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    Policy speech,

    Politics related words Tanigaki Teiiti 郵政 Democratic Party Regime change House of Representatives election マニフェスト National party Sakai Noriko Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Noda Yoshihiko Finance Kan administration
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  • ○■ 所信表明演説

  • ○■ To “nuclear plant the A ssemblyman union establishment which actualizes the referendum regarding the Democratic party”!

  • ○■ 奥行きも間口も大 いこのよ... This kind of problem whose depth and the frontage are large, first government the merit and demerit, it is easy to understand, accurately offers, on that argument repeats to the citizen be questioned should

  • ○■ On the one hand, the barr el floor person in ruling and opposition parties national anti- chairman conversation of 9 days, on the 11th belief statement speeches, explained the policy of doing each party representation question on 14 and 15

  • ○■ この量の文章を読 ことがで... The person who can read the composition of this quantity thinks that it is little,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * Comment: The kana which cannot check the person who throws jeering

  • ○■ 鳩山首相の所信表 演説(009... The belief statement speech of Prime Minister Hatoyama (009.10.27.)

  • ○■ The prime minister is the patsy of politics, there is an explanatory responsibility in the citizen, it is it is not? ^^;

  • ○■ 首相は前日の所信 明演説で、子... The prime minister “tackles in belief statement speech of preceding day, cancellation of the waiting child and young with preservation unification listing government,”, that it had explained concerning child treatment

  • ○■ The postal services refor mation bill or the stop bill of freezing process being formed, if sale becomes possible, being maximum, when it can guarantee the 6,000,000,000,000 Yen super revenue source, the viewpoint has emerged, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 自民党の谷垣禎一 裁らの代表質... Liberal Democratic Party Tanigaki 禎 the general affairs official room distributes the typical question item of one presidents, to the charge prefecture ministry in every contents, such as employment policy and public finance requiring the respective reference material

  • ○■ The US military Futenma a irport (Okinawa prefecture Ginowan city) centering on transfer of facilities plan, Prime Minister Hatoyama counterattacked “until now conclusion of 10 year or more is not put out, being which administration?” that

  • ○■ 画面右下にボタン あります... There is a button under the picture right

  • ○■ The Democratic party: It did not respond Ozawa's governmental 倫 making clear attendance and as for the Democratic party which “is not enough time” now the National Diet set the policy of not responding on the 11th, concerning the attendance to the House of Representatives political ethical examination meeting of front Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa whom opposition party side requested,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 民主党は野田佳彦 首相の所信表... The Democratic party the belief statement speech of Prime Minister Yosihiko Noda public finance speech of living in peace 淳 financial affairs phase on October 28th, each party representation question 31 days proposing the schedule which is done respectively on November 1st, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Closed nature of the Demo cratic party is recognized well

  • ○■ 民主党は原発に関 てマニフェス... The Democratic party “safety as first in the manifest in regard to the nuclear plant, understanding and relying on of the citizen profit, tackles steadily concerning atomic energy utilization

  • ○■ You probably think that t he government ruling party does not open during session to 30 days and the [te] is good?

  • ○■ 国民の皆さんの期 する政治を、... It reached the point where it can move politics which everyone of the citizen expects, with our thoughts is, in the thinking that, it is deep emotion unmeasured”

  • ○■ Before the budget deliber ation, the hand of overtaking reached to long haul now regarding the National Diet

  • ○■ アメリカ人の味覚 痴の話で、私... In the story of sense of taste tone-deafness of the American, the I “badly only am America

  • ○■ But the reply which desig nates “actuality” as before texture was at all bad

  • ○■ 「国民より選挙が 一」の政党な... Because “election is the first political party from the citizen”

  • ○■ 菅 Prime Minister Naoto on the 12th, the Democratic party the House of Representatives selection manifest (administration pledge) gave up full the amount provision of child treatment of the month amount 26,000 Yen which put out, extra amount from current 13,000 Yen stated the thought allowance in kind such as nurture service of examining

  • ○■ 民主党は国会運営 も「与党なん... As for the Democratic party but even with the National Diet management “ruling party what therefore like the intention of carrying out the attitude that it is possible to do whatever”, you can say that just “when the menial controls power, how it becomes?”, it embodies,

  • ○■ Each party representation question for the belief statement speech of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama started in the House of Representatives plenary assembly of 28th afternoon

  • ○■ 公約実現へ変革鳩 首相、初... To pledge actualization Prime Minister reform Hatoyama, “first belief statement with weak respect starting point” donation disguise apology < as for Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama 26th in the afternoon, does the first belief statement speech after the inaugurating in the House of Representatives plenary assembly and “point of view of the people and the small-numbered people of weak standpoint must be respected,

  • ○■ Centering on the financia l management group of Prime Minister Hatoyama, the donation which used the name of the deceased being detected in June of 09, it became problem

  • ○■ 首相はかつて、原 輸出の継続... As for the prime minister at one time, leading the country concerning the continuation of nuclear export, also you have spoken with the United Nations assembly

  • ○■ Present news, correlating with Hatoyama prime minister belief statement speech

  • 所信表明演説

    Policy speech,

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