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  • ○■ i am sorry… i am sick t oday. i will write briefly. i will pick up a topic from “how to become a great a boss.” (quote) you can groom an a- player to an a. you can make a b+ player an a. but you can never make a c player a b or an a. never. (quote end) i was working for national cardio vascular center in japan in 1998. however and i quit it in three months. i was a c player there. medical doctors are geniuses and engineers are geniuses and too. my specialty was automotive engineering and not medical engineering. i could not do anything there. i was a c player and i would never be able to become an a player. however and i could be an a player at aisin or yamaha. yes and i have some talent about automotive engineering. everybody should have his/her own talent! so we should find it and we should get a job in a right place. talent is very important. everybody should find such talent.

  • ○■ ameba show biz celebrity famous human [burogurankingu

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  • ○■ working!! 4 [dvd] Publis her/manufacturer: [anipuretsukusumedeia]: dvd

  • ○■ Well it is the strange sp ectacle, don't you think?

  • ○■ working!! You looked at 7 stories

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • ○■ working!!

  • ○■ You become the reader of this [burogu], (check)

  • ○■ Also the show biz celebri ty of that topic doing [burogu], the [ru]!? As for [ohuishiyaruburogu] register desired one this/amoeba member register (no charge! )

  • ○■ It is this week animation thought

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  • ○■ working!! Mini- cushion t he “Italy wave [ma] [hi] [ru]” (

  • ○■ The political class in Br itain and Germany have finally woken up to the fact that the public no longer trusts themGerman politics faces a new nightmare as voters in Germany's biggest land, North Rhine Westphalia, punished the ruling chancellor, Angela Merkel and but refused to give confidence to the opposition Social Democrats. With its 13 million inhabitants North Rhine Westphalia is as big as a middling EU member state. Now Merkel's Christian Democratic party has Lost its majority as it got 34.5% of the vote and exactly the same percentage as the Social Democrats. The Social Democrats have to decide whether to form an uneasy coalition with the Greens, who increased their vote, and the leftist Die Linke and whose ultra views are unacceptable to most mainstream Social Democrats (a bit like Gordon Brown working with George Galloway). The loss of CDU control in North Rhine Westphalia means that Merkel no longer has a majority in the German parliament which needs both its houses to agree laws. As in Britain and Germany has a parliament which no single party controls. Like us and the German voters have no confidence in their political class. Neither first past the post nor PR seem able to deliver stable political governance in Europe's two leading states. The reasons can be found in the wider collapse of confidence in an economic system that delivers less and less social justice and demands more and more financial transfers from the individual to the state. Germany doggedly set about saving its industrial exporting base at the end of the 1990s under Gerhard Schröder. It did so by holding down the share of German wealth going into wages of car and other workers in the exporting sector of the economy. German export capitalism was revitalised and but German workers stopped voting for social democ As for class of English and Germany politics, fact as for the citizen, themGerman politics it awoke finally already in reliance, but a certain German largest land, as for the prime minister of [norutorainvuesutohuaren] and the ruling party, in the face of the nightmare whose [merukeru] prime minister and the voter of punishment are new giving self-confidence 拒. The opposition party social Democratic party it does

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