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    Shinbashi Enbujo,

    Entertainment related words Ebizo Inamori Izumi Shido sakai masato Kabukiza Kawakami Takaya Fukusuke Saotome Taichi New Line Theatre feeling Mitsugoro Kamejiro Danjuro
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  • ○■ 新橋演舞場

  • ○■ この人は誰がお気 入りってわけ... This person someone was not favorite [tsu] [te] reason and the [te], voice was used evenly

  • ○■ Perhaps, with the stage o f the 澤 瀉 house where Eosuke is not number one to be possible

  • ○■ いや~、楽しかっ ~... Well ~ and pleasant ~, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Always, you write, but ten 郎 peculiar magnanimous it has made the scoundrel who cannot hate the person, Dougen

  • ○■ 歌舞伎を見に行き した!! 前... Kabuki it went to seeing!! Thinking also the clothes which verify the contents of the performing eye from preceding day, keep wearing the preparation van tongue the [atashi] day 11 o'clock for raising the curtain, the friend and 10: At before the Shinbashi performing dance place it is appointment in 30* At the time where it finishes looking “[asukomachi]” rapidly the going to bed ~

  • ○■ Shinbashi performing danc e place of first day! The paying/inserting cool Kabuki 2nd section seeing, it increased! Being the case that, from today Kobayashi flax middle stands in the lobby, like viewing the entertainment mass communications rush in! She of the blue kimono having made slurry as expected, was clean! Well, as for how to perform…

  • ○■ 四月大歌舞伎 新橋 演舞場 平... April large Kabuki Shinbashi performing dance place 2011 April 1st (the gold) ~25 day (month) section one of the noon, the Edo gift (the obtaining [do] gift) two and one 條 Okura 譚 (it is and the [chi] [ji] [yo] fish puts and others the thing abnormal play [ri]) three, the inside seal of 玩 quitting/words tower 12 tune (manner it is to be ardently the drill) the **********************, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for Shinbashi performi ng dance place 秀 mountain festival of September, “Nakamura song ascent changing third generation Nakamura and five 郎 attacking name announcements” and “Nakamura Tanetarou changing fourth generation Nakamura song ascent attacking name announcement” you question and fish eye coming out degree are and have become performance, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 観劇 2 日 14 : 00... Theatergoing 2 day 14: But the Kabuki experience classroom workshop for 00 elementary school students (the Edo Tokyo museum hole) for the n line 20th child even in the adult it became reference, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Yesterday, in the afterno on October 2nd, it went to the seminar of the child cancer. Because as for this seminar npo corporate body “child cancer remedy development support (success)” being something which was opened, the meeting which protects the child of the cancer where I have done the director has supported, it participated. The meeting place is the board room of the business center which is the opposite side of east Ginza and the Shinbashi performing dance place.

  • ○■ 新橋演舞場六月大 舞伎「夜の... “The section of Shinbashi performing dance place June large Kabuki night” was seen, a liberal translation

  • ○■ May “you saw” is, as follows, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 12 日 16 : 30 錦... 1 2 days 16: 30 brocade fall the section of the October large Kabuki night (the Shinbashi performing dance place) 3 f 1 line 44th 14 days 18: 30 horse training first day (occasion cartridge art theater) 1fm line 14th 19 days 13: Section of 30 Caesar noon (Hinase theater) 2fj line 35th 30 days 13: 00 horse training thousand 穐 ease (occasion the cartridge art theater) 2fu line 35th forgetting completely, it overlooked, became theatergoing of vision, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The bad guy inclination w here also the monkey 弥 enters into the hand, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ストーリー的には ちゃくちゃ... It sets story and the [chi] [ya] oral [ya] the place is many is, but it is superexcellent as an entertainment, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In at this play, Miura sp ring the eye was nailing in the horse,…

  • ○■ 花道の引っ込みも ラが大きく... The pulling [tsu] included of the flower way [gara] to be large, because there is a charm, become nervousness, it was good

  • ○■ Also the transforming cat the latter half is similar

  • ○■ 僕はこの芝居の孫 衛門は、十... As for me as for grandchild Uemon of at this play, 13 generation eye benevolence Saemon, tip generation right ten 郎, you see with our this, this generation benevolence Saemon

  • ○■ You can feel the same tas ting as that in latest Kikunosuke's Hanako

  • ○■ しかし、この脚本 は、実は直... But, it draws and that in this script, to tell the truth direct good fortune is such man, you have not been packed

  • ○■ Now then! When with sayin g, as for the face of the human “virtue”

  • ○■ 猿之助歌舞伎は、 之助あってこ... Because as for Eosuke Kabuki, there being Eosuke, very, with the impression which you say is too strong, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The kana which has become matter of concern which also Ebizou at last tackles classic seriously, with the air where the portion which is said is visible does

  • ○■ 歌舞伎座の鳳。紋 演舞場の座紋... Kabuki seat 鳳. Changing the crest into the seat crest “snow month flower” of the performing dance place, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Kichiuemon's pine king, n ew and the source warehouse of five 郎, Chishiro of the 魁 spring, the door of the lawn sparrow 浪, before luck help Sonoo, the step four 郎 玄 蕃, casting, saliva chestnut of new song ascent, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 三津五郎もそうだ 、躍動感があ... But also three Tsu five 郎 so, there being a stirring impression, the movement being clean, you fall in love and fall in love

  • ○■ Tag: 團 chrysanthemum fe stival Kikunosuke

  • ○■ 8 月の「見ました は以下の... August “you saw” is, as follows

  • 新橋演舞場

    Shinbashi Enbujo,

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