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    Genkai nuclear power plant,

    Reportage related words Democratic Party Nuclear power plant Stress Test Pluthermal Naoto Kan Natural energy Fukushima nuclear plant Fukushima nuclear power plant Kyushu Electric Power Radioactive material Re-runs Genkai town
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  • ○■ 今回も、プルサー ル導入の... These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ kyuushuudenryoku gawa n o setsumei ha �� setsumei no naka de �� genkai genpatsu ha �� jishin ya tsunami ha oko rinikuku juubun na taisaku wo shiteirunode �� anzensei ha juubun ni kakuho dekiru �� toshite �� tsunami ni taisuru anzentaisaku wo kyouchou bakarini shuushi shimashita

  • ○■ 九州電力は、福島 発や浜岡... kyuushuudenryoku ha �� fukushima genpatsu ya hamaoka genpatsu deno unten teishi niyoru denryoku fusoku ga shouji rutote �� sakkyuu na untensaikai wo shitaitono kangae noyoudesuga �� kengikai deno juubun na shingi katei wo ete karano mondai dato kangae rumonodearimasu

  • ○■ These are talking of Ja panese blogoholic.

  • ○■ それによると、� る5月3... soreniyoruto �� saru �� gatsu ���� nichi �� watashi ha genshiryokuhatsudensho ricchi michi ken de kousei suru genshiryokuhatsuden kankeidantai kyougikai no hitori toshite �� kuni ni taishi te �� kinkyuu anzentaisaku no kakunin kekka no datousei nadonitsuite �� kuni ga sekinin wo motte ricchi jichitai nadoni gutaiteki ni setsumeisu ruyou �� kaieda keizai tsuusan daijin ni chokusetsu yousei wo okonai mashita

  • ○■ It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ 自然エネルギー推 庁の創設にも... shizen enerugi^ suishin chou no sousetsu nimo genkyuu shitaga �� kei san shou gawa karano tsuyoi makikaeshi ga akiraka ninatta katachi da

  • ○■ recommendation , suggest ions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ 放射性物質を体内 取り入れるこ... These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ Centering on the neotype of safety, without passing the test, the prime minister and the Genkai nuclear plant etc which prerequisite of nuclear re-work define the stress test concerning the nuclear plant where safety was already verified there was opposition with Kaieda whom we assume that it re-makes work,

  • ○■ 今回の福島第一原 の事故を見て... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ [yarase] in the explanato ry meeting of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. was detected, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかるに玄海原発 m反対の声を... It does and drives, the Genkai nuclear plant overcoming m opposite voice, seems that re-is worked, a liberal translation

  • ○■ “Relief, safety, the co untry so be able to call clean energy” and any which the country said, and with the thing, to tell the truth being safe and even when being relief without being clean energy even when without, is proven and by the accident of the Fukushima first nuclear plant it is the expectation which is with the callous

  • ○■ [東京7日ロイタ ]枝野幸_官... [Tokyo 7 day Reuters] branch field happiness _ secretariat director in interview of 7th morning, checks safety concerning the re-work problem of the Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Genkai nuclear plant, as a government, judges as safety harshly, but from you explain that you endeavor because you have the sense of relief about

  • ○■ * 07:35 | Morning, a lib eral translation

  • ○■ ストレステスト( 性検査)実... Stress test (tolerance inspection) execution: In the Yomiuri Shimbun Company subsidiary company employee nuclear plant re-. The approval mail nine electricity which are urged, for program: asahi.com “, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for the Genkai nuclear plant re-work possibility, probably is the logic of Governor Furukawa supralegal only with “one voice of the crane” of the prime minister

  • ○■ しかし、今回の海 田大臣の... But, Minister of State latest Kaieda it will come and the prefecture will be something due to the request of Governor Furukawa, “as for Governor Furukawa from the mouth of Minister of State Kaieda, we probably would like to inquire about what?” it probably is to want the word that, “Genkai nuclear plant 2.3 the machine is all right than the Hamaoka nuclear plant”?

  • ○■ It has made “could veri fy safety” even here, but vis-a-vis government and atomic energy safety preservation institute, “while saying that it is safe, those which are driven investigated, after causing hindrance in some accident, as for preservation institute assuming, that it is safe, with new standard, recognized driving, but, why, being safe for standard itself to make drive with ambiguous way?” that, we have pointed out

  • ○■ 玄海町は他の産業 育てないと... As for Genkai Cho unless you raise other industry

  • ○■ Genkai nuclear plant 1 as for the machine as for the notion that where it is pointed out extremely from before it is in a state where such is very easy to happen

  • ○■ 玄海原発1号機は 975年の稼... Therefore Genkai nuclear plant 1 as for the machine work 1975 it is 36th year already

  • ○■ As for Kaieda multipara p hase this day the reporter you interview from 10 o'clock, “there is a possibility of becoming hollow of industry” “insecurity appears in national life”, that, the influence which electricity shortage of summer season gives was emphasized, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 九州電力玄海原発 佐賀県玄海町... 眞 section interest of nine electricity 應 (the [ma] pan and the tide) the president interviewed to the 6th night urgently the Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Genkai nuclear plant (Saga prefecture Genkai Cho) 2 and 3 centering on machine operational reopening problem, concerning the explanatory program for the prefectural people whom the economic industrial ministry last month broadcast on 26th, as sent the E-mail of the contents where nine electric sides approve the re-work of the nuclear plant at the subsidiary company to the program applying recognized the fact that you have requested

  • ○■ You insisted that I for t he time being should re-work the compressed type reactor of the new boiling type nuclear plant and building one body!

  • ○■ 九電社長、辞意固 るやらせメ... Nine electric presidents, intention to resign it sets, lets do probably is not that taking responsibility president indicates with mail problem, but it probably means that cutting is attached by the fact that the highest patsy stops as a result?

  • ○■ Concerning the re-work pr oblem of the Genkai nuclear plant, from exhausting sufficient deliberation “life of the prefectural people and the standpoint where property is protected”, you must keep coping prudently, it is something

  • ○■ 古川知事は、提案 由説明の... furukawa chiji ha �� teianriyuusetsumei no naka de genpatsu no anzentaisaku ya �� genkai genpatsu ������ gouki no untensaikai mondai nitsuite tsugino youni akiraka nishimashita

  • ○■ May be linked to more d etailed information..

  • 玄海原発

    Genkai nuclear power plant,

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