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  • ○■ 亀治郎

  • ○■ As a result, when it trie s looking back at by my calmly, it means that “I probably am who”,

  • ○■ そして、自分は最 まで徳川の... Again and, by himself deciding preparedness that loyalty is exhausted Tokugawa's servant to as a last, feeling of appreciation informing to the glory which raises by himself, faces to Ueno

  • ○■ So if you said, some days ago it ended, when you look at Kamezirou “of chance”, “it dances, -” 筧, something as [tsurun] the [te] of the time where it appears to end of year special lovely the place there is no [ge] (praising, however it increases,) being similar of course, the [ru] air doing, it increased

  • ○■ これだけかかわり 持っている... Because just this it has relation, two people it probably will have after this relation even in “the raw”,

  • ○■ As for this encounter you think that it is the destiny which God is devised first that Edo town probably will be rescued from the beriberi, benevolence teacher thinks, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「愛之。凄かった 」「亀治郎... “Love 之. It was enormous!”“Kamezirou it was funny!”With being excited, this could tell the fact that to speak, pleasantly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Even in “horse”, the liquor drinking being able to surpass, just a little, at the extent which grimaces, it will be the face calm in the horse basin

  • ○■ 3月の南座は翫雀が 上置き、亀... The 翫 sparrow to place on top the March south seat, company of young man such as Kamezirou 獅 child one Taro turtle crane man and woman warehouse

  • ○■ (Everyone reading, it see med the tired way & it was grateful)

  • ○■ さて、こんなふう 花道で獅... Well, while in such a manner the 獅 child has struggled on the flower way, the right nearness of the stage it is with the monkey 弥 destroying original attitude, if (the right nearness it is originally, the fact that with the elbow pillow it is side 浪 the waist was applied in the edge of seven houses

  • ○■ 獅 child who recovers th e air, “part passes badness this way”, that when it tries probably to enter into [are] of example, from the seat “there is no such a thing, the [tsu]” “it can persevere and voice of the ~” is applied

  • ○■ 原作の漫画は読破 たのです... As for cartoon of the original it is to read through, but don't you think? drama probably is how to become, a liberal translation

  • ○■ And the right nearness it is looking at one, “that person, being visible well, truth is the good person, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「野風さん、私の は真っ黒... “Field wind, my heart is deep-black

  • ○■ When Kagawa illumination 之 enters the Kabuki boundary, you know with news, when attacking name you do the [a] “car which in Ichikawa” is done, when Kamezirou of thing and the cousin attacking name does “Eosuke Ichikawa”, also Kagawa can play the actor with thing is or, as for the turtle the actor is many, is, but… More and more, the Kabuki boundary rising, are not [ku] are, or to be enormous are the pleasure from now, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 市川亀治郎扮する 山二郎がなか... Kamezirou Ichikawa very force there was Jiro Aoyama 扮, and so on with only detailed thought it remains

  • ○■ Benevolence teacher to be come in Riyuuma to go into the capital in meeting, 咲 “as for Riyuuma one month later the bean jam…” When with it tries to convey, again that headache attacked

  • ○■ 亀治郎の鬼がふん にスゴイんだ... But Kamezirou's ogre is in the droppings [sugoi] in the ogre corps where also the matching is even in any case the [hi] [ya] [a] [hi] [ya] [a

  • ○■ As for Kamezirou there to be also an amorousness, there being also an empty atmosphere which the geisha seems, very

  • ○■ 亀ちゃんですが、 のまえ、暗殺... It is the turtle, but before this, having assassinated, this time, it is assassinated and the [chi] [ya] [u], 憎 is and it is the person, don't you think?

  • ○■ You became aware in perha ps, the time, as for Riyuuma his own road by mistake is, in order in Edo for Kiyoutarou to search Riyuuma's movement on occasion from the superior, you were ordered

  • ○■ しかし、真ん中だ ら、役者が被... But, therefore center, the performer wears, the performer the leading part causing brick, this is short, putting out ones

  • ○■ ☆cast☆ south benevole nce…Osawa it is high the orange 咲…The Ayase far field wind friend it is long future…Miki Nakatani (special performance) Riyuuma Sakamoto…Infield saintly positive orange Kiyoutarou…Yusuke Megumi mediating/helping Saburi Koide…The paulownia valley health it is thick Saigo prosperity…Fujimoto Takashi Hiroshi Sakuma elephant mountain…Ichimura Ogi new gate 辰 five 郎…Nakamura Atuo east learning/repairing mediating/helping…Sintarou Nakaoka Riyuuta Sato…Ichikawa Kamezirou orange glory…Aso 祐 not yet victory Kaishu…Humiyo Obinata, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 観劇は初となりま が、実はお... Theatergoing it becomes first, but to tell the truth the movie appreciating on the 2nd of New Year's Day, it increases

  • ○■ Yesterday, Kamezirou Ichi kawa which has even at the national theater little theater

  • ○■ 市川亀治郎さん・ 村七之助さ... Kamezirou Ichikawa Nakamura seven 之 help Nakamura turtle crane, and last year of coming to an end with Ainosuke Kataoka where degree of attention rises at a stroke with generation performing performance ♪o (the ≧∇≦) o

  • ○■ But as for problem the ty phoon which is in the midst of approaching

  • ○■ ※今回も長文にな てしまいま... * Because this time it became the long sentence, viewing with the intention

  • ○■ … 1st story 2nd story 3rd story 4th story 5th story 6th story 7th story 8th story 9th story 10th story, a liberal translation

  • 亀治郎


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