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    Ichiro Ozawa,

    Politics related words Upper House election Democratic Party Regime change Brass instrument Supplementary budget Debate between party leaders Prime Minister Taro Aso Prime Minister Aso Aso Cabinet Mountain Land Association Prosecution Committee Fund Management Group Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Ichiro Ozawa, secretary Noda Yoshihiko Finance Naoto Kan
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  • ○■ The Democratic party ackn owledged the consumption tariff increase-related bill formally at the government democracy three part meeting on the 28th, but Ozawa Ichiro original representation and that group etc the structure counter with bill vote strengthen the confrontation attitude to Noda administration in range of vision, intraparty crack is deep

  • ○■ マスコミ関係者は 今のうちに再... As for the mass communications authorized personnel, the person who searches the re-place of employment among now is good! ”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The “new policy worksho p” where Ichiro Ozawa it leads (abbreviation: The “new governmental research”) hp stood up

  • ○■ 僕は、若い日に、 大衆論」にか... As for me, in young day, to was the man who sinks “popular theory” rather and, even character, “independence” is agreeable to nature because, it seems like the Takahashi harmony 巳, because detestation and how feeling of the opposite of the expectation for the public there is no happening to have, well, they probably are such a ones, that there is about it binds high, but even then, the Saigo prosperity which is defeated with Seinan part, our blade doing with Shiroyama, it seems that ends, in addition, 'Kiyoshi protagonist Shiga of wicked sect', seems that dies fasting with Osaka Nishinari [doya], now the bureaucracySocialist power in Ichiro Ozawa who confronts each other strongly, such end thinks point you do not want, that,

  • ○■ The Democratic party leav ing a party, to Matuki who moved “new party ground true democracy” 謙 public…

  • ○■ 最近の画像つき記 [ 画像一... Recent picture being attached article [to picture summary, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for Ichiro's Ozawa pol itics and the gold, at the very most bribery and others is straw raincoat commonplace politics and problem of the gold, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 小沢元代表に無罪 決が言い渡さ... Judgment of acquittal was sentenced to Ozawa original representation

  • ○■ ([muramasa], it cuts shar ply)

  • ○■ 消費税増税を決め からの解散... After deciding consumer tax tax increase, if it becomes dispersion, whether or not it executes that, becomes issue, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Information control of up -to-date article government “of political social” category is permitted! Supports day valve connected declaration tv which, good-bye “the active bureaucracy intense white! Collapse” 'someone in the Japanese center killing Ichiro Ozawa?' Incorrect report, and…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 小沢一郎氏は、「 費税増税の... As for Ichiro Ozawa, “before the consumer tax tax increase the expectation which is the times when it should do

  • ○■ I so thinking, when now i t has begun to write on the diary” “as for problem, the money, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 小沢一郎が野田政 を批判して... The consumer tax tax increase theory where Ichiro Ozawa has criticized Noda administration does not like, when as for the consumer tax tax increase which seems there is no manifest, does such a thing reliance of the citizen is lost…With Noda and it probably is balance, well, Noda who say such a thing to Ozawa who loses the reliance of the citizen with problem of the opaque gold, do not know whether we would like to do what it is disappointing, reliance of the citizen is lost, but… Completely, the [do] always densely always, they are hara-kiri ones

  • ○■ Whether 100 up-to-date ar ticle approval people “of recent condition report volume” category, getting together you ask from infrequent Kenichiro me, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「日記」カテゴリ 最新記事... Into decision highest inspection of the up-to-date article Kasama Public Prosecutor General “of diary” category and fight of the Supreme Court development, before… As for Ichiro Ozawa up to 80 years old the Assemblyman the fate democracy b which lives fairness… Japan became dangerous fiercely! Vertical integration rule [shisute]… March political situation as for Ichiro one mountain Ozawa pollutes name, to compare, opposition party… As for indirect evidence Attorney circumstantial evidence and synonymous trial counsel part to quibble,…

  • ○■ Up-to-date article land m ountain “of Ozawa Ichiro” category. In investigation report untruth…The citizen group and the public prosecutor prosecution Ozawa judgment and the deflection reporting administration of justice bureaucracy of the mass communications which start - political strategy we fear in people in power Ozawa Ichiro court testimony of the courthouse the [ru] of the behind-the-scenes Supreme Court office work entire bureau which extensively is pulverization the natural shape which should! Setting up the trap, small…

  • ○■ 「 ドラえもん 、 ppで国... “The gong obtaining is, national theory two minutes is done with tpp, now, Prime Minister Noda should decide negotiation participation!”

  • ○■ As for me it is not defea ted to the destruction construction of the popularity article Yano Ken Ichiro appearance of this [burogu],

  • ○■ 小沢一郎氏は、こ ことをよく... Ichiro Ozawa has consented this well, harshly quite it corresponds in regard to the record of entrance and exit of political fund,

  • ○■ all or nothing you read a nd solve as for the power which miscellaneous impressions the up-to-date article “of 08 life idea volume” categories < love of the man and woman > concerning as for the 毀 honor praising 貶 which is necessary honor 2011 of boy the attitude which is opened outside edition

  • ○■ 「政治」カテゴリ 最新記事... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ The popularity article To gawa Isamu 'novel Yoshida school' of this [burogu] (2) the illness, afternoon weathering which you celebrate (and will not) (1)

  • ○■ 「weblog」カテゴリ 最... Up-to-date article August monthly competition “of weblog” category… rain, with something in such a day? It is and - even with, the [a] - the [ku] which is driven… the [tsu] [ke] which is this some music? The day when Japan is longest/the dealing place/Kyoto of the radioactive waste five mountain… The mysterious Democratic party, 菅 Naoto… golf morning kneading - atomic bomb 忌, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 小沢一郎

  • ○■ Responsibility of the Dem ocratic party is serious

  • ○■ Ichiro Ozawa imitating th e yellow gate which comes appearing in the period adventure drama, you saw, but it is the feeling, simply period adventure drama

  • ○■ 鏈接網頁的書面日 本 ,

  • 小沢一郎

    Ichiro Ozawa,

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