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    Tanaka Satoshi,

    Entertainment related words Kamenashi Kazuya Akanishi Jin Nishikido Ryou Yamashita Tomohisa Taguchi Junnosuke The Perfect Professional Killers Nakamaru Yuichi Ueda Tatsuya
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  • ○■ 田中聖

  • ○■ “mc longest record?”T he [tsu] [te] you say

  • ○■ kat-tun news item being m any, it was pleasant

  • ○■ ” “You called this ma ny degrees of me, don't you think?” “as for me of expression [yankumi] dreaming of this day, the [tsu] which it increases!”Ant of expression Ichimura (center 淳 thickly)? The form which kiss mark handle t shirt it runs at the last guts pause of one south of talking the south (stone wall) of the t shirt warehouse wood (paulownia mountain) of the handle of the 1st series graduate and goes away ('being the ace tar' [tsu] [te] feeling of the jungle!!! The last hand of laughing) Noda's it comes, it is with manner of the piece which is turned (<- this truly the pot! Laughing does not stop!) When Mr. Baba (the skin to do Matsuzaki, like [ge] [ru] black east trunk Hisashi) the can end being, “the Yamaguchi teacher [tsu]!”With the form [tsu] [te] feeling which it starts running with the [tsu] [te] smiling face with here and others side pot something to be possible! Here and others side each time the laughing [tsu] [chi] [ya] you bore truly, don't you think?! Especially Noda's piece it is dangerous already! That [ma] [ji] to burst into laughter, the [chi] [ya] [u]! Something it is old, it is it is! Method of running the south! Laughing and one more, you call this for the first time

  • ○■ Tanaka saint, the [ho] it is with groovy the [i

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • ○■ +* - Present schedule ▽ magazine myojo [zaterebijiyon] ▽ television 17: 00 - 17: 50 the boy club premiums (NHK hi-vision) ▽ radio 23: 30 - 23: 40 kat-tun style (Nippon Broadcasting System) 24: 00 - 24: 30 r-one kat-tun (cultural broadcast) ▽johnny's web kat-tun's MANUAL +*

  • ○■ 淳: End is the keyword q uiz where the kat-tun goods hit! As for the keyword of camp 3rd day this [tsu]! Saint: UMLAT There is no [doitsushirubupure] & German, but it is, 淳: The [tsu] [ke] which is [shirubupure] [tsu] [te] what? Saint: French “” that with, the shank (laughing) 淳: Germany? Saint: UMLAT [doitsushirubupure] & saint 淳: 淳: (Laughing) densely - the [re] is difficult perhaps, - relation it is fixed, however is not, memo please do properly! Saint: It is and is difficult however is, don't you think? 淳: In addition we tomorrow! Saint: It is, the pie pie!

  • ○■ Necessary, favorite shoot ing work person 2009 seeing carefully, don't you think? the [ru] however it is, don't you think?

  • ○■ 2010.09.15 wednesday sain tly [tsu] cod author: [himejiyoon

  • ○■ * [amepigu] of this day* Odagiri dragon [pigu] and it is [tsu] [pigu] and the ♪

  • ○■ kat-tun style July 28th ( water) [reho] ゚

  • 田中聖

    Tanaka Satoshi,

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