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    Jinbei Kyoto,

    Gamble related words galbo Jinbei Nakayama Memorial Shinzan Smart Gear Toushoushirokko Crown Princess Dragon Fang Sunny Sunday SillPort Mainerufaruke Axion cosmo phantom
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  • ○■ 京都金杯

  • ○■ Ace “[naritakurisutaru] ” of summer of last year and, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は仕事はじめ すが、競馬... Today is the first day of the year for work, but it is first day of horse racing opening

  • ○■ The expectation Kyoto 09r 14 Nakayama 10r 2,5 Kyoto 10r 10 Nakayama 11r 13,3 Kyoto 11r of win5 which this year does not hit 6,5

  • ○■ 今年は反対に中山 杯で勝負し... This year you had a match in the opposite direction with the Nakayama plate, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The central horse racing which this year starts from 5 days

  • ○■ 京都金杯も同様に 想しますが... It expects also the Kyoto plate in the same way, but because [richizakuraun] which I chased rather was removed from the axis, like [kinshiyasanokiseki] perhaps it starts winning,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because as for the Nakaya ma plate already completely there is no amount can, only the Kyoto plate purchase to lunch break

  • ○■ レース 小林 橋本 村 坂... Arima commemoration 3200 Kyoto plate 2,490,000 [shinzan] commemoration 0 Nikkei New Year cup 2900 ajcc 7100 Negisi s 163,300,491,264 Silk Road s 3,040,000 diamond s 20,600,000 February s 508,004,192 Nakayama commemoration 0 March prize 201,004,007,424 [huirisu] ゙ [rehi] ゙ [yu] 0 spring s 1,601,600 Takamatunomiya commemoration 423,004,192 Osaka cup 5,060,003,328 Ouka prize 0 Satuki prize 0 flora s 16,601,660,285,517,824 emperor prize during race/lace Kobayashi Hasimoto mountain village Sakai now (spring) 0 NHK [mairukatsuhu] ゚ 3,860,000,768 [u] ゙ [ikutoriamairu] 16,200 Oaks 900,720 Japanese Derby 57,900 Yasuda commemoration 5,479,026,688 cbc prize 50,600 total 146,502,780,425,505,595,195,392

  • ○■ The smile jack (male Sato 5 Kohiyama), being the Japanese Derby 2 arrival 2008, Yasuda commemoration 3 arrival and the regrettable place of this spring, it let escape the title of g�

  • ○■ そんな5日は京都 中山で金杯... Such 5 days are the plate with Kyoto & Nakayama

  • ○■ As for thinking then, mor e there is no simple method easily of doing horse racing expectation? Several while trying searching, we would like to recommending, the ←← “free horse racing expectation sight the good plug”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ■5日からスター !「中山金... You start from ■5 day! “Nakayama plate”

  • ○■ women of the year 2011, a liberal translation

  • ○■ recent entries... recent entries | op special data & expectation tin viewing prize data & expectation confederate rose s data & expectation coming today s

  • ○■ 2010 January 5th (fire) 1 Nakayama 1st day 16 stands [15: 25 starts] <11r> Or more open g3 of 59th daily sport prize Nakayama plate 4 year old (handicap) (international) [appointment] lawn 2000m (c) framework turn sign horse name characteristic age substitution jockey loaf quantity, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 若いから無理をす のでは、若... Because it is young because it overstrains, because it is young, very detouring, even, your own road should be set,

  • ○■ Mile from the latter half remaining 4 furlong the lap became fast with calls cs from before about center was harsh pace in the last spurt of the advantage, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ただ斤量はデータ にも、この... Simply the loaf quantity data and is disadvantageous in this horse itself

  • ○■ This way form of race/lac e is to change largely, but as for me as for the necessity that much to become nervous you think that it is not,

  • ○■ あの日、修平は押 寄せる津波... That day, Siyuuhei in the tidal wave which surges, protected the horse in the desperate thinking, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for the word-of-mouth communication information sight regarding ↓↓↓ horse racing secret of this ten thousand betting ticket hits. Release! With no charge register 1,000,000 Yen get!

  • ○■ 中山金杯 ◎アドマ イヤコスモス... Nakayama plate * addition Mayer cosmos betting ticket horse single 5←→6, 14 horse connected 5−2, 7 and 11

  • ○■ Nakayama plate 43,912,130 ,560, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 1/5(水)京都11r ... 1/5 (the water) the Kyoto 11r 49th Kyoto plate (g3) 1 rank horse live concert 2 keeper air 3 arrival 2 rank horse [garubo] 3 keeper air 2 arrival 1/8 (the Saturday) Nakayama 10r first spring prize 1 rank horse king perfect 1 keeper air 1 arrival 1 rank horse [ribaagein] 5 keeper air 4 arrival Nakayama 11r invitation luck s 1 rank horse [roraparuza] 1 keeper air 3 arrival 2 rank horse [omegahuarukon] 2 keeper air 1 arrivals 1/9 (day) 1 rank horse my flannel elf 2 keeper air 3 arrival 2 rank horse cherry tree next 4 keeper air 1 arrival under 10,000,000 on the Nakayama 12r 4 years old 1/15 (the Saturday)1 rank horse mission mode 1 keeper air 1 arrival 2 rank horse rheo progress 3 keeper air 3 arrival under 10,000,000 on Nakayama 9r black bamboo prize 1 rank horse [deiahuoruteisu] 2 keeper air 1 arrival 2 rank horse [kosumoichitaimu] 12 keeper air 3 arrival Nakayama 10r sunrise s 1 rank horse cherry tree mimosa 1 keeper air 5 arrival 2 rank horse [meishiyoushiogiri] 13 keeper air 8 arrival Nakayama 12r 4 year old 1/22 (Saturday) Nakayama 12r 4 year old under 1 upper 10,000,000, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * Connected opposite of t he Keisei cup the framework Oaks Keisei cup which is not done 20071-420086- 320,087 - 320095- 220,094 - 22010 “4 frameworks 2 frameworks” correspond * the Nikkei New Year cup ①Feature framework connected horse popularity of even number year 20043-5-

  • ○■ 09/09/05札幌2歳s 着... 09/09/05 Sapporo 2 year old s1 arrivals, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 4-12 horse ream, even wit h wide, suitable allotment, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 馬連の他、ウマセ は単勝を3... Other than horse ream, single victory you buy the good plug in 3 points and 3 connected single 80 points offer the eye, a liberal translation

  • ○■ This year, it is thought that [adomaiyahuji] cuts [hana],

  • 京都金杯

    Jinbei Kyoto,

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