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    Request Hour,

    Entertainment related words AKB48 Akimoto sayaka kojima haruna SKE48 SDN48 Minami Takahashi Matsui Reina Paleo OkiDoki
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  • ○■ That after all it tries p icking up number, being important, the result which is different from image it is visible

  • ○■ みなさんは真似を ないように... Way as for everyone you do not imitate, (blast

  • ○■ Already, only the sicknes s you can think

  • ○■ でもやらないより 絶対マシで... Rather than so not doing, it is absolute [mashi

  • ○■ Recent picture being atta ched article [to picture summary, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 4/3(日)【握手会 20t... 4/3 (day) The theater which probably becomes the cherry tree 20th single '' board sale commemoration large handshake meeting Makuhari [metsuse] international display room, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 来月、i hate smoke... Next month, it is the sneeze participation decision in the omnibus which from i hate smoke records is sold! Thank you! And January 15th of next year, it is the sneeze plan opening with lower Kitazawa reg! Performance band next few days announcement! And with the sneeze×shoji.y plan of Otsuka deepa November 29th “the request hour set list best 6” opening! From yesterday start of poll! To 29 days the [ze] which votes! Don't you think? it may! Because and super secret there is announcement, to a pleasure the [te] giving! This is dangerous, -

  • ○■ Request hour set list 100 2011 ranking tendency③When it was done in the January this year, the request hour set list 100 at this event was done, but the circumstance the present way occurs with the reason which either the reason which is known is not, it restarted, once more, the reed leprosy we would like to designate ranking tendency as in order to do again to stare the future of akb48

  • ○■ 2005年の一期生募集 から昨年... From lifetime raw collection 2005 to large break of last year, akb48 agitated 6 years the testimony collection which is spun in word of main people of the member

  • ○■ リクエストアワー

  • ○■ akb can enjoy the fact th at several years spending in 5 minutes

  • ○■ 曲、振り、mvに関 ては秀逸... You think that it is superexcellent, tune and inclination, in regard to mv it is, but

  • ○■ In 1 rank of the request hour best 100 of akb of this year 'heavy rotation' [kita] ── (゜∀゜) ──!!

  • ○■ 今回は2012年リクエ ストアワ... This time with poll ticket enclosure of 2012 request hour set list the shank [e] -

  • ○■ It is also dvd of request hour to be, but purchasing the raw photograph of [nekomimi] temporarily, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あー忘れないうち akb総選挙... The [a] - while forgetting, it raises even with expectation of akb general election, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In the tail ◆67 rank st ormy night of seesaw game (Ishida clear fragrance) ◆68 rank angel of sofa ◆69 rank tear of edge of miraculous ◆74 rank vegetable [shisutazu] (←not Ishida clear fragrance) ◆73 rank 3seconds◆72 rank [giyutsu] ◆71 rank blue sky one thinking ◆70 rank heart of ◆75 rank grassy plain you look at the ◆63 rank supporting ◆62 rank evening sun for the ◆66 rank seventeen◆65 rank honest man (Ishida clear fragrance) ◆64 rank flax friend? ◆61 rank gagaga◆60 rank baby! baby! baby! ◆59 rank [majisukarotsukunroru] ◆58 rank naive principle ◆57 rank heaven guy ◆56 rank the place ◆55 rank relax which it can cry! ◆54 rank [tsundere]! ◆53 rank it is accustomed to the stone which rolls, goddess (Ishida clear fragrance) of the cherry◆51 rank theater of the ◆52 rank beach, a liberal translation

  • ○■ さてさてさてさて 引き続き『... Well well well well, that it will continue and it probably will keep writing 'concerning the akb48 request hour set list best 1,002,011', thought now the [tsu] it does, Ω no

  • リクエストアワー

    Request Hour,

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