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    Takasou Yuichi,

    Reportage related words Stimulant Manabu Oshio Stimulant Drugs Control Law Sun music Surfer Kudo Shizuka Sakai Noriko Self-proclaimed professional surfer 高相法子
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  • ○■ 高相祐一被告

  • ○■ このブログの読者 なる(チェッ... You become the reader of this [burogu], (check)

  • ○■ According to the investig ation authorized personnel, Defendant Sakai “immediately before returning to Tokyo, on July 30th at the Amami O-Shima hotel the sense consequence medicine was inhaled”, “by his had used before the arrest 4 day of husband because, thinking, that it is dangerous, it escaped”, that and so on it has started testifying concretely, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 酒井容疑者はこの 撃情報から... Suspect Sakai from information of this sight half-day afternoon past 11 o'clock it passes, appeared in Shibuya Ku to which high phase suspect has received police questioning actual place, after in 3 day early dawn high phase suspect is arrested with flagrant delict of the sense consequence medicine possession, denied option accompanying and the saddle increased the whereabouts, a liberal translation

  • ○■ To call “you gnawed wit h it cannot ride to there suspect Sakai well” that the body board was done over approximately 1 hours, that you looked back at the ability

  • ○■ 警視庁は弁護士と 絡が取れた... The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department from the fact that the attorney and communication take, the appearance is with request in Noriko Sakai

  • ○■ High phase suspect, in Am ami O-Shima, the sense consequence medicine [tsu] [te] which has fallen… such a in there

  • ○■ 酒井被告をめぐる 査は終結した... The investigation which is related to Defendant Sakai concluded, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Losing. “You thought pe rhaps the reason that the sense consequence medicine reaction is produced in urine inspection,” that

  • ○■ 夫の高相祐一被告 41)は 既... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ High. The defendant flagr ant delict as for being arrested this month with the Tokyo Shibuya Ku road surface 3rd early dawn

  • ○■ 酒井法子容疑者覚 ・・・... Sakai Noriko suspect Satoru [se]… | Article summary | [jiyanizu] super great [ya]…

  • ○■ According to the investig ation authorized personnel, suspect Sakai high phase suspect lived separately

  • ○■ 酒井容疑者公認か 長男預けてい... Sakai suspect official recognition?…The eldest son as for having deposited the lover of the husband? Suspect Noriko Sakai before the disappearing, the acquaintance who deposits the elementary school 4th grade eldest son, high phase of the husband 祐 being the lover woman of one suspect understood with collection of data to the investigation authorized personnel, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The comment contribution comment entry column is indicated in, please push the below-mentioned button, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 酒井被告も14日 保釈を認める... The decision where also Defendant Sakai recognizes bail on the 14th is put out, but only portion 5,000,000 Yen of guaranty money total you have paid

  • ○■ Suspect Noriko Sakai whic h is arrested in doubt of sense consequence medicine control method violation (possession) (38), high phase of the husband 祐 2nd of this month when the police questioning to which one suspect (41) is connected to flagrant delict arrest is received, being witnessed in the section field (to rose) seashore of Chiba prefecture Katsuura city on the 14th, understood

  • ○■ ※新しくブラウザ 別ウィンドウ... * The browser opens newly in another window

  • ○■ With youtube Noriko's Sak ai [ero] discovery!! Animated picture of the u tube regarding Noriko Sakai is introduced!! It holds also Sakai Noriko ranking, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 覚せい剤取締法違 容疑が掛かり... Sense consequence medicine control method violation suspicion caught, suspect Noriko the Sakai of the actress who the whereabouts does not understand (38) appeared and was arrested in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department destination system on the 8th, attendant upon the attorney

  • ○■ <! -- insertpr (); -->

  • ○■ 酒井被告の夫・高 被告に懲役2... The penal servitude 2 year statement of the procecutor's opinion on the punishment sense consequence medicine first trial - entertainment world medicine pollution sense consequence medicine control method violation (the possession and use) Noriko Sakai of the talent which is prosecuted with crime (autonym high phase (high so) Noriko) the defendant (38) with the husband, the same method violation (the high phase which accuse of a crime to same) 祐 one defendant (41) the first trial on the 21st, Tokyo district court (the 稗 rice field elegance ocean judge) was in husband high phase defendant of Defendant Sakai

  • ○■ The man is [ero]!! >

  • ○■ 酒井容疑者も参加 、異様なハイ... Also suspect Sakai participates, the circumstances which danced with strange high tension are witnessed, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Suspect Noriko Sakai vis- a-vis the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department investigation “was flight in order to pull out the sense consequence medicine”, that with the notion that where, furthermore you overtake the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department you have testified,

  • ○■ 酒井法子さんは「 型」と言い... Noriko Sakai called “b type”, but

  • 高相祐一被告

    Takasou Yuichi,

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