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    Advance notice,

    Sport related words Pitcher Darvish Oryx Chiba Lotte Marines Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. Pacific League Hawks Yamamoto Masaya Pacific League Chunichi Dragons Seibu Lions Softbank Yakult Maeda Ken Eagles 岩隈 Hanshin Tigers DeNA opening Pitcher
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  • ○■ どちらもスライド 板はなしで... Which with slide going to the mound releasing shank, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Even business the success ive defeats continuation and [tsu] [te] place kana, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 中畑清監督「戦う に大いに... Nakahata Kiyoshi director “we would like to expect to the soul which fights greatly

  • ○■ Persevering! Swing!!, a l iberal translation

  • ○■ girl's fac&hel... girl's fac…

  • ○■ 20:29 rt from... 20:29 rt from web [42 rt] Jumping at the foul fly, the luck inlet which you catch, it is injured alternates

  • ○■ Don't you think? 19:43 fr om web already only the one shot inside the cedar, - the [ro] 19:48 from web which is, the middle slider 19:49 from web Arai before the bow car light/write [banzaiatatsuku] explodes* In 19:54 from web two dead loaded bases from 5 Murata player 19:55 from web 1−1 man inclination swing wide

  • ○■ t.co/sis0izts (the text) while renewing (the lacquer star person (NHK Chiba) [tsuito]) the 18:27 from twittbot.net night it comes on occasion and/or obtains the time!! #kitarie_time by syuzan3kyu ON twitter

  • ○■ 「コラム」カテゴ の最新記事... It jumped to the leading part of up-to-date article early stage of a campaign “of column” category, [begaruta] Sendai it is pleasant the reason of charge

  • ○■ 「野球全般」カテ リの最新記... “All baseball” up-to-date article May 24th of category (wood) [bu] and that 7 May 24th of coming (wood) [bu] and that 6 May 24th of coming (wood) [bu] and that 4 May 24th of coming (wood) [bu] and that 3 May 24th of coming (wood) [bu] and coming that 2

  • ○■ 19:44 rt from web [6 rt] Inaba, to 2000 these hits after 6! 7 first, change up of [guraishinga] triples of right wing fence direct bomb hit

  • ○■ 最近の画像つき記 [ 画像一... Recent picture being attached article [to picture summary, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 20:26 rt from web [31 rt] (f) The Saito 佑 tree player - (d) Iwata restraint Osamu player 18 o'clock it is the start schedule @ Sapporo dome #lovefighters pic.twitter.com/kprwct1v (Fighters public information Hatanaka's [tsuito]) 20:28 from web Sapporo dome?

  • ○■ ( 報知プロ野球取 材班 さん... The [miretsuji] player of the very kind heart ([tsuito] of the information professional baseball collection of data group) picking up the mask of the 20:33 from web village promontory catcher

  • ○■ Gull: Fujioka - cat: Nisi guti, a liberal translation

  • ○■ girl's fac…

  • ○■ by eaglesflyfr... by eagl esflyfree ON twitter

  • ○■ Because also Central Leag ue is notice forerunner from this year, in the tournament which the Yamamoto 昌 pitcher throws we would like to go to support,

  • ○■ (加藤) ( 報知 ロ野球取材... (Kato) ([tsuito] of the information professional baseball collection of data group) as for that preachment of 20:16 from web “as for the enemy of terrible w 20:19 from tweet button giant the giant”? The inactive reason “fights and is to internal”

  • ○■ Up-to-date article tiger “of weblog” category (. ;)1 victory 1 defeat/miss 1 dividing tigers! (^^)! 1 victory 1 dividing tigers (. ;)The draw super tiger like this win the [ri] 646 super tiger like this win [ri] 645

  • ○■ 20:46 from web... The tru e [tsu] of first sphere failing to kill 20:46 from web Murata and Takahashi reason immediately, [ru] being painful, it is before the shank 20:49 from web outfield or as for the 20:50 from web infield with the deepening & the line stuffing ○ with the Takahashi reason first racketeer the quagmire being said with about change 20:50 from web 5 successive defeats and the cod professional baseball doing and others, the [re] it is the 20:51 rt from web Osaka and Kobe 1 - 0 giants (tournament end) #npb (you wipe, is, [tsuito]) the 20:51 from web [chi] [e] is the [ji] the 20:53 from web shrine 國 pitcher who is not should have thrown normally, however you think that you have a match, don't you think? 20:54 from web talent seeingWith just w 20:55 from web Kanemoto who is not said has done to attach, but the interpretation which attaches at the talent looking calls Yamato that way and throws away, the [tsu] [te] is as for judgment of attaching this interpretation of w 20:57 from web by your seniority or no kana or w by eaglesflyfree ON twitter

  • ○■ Day of up-to-date article rain “of logbook” category the pollen the human pancake of the destiny where also Central League introduces notice forerunner from hard doubt this season

  • ○■ 鴎:藤岡−猫:西 ... Gull: Fujioka - cat: Nisiguti, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ([tsuito] of information professional baseball collection of data group) 19:50 rt from web [36 rt] Tadano 7 times with 5 hit 1 mistakes descending/disembarking board, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 19:43 from web... Don't y ou think? 19:43 from web already only the one shot inside the cedar, - the [ro] 19:48 from web which is, the middle slider 19:49 from web Arai before the bow car light/write [banzaiatatsuku] explodes* In 19:54 from web two dead loaded bases from 5 Murata player 19:55 from web 1−1 man inclination swing wide

  • ○■ Gull: Infrequent [sunsuke ] - eagle: From with the [ma] -

  • ○■ 09:57 from we... The 09:5 7 from web Fujinami Sintarou pitcher you have seen with only image, it is, but attitude of finish is enormous, is, don't you think?

  • ○■ “All baseball” up-to- date article April 7th of category (Saturday) [bu] and that 14 April 7th of coming (Saturday) [bu] and that 13 April 7th of coming (Saturday) [bu] and that 12 April 7th of coming (Saturday) [bu] and that 11 April 7th of coming (Saturday) [bu] and coming that 10

  • ○■ p.twipple.jp/3... p.twipp le.jp/3dpex (Daisuke's Matuzaka [tsuito]) 09:49 rt from keitai web 駿 it is thick as for 2 year continual commencement star men outfielder after 52 years ever since this of Hari ([suponichianetsukusu]) eag.ly/y/quapu ([tsuito] of Orikkusu [bahuarozu]) as for 09:54 rt from keitai web Yokohama Yamanouchi and Nakamura of Kanto one, the Edogawa central senior senior junior

  • ○■ by eaglesflyfree ON twitter

  • 予告先発

    Advance notice,

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