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    Neon Genesis Evangelion,

    Anime related words Lucky Star 名探偵コナン Ayanami Rei Biohazard Hana no Keiji Card Captor Sakura Fist of the North Star Fruits Basket Apostle Code Geass R2 YuYu Hakusho Nabari no Ou CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Yamasa Sea Story Evangelion
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  • ○■ ■アニメ(5つ) ※美月氏は... * Animation (five) * as for the beauty month person the large venture [chibinatsukusumakurosu] 7 [ke] of new century [evuangerionsutoreishipu] which is limited to tv animation it is and is! * Favorite the man character 5 people & the beauty month person the Higuchi master who is limited to animation, the novel and cartoon (four tatami mat semi- mythical large systems, to do the night shortly in title and simultaneous be able to walk the maiden) zero promontory human recognition (the theatre/playing word series) joining. The glowfly (the bean sprouts it is) margin (Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]) John (end of infancy period)

  • ○■ * The count and fairy ⇒ name you forgot, the person of the… cedar rice field

  • ○■ ■プリキュア⇒あ てのココw... * The pre- cure ⇒ being able to meet, coconut w, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * Dress ⇒ [ruhui

  • ○■ ■らき☆すた みな み... * And others coming* It does, it is everyone seeing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ * [kadokiyaputa] Sakura ×

  • ○■ ■仮面ライダー電 →リュウ... * Mask rider electric king -> [riyuuta]!! [riyuuta]!!!! * Is * to 幽 playing white paper →× [kiyara] as for details intellectual viewing * the black steward -> that -… Fukuyama voice does from the [teiruzu] →× [wa] the person!! Red hair!! … Somewhat metamorphosis check (laughing * pre- cure -> the [saura] wwww [saura] [ma] [ji] parenthesis, cartridge viewing which is done wwwww & new century [evuangerion] →× intellectual viewing; ; * The gong obtaining it is -> favorite [kiyara]… to obtain, with the mini- gong the dejection of w & cool shrine [haruhi] -> Ono d which does the old spring (obtaining

  • ○■ * Knowing, it increases, monochrome factor name, but it is not seen, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ■フルーツバスケ ト →?... * Fruit basket ->? * Naive romance CHIKA ->?

  • ○■ May be linked to more d etailed information..

  • ○■ (分からない場合は ×) ■マ... When (you do not understand, ×) * [makurosu] f: × * [kodogiasu]: [rurushiyu] & the Seoul eater: × * Movement soldier Gundam 00: × * [kadokiyaputa] Sakura: Woody plant Sakura * Natume friend register: × * Hidden king: × * Pocket monster: [satoshi] & everyone seeing [ke]: × * And others coming* It does, it is: × * Patience cartridge: Drill w & silver soul: × * Monochrome factor: × * It is sweet being attached: × ■d.gray-man: Allene Walker & tutor hit man reborn!: Tuna & count and fairy: × * From today [ma] king!: [yuri] w * dress: [ruhui] & the bean sprouts it is: × * Your palpus [kiyara]!: [ikuto] & [bokaroido]: × * Mary seeing, the [ru]: × * Alice of country of heart: × * Mask rider electric king: [momotarosu] (laughing) *, a liberal translation

  • 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン

    Neon Genesis Evangelion,

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