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  • ○■ 「漫画・アニメ」 テゴリの最... “Cartoon animation” category “waiting, up-to-date article March end animation general that 2 March end animation general that 1 “that summer the [shiyana] � of [ru]” last time [sutoraikuuitsuchizu] theater edition 灼 eye (the final)” the last time

  • ○■ “From k tie up-to-date article April 27th of blog” category (gold) [bu] and coming April 26th (wood) [bu] and coming April 25th (water) [bu] and coming April 24th (fire) [bu] and coming April 23rd (month) [bu] and coming

  • ○■ という訳で各作品 感想です... With it is thought of each work with the meaning which is said

  • ○■ * It kicks off to Milky W ay!! After, 3 story Saturday looking at the video recording of the [niyaru] child in morning continuing, when you see, that thinking, whether “demon of the triplet” probably is [paro] “of demon of the twins” of [ideon], it is troubled, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When 07:36 from keitai we b you see after a long time, the plain gauze Keen empty and the iris you have graduated! The reason which Friday does not stay in specification it was not, don't you think? is…

  • ○■ 02:24:14 アクセル・. .. 02:24: While reading 14 accelerators world, drowsiness waiting time

  • ○■ Because (the dragon and t he hero lovely my 2 volumes which do not have the [ge] are already bought) being the enormously good place, ended the accelerator world, the continuation becoming matter of concern, it is helpless

  • ○■ 相手の弱点(1) (2)力を... The weak point of the partner (1) sound (2) power is being poured into the motorcycle

  • ○■ When we want the accelera tion time like the accelerator world of [ranobe] even, you can think, don't you think? probably will be

  • ○■ 最近の画像つき記 [ 画像一... Recent picture being attached article [to picture summary, a liberal translation

  • ○■ そういえばオオカ さんは先行放... So, if you said, the wolf had preceding broadcast, but, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [Title] we younger sister is and sells so lovely 10 volumes which is not reason [the publisher] ASCII [medeiawakusu] [sale day] 4/10 [benefit 1] the illustration card ([animeito]) [benefit 2] the original slim poster ([gemazu]) [benefit 3] the specially made guidebook (2 types) (lightning library fair) (with and others the hole) [benefit 4] the post card (wondergoo) we younger sister so lovely 10 there is no reason (the lightning library [hu] 8-15) the posted with amazlet at 12.04.07 Fushimi handle ASCII [medeiawakusu] (2012-04-10), ranking: You look at details with 1 amazon.co.jp

  • ○■ 4月7日の感想 「 アクセル... Thought “accelerator April 7th world” “zetman” “summer color [kiseki]” “fairy tail”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The 00:38 from keitai web vicarious execution actress industry applied [saratsu] and, obtains, - (゚ Ω ゚; If notice you see, the next time so being?

  • ○■ そしてまたtwの話 戻ります... And it returns to the story of tw, but the reason which does to [pose] with [naya, a liberal translation

  • ○■ lupin the thir... However woman through, lupin the third peak unique child you tried to do…

  • ○■ fate/zero2nd season

  • ○■ <>...

  • ○■ [haruyuki] encounters the senior of the school, black snow princess in a certain day game, as for autonym secret

  • ○■ ハルユキのいじめ れっ子特有の... Unkind treatment [tsu] child peculiar negative thought of [haruyuki] there is no fragment, the shank

  • ○■ Temporarily viewing conti nuation -!

  • ○■ 【mf文庫j】 2/25 ・ ... Sanctuary of 2/25 zero using demon 20 old abysses, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Tag: Thought light/write novel lightning library accelerator world, a liberal translation

  • ○■ さて、明日は六時 社なので、... Well, because tomorrow six o'clock is going to work, you sleep, go to bed

  • ○■ The accelerator world it is funny! The ∩ (the ^ω^∩ [haruyuki] calling [tsu] black snow princess favorite the [a] well the [a

  • ○■ アクセル・ワール 〈4〉―蒼... The accelerator world <4> - it is green the flight (lightning library) writer to the sky: Kawahara gravel publisher/manufacturer: [asukimedeiawakusu] sale day: 2010/02/10 media: The library oh, also this cover just a little

  • ○■ Accelerator world 1st sto ry “acceleration; You looked at acceleration”

  • ○■ まぁ、電車で読む つぶしがない... Unless well, there is the spare time crushing which is read by the streetcar, don't you think? the can where work desire does not grow

  • ○■ Because it seems that can choose the guidebook of the lightning library, that and others at the hole it purchases, accelerator world 4 is green flight to the sky, with the comic 3 volumes

  • ○■ 俺には小説を買う としか出来... Only buying the novel it is possible in we, however is, a liberal translation

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