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    Liberal Party,

    Politics related words Democratic Party Komeito Ichiro Ozawa Regime change マニフェスト New party Democratic Party presidential election Katsuya Okada Hatoyama Cabinet established Yoshito Sengoku administrative reform minister new party Noda Yoshihiko Finance Conservative Party Naoto Kan
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  • ○■ 鏈接網頁的書面日 本 ,

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  • ○■ * Problem “of political fund of Ozawa Ichiro original representation”, time “of the general election which was done in 2009 8 end of the month”, in fund of the total 449,000,000 Yen where of Ozawa Ichiro original representation is expended to the political organization 91 of political financial management group “land mountain meeting” empty nominees (contribution), was the problem for the political party grant (tax) which remains the free party solution party time being included

  • ○■ Wednesday and 10 June 200 9, 13:42 UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 STOCKHOLM 000355 SIPDIS DEPT PLEASE PASS TO USTR FOR DAVID WEINER EO 12958 N/A TAGS PGOV, PINR, PREL, ECON, KIPR and SW SUBJECT: AARGH! SWEDISH PIRATES SET SAIL FOR BRUSSELS 1. Summary and Comment: Sweden's two largest political parties, the ruling Moderates and opposition Social Democrats and saw little change over their 2004 levels of support in the June 7 European Parliament (EP) election here. Instead and the Greens and the pro-EU Liberal Party were the big winners -- along with the new Pirate Party, which found support from Young voters unhappy with the government's decision to shut down The Pirate Bay and a file-sharing bit torrent site that had become a target of the Motion Picture Association of America (and USTR). The anti-EU Left Party, ON the other hand and suffered catastrophic losses. Overall, voter turnout was up in the month before Sweden takes over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union and but at 43.8% still far below the regular 80% turnout for national elections. Comment: The EP election outcome has little predictive POWER for next year's parliamentary elections and given the self-selecting nature of those willing to go out and vote for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Perhaps the main lesson for the larger parties relates to the need to court the youth vote in more effective ways. End Summary and Comment.The Results-----------2. Sweden's EP election was a bit disappointing for the two largest parties and the Moderates (18.8% of the vote and 4 MEP seats) and the Social Democrats (24.6% and five seats). Although both parties matched the figures received in 2004, they did not manage any gains despite active campaigning. Rather and the Greens (10.9% and two seats) and the Liberal Party (13.6% an 2009 June 10th (Wednesday), 000355 SIPDIS as for DEPT/tag PGOV, PINR, [pureru], [ikon] and KIPR, please transfer one for EO 12958 N of SW subject [debitsudouinna] to the American trade representation 13 of 02 Stockholm 01 time 42 UNCLAS sections: [atsu]! The Swedish pirate starts on a voyage directing to Brussels 1,

  • 自由党

    Liberal Party,

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