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    Democratic Party presidential election,

    Politics related words Upper House election Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Regime change House of Representatives election Secretary General Yukio Hatoyama 岡田克也副代表 National elections 鳩山さん Lawmakers hold meeting Naoto Kan Prime Kan
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  • ○■ Yukio Hatoyama (62) 124 v otes acquired at the time of the Democratic party representation electing and Katuya Okada (55) acquired 29 vote differences and victory did

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: When we ass ume that democracy typical selection, you vote, you vote to someone? While participating because as for me 菅 there is only a Naoto group 2 択, it chose, at least, ““you break and the dominant person of house” “feature” shadow” and so on and so on, various rumor facts do not become extinct, whether from “Ichiro Ozawa”, as for feeling anger the occasion where “Hatoyama extraterrestrial” by himself stops the prime minister, in the habit which also Ozawa makes stop, in the habit which also Assemblyman resignation advanced, this time why from that as for one time assuming, that it was hit with “woman problem”, the attitude which occasionally it is not clear very, “菅 Naoto” is better and probably is in support as for that “extraterrestrial” justHonesty you cannot permit the Assemblyman resigning now, now the [tsu], whichever becoming desired the party chief and the prime minister, don't you think? those where the Democratic party becomes the opposition party are problem of time

  • ○■ Democracy representation election, we, appraisal

  • ○■ In the joint press confer ence by the Democratic party typical selection candidate, 菅 Prime Minister Naoto like this requested to front Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa

  • ○■ The Noboru platform it do es in the Democratic party temporary convention as a typical election candidacy, 菅 Prime Minister Naoto (the right) with at the hotel of Secretary General = Tokyo Minato-ku before Ozawa Ichiro 2010 September 14th Takeiti public filial piety photographing

  • ○■ Front Secretary General I chiro Ozawa who runs in the Democratic party typical selection when on the 8th, the self representation (the prime minister) it is elected inside the National Diet according to the interview of the Yomiuri Shimbun Company, besides the fact that 菅 you join the Cabinet front Prime Minister prime minister and Hatoyama, Chairman Councilor sedan chair stone east appointed with responsible post and the like of the party, stated the thought of aiming toward whole party attitude

  • ○■ Ozawa laughing, looking a t the [ru] photograph, the general droppings the [ri] returning, you have laughed, is, whether the [tsu

  • ○■ If Ozawa is criticized, i t is recognized that you have become frightened to the shadow of extent and Ozawa who are done

  • ○■ When we assume that ===== ============== democracy typical selection, you vote, you vote to someone? As for poll result of >> everyone!? 菅 Naoto Ichiro Ozawa

  • ○■ Noting the Democratic par ty representation election, for o and the k citizen by complicated opposition even in the night wonder

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: When we ass ume that democracy typical selection, you vote, you vote to someone? While participating as for me 菅 Naoto group! As for the text when we assume that democracy typical selection, you vote from here, you vote to someone? 菅 Ichiro Ozawa Naoto being able to meet, it tried doing with the method of elimination

  • ○■ The Democratic party typi cal selection it does closely, (as many as 2 phrases) “the mistake the support of the citizen and flesh fell”

  • ○■ 民主代表選

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • 民主代表選

    Democratic Party presidential election,

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