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    Tsunami warning,

    Reportage related words Japan Meteorological Agency 駿河 Miyakojima Magnitude Izu Islands Omaezaki U.S. Geological Survey Tsunami Warning
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  • ○■ Chapter earthquake tidal wave supervisory Section Chief Nagai of Meteorological Agency 10:30 PM opens press conference from, “the latest earthquake is thought aftershock of enormous earthquake of last year

  • ○■ 東京の揺れの大き は、本震は... As for size of Tokyo shaking, as for main shock seismic intensity 5, as for April 7th if with seismic intensity 3, you compare to northeast each prefecture which in each case is close to the seismic center, it is to be much weaker, but the case of main shock, what everyone thinks, just, continues to shake how long? With it meant that you say

  • ○■ Because it tried looking back at one day of yesterday with animated picture, propriety viewing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今も雨が結構降っ います... Even now the rain well enough falls, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When you watch at the tel evision, it is harsh truly, is

  • ○■ しかし、なんとい すさまじい... But, it probably is the tremendous earthquake where how you say

  • ○■ Tidal wave advisory was a nnounced officially by this earthquake, also each self-governing community put out evacuation advice and the like

  • ○■ こういう時には、 急車両を優... Such time, because the urgent vehicle can be sent preferentially, the car should not be used if possible, although, very the car was many, at the city center many degrees looked at the spectacle where the urgent vehicle has gotten stuck, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because Niigata prefectur e although it has not entered, shook in urgent earthquake bulletin, that you thought whether considerably it is big earthquake

  • ○■ 18:09は三陸沖のも ので一... The 18:09 tidal wave advisory appeared temporarily with those of the Aomori, Iwate, and Miyagi Prefectures open seas

  • ○■ Concerning the sufferer a nd each participant as happiness in the other world is prayed from heart, it undertakes rescue and restoration job, we would like to support the effort of many people from heart,

  • ○■ 私の大嫌いな雷も ロゴロと... Also the thunder which I abhor has sounded frequently from the racketeer racketeer and the [tsu] coming, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The aunt said that while staying, we feared aftershock in Kamaishi,

  • ○■ 友人は悪夢を見た 言い、私... The friend said that you looked at nightmare, I looked at the dream of the tidal wave

  • ○■ You have not looked at th e image which has such fear even with the television is

  • ○■ こちらは北海道太 洋沿岸東... This the Hokkaido Pacific Ocean coast east and Chubu and the Aomori prefecture Pacific Ocean coast, is announced officially also tidal wave advisory to Iwate prefecture, with the Yato port of Aomori prefecture 20 centimeters, the Aomori prefecture [mu] the city Sekine beach and the Hokkaido collar the tidal wave of 10 centimeters (each of them that the compression wave) it observed is in town, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for seismic intensity 4 or more being observed, the following area

  • ○■ 東北地方太平洋地 3日以内にm... Within northeast local Pacific Ocean earthquake 3 day the aftershock of m7 70%, after that visits even in the one which meets to earthquake damage with the aftershock 50% of m7 within 3 days

  • ○■ Tidal wave advisory was a nnounced officially by the Pacific Ocean side of northeast, with the coast of Iwate and Miyagi both prefectures observed the tidal wave of 50 centimeters or more in past noon

  • ○■ 昨日、社内で業務 しているとき... When yesterday, doing business inside the company, it shook in the earthquake

  • ○■ It was urgent earthquake bulletin! Recently, small earthquake it is many - the [tsu] [te] you think it is, however it shook simultaneously with urgent earthquake bulletin, don't you think? however Morioka was seismic intensity 5 or less, something such you did not feel, that extent it met, don't you think? it is, with the coast tidal wave advisory dies was announced officially breakwater something being broken, because the small tidal wave [tsu] [te] how the [ro] which is what first, also morning is quick in [ru] state and today when you sleep may go to bed by the way and cripes

  • ○■ 津波注意報が岩手 で発生してお... Not coming near to the coast section where tidal wave advisory occurs in Iwate prefecture, the tidal wave arriving, for the second time, please pay attention has the possibility of coming

  • ○■ Meteorological Agency 12t h 3:20 AM, prefecture Kaga Ishikawa, Fukui prefecture, put out tidal wave advisory to the Sea of Japan coast of Kinki and Chinese district

  • ○■ 震源地は石垣島の 海で、震源... As for epicenter with the adjacent waters of the stone wall island, as for depth of the seismic center as for approximately 10 kilometers and the magnitude which shows the scale of earthquake 6.8 is

  • ○■ Meteorological Agency tem porarily, tidal wave warning, tidal wave advisory was announced officially to the Aomori - Ibaraki Pacific Ocean coast to the Miyagi prefecture coast, but present 1 hours or more passes 1 o'clock in the morning it cancelled before

  • ○■ 東北地方はまだま 寒いので早... Because northeast district it is cold still, it is quick, it starts making and in order for it to be sufficiently possible, you think that we want also government considering,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ さてさて、今日は 作り木工品... Well well, today article of handmade wood work

  • ○■ The Yonezi quality invest igation place (usgs) according to, 29th 6:48 AM (Japanese time 30th 2:48 AM around), magnitude (m) there were 8.0 earthquakes near south Pacific Ocean Samoa

  • ○■ 「雑感」カテゴリ 最新記事... From this of up-to-date article mutual aid annuity “of miscellaneous impressions” category as for women storage space “of [uimin]” encyclopedia with white white D “[tenokea]” chapped hands prevention

  • ○■ 2012 January 17th (the fi re) the large earthquake disaster which the broadcast child talks (2) as for me lived with, can the large tidal wave look at the main contents of program with animated picture

  • 津波注意報

    Tsunami warning,

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