46 years

  • ○■ The going straight from o f Nagoya (Komaki airport) it seems that flight comes out

  • ○■ ---------------... ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * [tokara] archipelago campaign diving collection period* ①2011 July 22nd (Friday) ~ July 25th (Monday) ②2011 August 6th (Saturday) ~ August 9th (Tuesday) * it is in opening decisive end & additional collection, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Please try betting below on search! ↓↓↓ Summer! Vacation Amami O-Shima free plan 3 days, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 日本の陸地で46 ぶりの皆既... At the Japanese land total eclipse solar eclipse after 46 years (^_^;)In bad Isizima Amami O-Shima of the Kagoshima [tokara] archipelago view of multitude. The applicant surged and was not favored to agitation and the weather but becomes suddenly the area dark and it is enviable to be able to pass mysterious time, (observation) our ages 46 years ago, applying the soot of the candle to the glass in the school, when you see the total eclipse solar eclipse, teaching, that it is good, you receive with the television, make simply and it is something which was seen, you force and - no [te] speak and increase (former times passing, however it is not remembered whether the husband and bosom it was what kind of,…) (¯ - ¯) [niyari

  • ○■ [tokara] archipelago! Whe n it goes to Nakanoshima, using Internet, there are times when we would like to convey

  • ○■ 先日まで滞在して たトカラ... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ With the Amami O-Shima no rth section and Yaku island and [tokara] archipelago and the like,

  • ○■ 皆既食帯は、奄美 島、屋久島... As for total eclipse band, Amami O-Shima, Yaku island, [tokara] archipelago, sulphur island, a liberal translation

  • トカラ列島

    Tokara Islands,

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