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    Mr. sakimoto,

    Entertainment related words nepleague Tsuru Takeshi Shame Nokubo Naoki Do you mind if I cry
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  • ○■ 崎本くん

  • ○■ The [a] -… and desired ones increased;

  • ○■ “It is possible to cry, is?”, afterwards “not crying,” as for singing when it has contradicted, meeting place burst of laughter

  • ○■ The eye head became hot i n the tear of the promontory book, it is the yellow koala

  • ○■ Being pleasant, the shank - the ♪♪♪ the talk time it was fairly well long that you think whether and, you could enjoy, (^w^)

  • ○■ Yesterday was election sa le of 26 hour events and ticket reservation of [hekisagonhuamirikonsato], but it does not become both get,…The ticket you took reaching up to the telephone reservation which is, were accustomed and also the [ru] partner increased, becoming unnoticed simultaneous, telephoning, but 26 hours which the 繋 and others does completely, originally you will slowly see at the house…Because with you say, particularly there is no lingering, it is, but [hekikon], also the [wa] can or audition entwinement [tsu] [te] interest or try to generality sale, the daughter whom you think once more whether playing help sings, increases, being in fine shape of program securely, parent Taro also the promontory book becoming favorite, but whether playing help independence live and it is it is not, are done, don't you think?, when certainly so it does, it goes!!!! Then, yesterday there being Konaka school both direction talks, in 3 the son particularly problem there is no daughter small 6 me and by any means well not be able to convey thinking the daughter, it is summer vacation at the present tomorrow which returns impatiently in the [i] thinking how without, but the daughter just tomorrow seems like the intention of going, the [a], feeling changing, one day going [ma] [tsu] it does also today and the [yo] is

  • ○■ To be quick we would like to meet to the promontory book, the ~

  • ○■ Although if the promontor y book it should have been,…

  • ○■ [tomodachikorekushiyon] I who am even in [burogu] of the promontory book doing, it increases

  • ○■ It is not completed, alth ough you thought that you correctly interpreted at last, Yaguti is jumped the pulling [tsu] or the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te]… (well enough there is no empty manner, however it does, don't you think?) jumping, when the [ru] place you want to see, unless the relay quiz already it turns to field Kubo, the thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] the ~ stained glass which is! Answering in the middle of problem, the pot [chi] [ya] ballad which the song announcement which the [te] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] parenthesis was good and is possible to cry, is it is… good song don't you think? the chord also will not sing either the promontory book

  • ○■ Sight of 26 hours tv

  • ○■ Ahead have with the [heki sagon] effect also stocks of the [i] zooming kana

  • ○■ The chord promontory book [ya] inside [tsu] [ku] [yu] is with chorus version was sung together from morning, (the ^0^) ~♪ chorus version ......

  • 崎本くん

    Mr. sakimoto,

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