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    Steve Jobs,

    Technology Business related words Stanford Pancreas steve Jobs Graduation Apple Computer Steve Jobs iPhone Pixar iPad announced iPhone4
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  • ○■ ◆av watch “音... Ne w ipod where “◆av watch from music is born the favorite”

  • ○■ h ttp: /headlines.yahoo.c o.jp/hl?a=20111006-00000012-cnn-int, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ジョブズ猊下時代 追求した商用... Iphone with the commercial business utilization which is pursued in age under the [jiyobuzu] 猊, it received also the impression route modification being formed delicately

  • ○■ You will not use the comp uter and i pod of the apple corporation and the [te], following to internal voice, you will live! When we assume if today is life last day, something would like to do? The how that phrase was used on the unwittingly inside

  • ○■ それは他人の考え 結果で生きて... Because that is to have lived with the result others thinking, when' that personal history is viewed to, the friend 3 person and the apple computer which are surprised the achievement deteriorates with establishment competition intensification, assumes and pulls with itself and that it has been confused the management of the apple from action behavior of arbitrary 専 line, by the president who was pulled out in spite even in the founder in 85 you imagine with displacement new company establishment apple return ceo inauguration your own imaginative power that in order to dispatch the world where to the entire world does not spare entirely and invests with all spirit

  • ○■ News of the “Steve [jiy obuzu] death” entering, you were surprised

  • ○■ As for apple as ipod nano (the front model) with drawn up the experimental model with ipod classic, it seems that the frame of the carbon fiber make improves wi-fi problem substantially but it seems that still is not perfect

  • ○■ ジョブズに関する 籍も数多く... Also the book regarding [jiyobuzu] many is issued, has known, even with the person who does not use the apple product

  • ○■ ↑ privately favorite as for commodity this

  • ○■ In addition as for [jiyob uzu] CEO, for industry, it was drawn up with agricultura…

  • ○■ アップルのceo辞め の、つい... Ceo of the apple it stopped, unintentionally before this and it is…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ ジョブズ氏は20 前半友人らと... [jiyobuzu] established an enterprise, 20 generation first half friends and the “apple computer” used the mouse in 84 and sent out personal computer “Macintosh” which can be operated simply, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Outlook In theory and it is the business of no one other than his nearest and dearest why exactly Steve Jobs has had to take a second leave of absence from Apple - or what his prognosis now is. In practice and Apple investors will want more information than the skimpy announcement that the technology giant yesterday offered. If it refuses to provide an update and Apple is not being fair to its shareholders. As for Outlook, theoretically, accurate [suteibujiyobuzu] of the most love where that is one other business than of that vicinity, you must take absent second holiday the reason - and as for that convalescence now from the apple what?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ google search… Steve [j iyobuzu] google inspection

  • ○■ macでiphone開発を仕. .. With mac iphone development is made working

  • ○■ Management technique [jiy obuzu] produced big effect to also the enterprise manager of the world, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ジョブズ氏は、肝 移植の手術を... [jiyobuzu], in order to receive the operation of liver transplantation, approximately half year had temporarily retiring from 2009 January

  • ○■ As for the apple postmort em of [jiyobuzu], whether it is possible to take over that mind, it catches

  • ○■ アップル創業者の ティーブ・ジ... Steve [jiyobuzu] of the apple founder died, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [jiyobuzu] it returns to more in regard to the convenience of downward compatibility or the various users having been secure, the circumstance which you think that it was better than now,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ アップルファンの としては、... As I of the apple fan, even with riding in the completion ceremony of the new head office building at least in the wheelchair, attending him, when you want to receive, with the shank!

  • ○■ iphoneの電源アダプ ... The power source adapter of iphone

  • ○■ Feeling of the appreciati on where the staffs of the apple corporation are hot was included! Is when because it hurried the announcement of [jiyobusu] existence on-target hit! You say that meaning is hidden in type name! “4” (four) (for) of the same pronunciation “s” when with Steve's initial, “i phone for s - teve” (i phone because of Steve's) with the message which is said was included!

  • ○■ ■アップルのジョ ズ氏死去... * The founder and Steve [jiyobuzu] of the charisma founder American apple which directs [jiyobuzu] passing away and reformation of the apple passed away on the 5th,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for those which first you know with the apple product, touch apple ⅱWith it is the keyboard which is said and the personal computer which the substance has unified, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (>_<) iph... (

  • ○■ When [jiyobuzu] appears i n the meeting place, the surprise the wide [ri] increased in the press corps

  • ○■ スティーブ・ジョ ズ氏死去... Steve [jiyobuzu] deceased

  • ○■ Tokyo of popularity artic le severe heat of this [burogu] was done the escaping SONY ss-f6000 audition, a liberal translation

  • スティーブ・ジョブズ

    Steve Jobs,

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