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    Takefuji Corporation,

    Reportage Business related words Sanyo-denki Mitsui Sumitomo Non-bank business aiful central finance Revised Finance Law Shinsei Bank, Limited Fast Retailing
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  • ○■ Of the Tokyo Stock Exchan ge 1 section sales amount 2,275,400,000 stocks and, high level after 3 weeks ever since December 16th last year

  • ○■ Because with says, Takefu ji Corporation, as for eye full and the promise the backbone differs fundamentally, it is the expectation which moves and with circumstance can aim rebound

  • ○■ American economic magazin e [huobusu] (the Asian edition) on the 13th, “magnate 40 of Japan” was announced

  • ○■ Perhaps the debt which no w you have returned to tell the truth already it is not

  • ○■ Takefuji Corporation [mar iya] and Yamashita it stands, probably will be??

  • ○■ 武富士

  • ○■ As for completed amount o f the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section 2,743,420,000 stocks

  • ○■ Nikkei 22525 day moving a verage line superior 1 rank (Inc.) [huasutoriteiringu] 9983 6.58% 2 rank Secom (Inc.) 9735 4.59% 3 rank Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (Inc.) 3404 2.61% 4 rank Meiji [horudeingusu] (Inc.) 2269 1.65% 5 rank Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. (Inc.) 2282 1.55% Nikkei 22525 day moving average line subordinate 1 rank Nomura [horudeingusu] (Inc.) 8604 -24.85% 2 rank pioneers (Inc.) 6773 -20.62% 3 rank Sanyo Electric (Inc.) 6764 -20.07% 4 rank (Inc.) Mitsui Sumitomo financial group 8316 -17.17% 5 rank (Inc.) Mitsubishi ufj financial group 8306 -16.97%

  • ○■ You lend the Acom Co., Lt d. & Takefuji Corporation promise nowhere

  • ○■ But still the dollar buyi ng between the individuals is many when

  • ○■ Tomorrow game kana

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • ○■ topix15025 day moving ave rage line superior 1 ranks jsr (Inc.) 4185 3.42% 2 rank Nisshin Food Products Co., Ltd. [horudeingusu] (Inc.) 2897 1.95% 3 rank Secom (Inc.) 9735 1.87% 4 rank Uni Charm Corporation (Inc.) 8113 1.67% 5 rank Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (Inc.) 9531 0.30%

  • ○■ Looking at 8591 Orikkusu −3105690 circular 8564 Takefuji Corporation −37427 circular 8574 promise −14590 circular rally moderate time, this time again it sells, kana

  • ○■ 2 days (the water) “pre sent good chart brand” release there is no here “the present jump slump brand” Mitsui co., ltd. (8031) “the investment point!”The seven bank (jq8410) it will gain on the chart classroom “super simple trend line!”(The buying and selling method −8 which utilizes the trend line) 3 days (the wood) “present good chart brand” 6 brands “present jump slump brand” Takefuji Corporation (8564) “here the investment point!”Vector (hc2656) 6 days (day) “present good chart brand” “present jump slump brand” “here investment point!”Murata factory (large 6981)

  • ○■ You entrust one letter ta king and the thinking to business to Mt. Fuji from surname of the Takei Mamoru male of the Takefuji Corporation = founder, attach Fuji and are designated

  • ○■ In other words stocks are not sold and also the [te] becomes, plus earnings

  • ○■ After that business was e xpanded favorably, the house which is dream from time of [gaki] in 24 years old was bought

  • ○■ Unless Kamei circulation of money postal services charge phase the special step, put out objection in interview of after the Cabinet conference, concerning the amendment money lender method which plans complete enforcement to June, it is conveyed, reduction ahead lending out and passes and pays and burden increase etc of interest return again feel concern

  • ○■ * Allotment ●8473sbi [h orudeingusu] 100 Yen ●2792 [hanizu] 200 Yen ●8564 Takefuji Corporation 300 Yen ×2 ●9444 toe thin 180 Yen ●7638 seaming machine 100 Yen ●8411 not seeing [ho] financial group 1000 Yen ●8572 Acom Co., Ltd. * notification of interim dividend 5 Yen it came

  • ○■ It is something where it tried adjusting cm animated picture of Takefuji Corporation [dansazu] to “the telephone” [tsu] [te] tune of lady gaga,

  • ○■ As for [deitore] opportun ity and real estate, non iron, glass stone and clay s victory

  • ○■ 18,604 Tokyo Stock Exchan ge 1 section Nomura [horudeingusu] (Inc.) the bond industry 4.39% 128,103,406,500 28,306 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections (Inc.) the Mitsubishi ufj financial group banking 4.40% 36,414,323,500 37,203 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Toyota Motor Corporation (Inc.) the equipment 2.09% 30,877,169,000 48,316 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections for transport (Inc.) the Mitsui Sumitomo financial group banking 3.61% 29,165,142,000 58,411 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections (Inc.) you do not see, [ho] financial group banking 2.79% 27,431,416,500 67,974 Osaka Stock Exchange 1 section Nintendo Co. (Inc.) in addition the equipment 1.16% 21,478,943,500 86,502 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections for product -2.21% 23,569,450,000 77,267 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section HONDA transport (Inc.) the Toshiba electrical machinery and apparatus 2.78% 20,329,781,000 99,984 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section software banks (Inc.) communication industry 0.57% 20,092,286,000 106,758 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section SONY (Inc.) electrical machinery and apparatus 1.46% 17,335,931,500 116,674 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections (Inc.) [jiesu] [yuasa] electrical machinery and apparatus 2.21% 15,264,136,000 127,201 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Inc.) equipment 3.72% 15,204,963,700 137,751 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section CANON for transport (Inc.) electrical machinery and apparatus -0.88% 14,516,175,000 149,983 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections (Inc.) [huasutoriteiringu] retail industry -3.33% 13,886,124,000 156,752 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Panasonic (Inc.) electrical machinery and apparatus 1.31% 12,536,665,700 168,591 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Orikkusu (Inc.) in addition banking business 1.46% 12,474,417,200 179,432 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (Inc.) communication industry -1.71% 11,958,410,000 187,261 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Matsuda (Inc.) equipment 7.57% 11,448,276,000 195,411 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections for transport [jiei] steel 0.69% 11,335,523,500 208,058 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Mitsubishi Corporation (Inc.) agent wholesaler 2.03% 10,918,250,700 219,437 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 sections (Inc.) ntt [dokomo] communication industry -2.18% 10,874,098,600 225,713 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Sumitomo metal mines (Inc.) nonferrous metal 6.06% 10,589,143,000 235,401 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section new Japan make 鐵 (Inc.) steel 3.00% 10,366,513,000 248,031 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Mitsui co., ltd. (Inc.) agent wholesaler 2.76% 10,062,341,400 258,801 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section Mitsui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Inc.) real estate business 2.90% 10,047,321,000

  • 武富士

    Takefuji Corporation,

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