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    kitahara rie,

    Entertainment related words AKB48 Yonezawa Akimoto sayaka Ooshima Masako Kashiwagi Yuki Ono Erena Maeda Atsuko kojima haruna Sashihara Rino Itano Tomomi Shinoda Mariko
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  • ○■ akb48 selection general e lection poll result intermediate announcement (2009 July 1 day and time point)

  • ○■ akb48総選挙公式ガ ドブッ... akb48 general election official guidebook 1 rank Oshima Yuuko (team k, 17156 votes) 2 rank Maeda Atuko (team a, 16452 votes) 3 rank Kasiwagi Yuki (team b, 12056 votes) 4 rank Takahashi everyone seeing (team a, 8633 votes) 5 rank Watanabe flax friend (team b, 8582 votes) 6 rank Sinoda Mariko (team a, 8016 votes) 7 rank finger field 莉 乃 (team a, 7357 votes) friend beauty (team k, 6596 votes) 9 rank Matsui 8 rank Itano 玲 奈 (ske48 team s, 6559 votes) 10 rank Kozima positive greens (team a,6534 votes) beauty (team b, 3102 votes) 16 rank Matsui Satoshi village English (team b, 3860 votes) 15 rank Kawanishi sub- tree (team a, 5096 votes) 13 rank 峯 bank everyone seeing (team k, 3931 votes) 14 rank Kitahara 11 rank shrine 澤 佐 river (team k, 5157 votes) 12 rank Takajo 珠 Rina (ske48 team s, 2843 votes) 17 rank Yokoyama reason depending (team k, 2753 votes) 18 rank Sato sub- beauty greens (team b, 2684 votes) 19 rank Masuda possession bloom (team b, 2201 votes) 20 rank warehouse holding Asuka(Team a, 1793 votes) 21 rank Takayanagi discernment sound (ske48 team kii, 1761 votes) 22 rank relations river far fragrance (team a, 1571 votes) 23 rank Akimoto ability adding ([chi

  • ○■ akb 482,011 calendar* The Kitahara village English finger field “it dances! In saury palace”* Umeda 彩 ' the [re] it was good in release live program and the [ya] it is ' came* Flat 嶋 summer the same year as Mina sea Ooba* Flat 嶋 summer sea present performance the twin tail* Uchida 眞 Seto Chigira of the Yumi partner it is [chi] visit* cm [nare] of Watanabe flax friend “[animeito]”*

  • ○■ 3/29(火) 19:00 チ.. . 3/29 (the fire) Mariko 19:00 team a Sinoda Maeda sub- beauty does 休 performing

  • ○■ *9 shrine 澤 佐 river 1 0 Matsui Yuki positive greens *8 Kasiwagi everyone seeing *7 Kozima flax friend *6 Takahashi friend beauty *5 Watanabe *4 Itano Mariko *3 Sinoda Atuko *2 Maeda Yuuko *1 Oshima 珠 11 Matsui Rina 玲 奈 12 Kawanishi Satoshi beauty 13 Takajo sub- tree 14 峯 bank everyone seeing 15 Ono Megumi 奈 16 Kitahara village English 17 Akimoto ability adding 18 Sato sub- beauty greens 19 finger field 莉 乃 20 relations river far fragrance 21 Miyazaki Miho 22 Tada love good 23 warehouse holding Asuka 24 Oya true 那 25 Masuda possession bloom 26 flat 嶋 summer clear fragrance 28 island promontory far fragrance 29 Nitou sea 27 Ishida 萌 乃 30 Being completed [re] 32 Umeda small forest beauty fruit 31 Sato 彩 33 Fujie [re] it is good, 34 Yonezawa 瑠 beauty 35 Takayanagi discernment sound 36 Yamanouchi bell orchid 37 Katayama positive adding 38 arrow God Kumi 39 Matsubara summer sea 40 Ishiguro your. The general election lever is no every year tear [sapuraizu] occurs with something, it is? (That of 2 rank general elections later and it is the ゜∇゜) that which questions with the Yuuko center [me] and it is at narrow margin blog seeing, just a little it might cry, (; _;)And the recommending men of the positive 櫻 is dense the [ji] the [ru] ☆☆, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (日刊 スポーツ ) 続きを... (Daily sport) the ≫ continuation is read

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: With akb ev eryone's recommending? As for participation Nakamoto sentence from here

  • ○■ 28位山本彩(nmb48) 8... 28 rank Yamamoto 彩 (nmb48) 8697 votes

  • ○■ 22 rank Umeda 彩 good 11 860 vote 23 rank Takayanagi discernment sounds (ske48) 11674 vote 24 rank relations river far fragrance 10854 vote 25 rank Tada love it is good 9910 votes, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 14 峯岸みなみ チ ムk... 14 峯 bank everyone seeing team k 9,692 Kitahara village English teams b 3,860, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Atuko media selection gro up (11 names which exclude Matsui 玲 奈) Maeda (1) 2 game retreat victories name [chi] 12,345 vs negative name [chi] 123,450 Akimoto ability adding k [chi]… vs the Atuko × Maeda a pas () as for numerical value among sides of… 2 game (note) names ranking of 3rd selection general election

  • ○■ チームb 井上奈瑠 91.12.... Team b Inoue 奈 瑠 91.12.18 Osaka inlet field one beauty 85.10.23 Saitama Tada love good 94.12.8 Saitama Kasiwagi Yuki 91.7.15 Kagoshima Katayama positive adding 90.5.10 Chiba Saeki Mika 89.10.29 Tochigi Saotome Miki 91.6.22 Tochigi finger field 莉 乃 92.11.21 considerably Nitou 91.10.15 Chiba relations river 遙 fragrance 92.2.10 Tokyo relations valley Meika innate 92.12.2 Shiga Tanabe 萌 乃 92.7.22 Tokyo Noguchi 玲 greens 93.4.15 Saitama flat 嶋 summer sea 92.5.28 Tokyo Matsuoka Yuki 87.10.7 Kanagawa Yonezawa 瑠 beauty 91.6.6 Saitama Watanabe flax friend 94.3.26 Saitama, a liberal translation

  • ○■ toriaezuha kime mashita (^_^)v

  • ○■ 【新チームa】 岩 美咲 多田... It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ ● アンダー 出演(9 、10期... To learn more, ask bloggers to link to.

  • ○■ 2011 nen 9 gatsu 20 nich i ( hi )

  • ○■ ↓↓↓ポチッ と押 してくださ... ������ pochitsu

  • ○■ It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ だって~~~(・∀ ・)... datte ������ ( ���ϡ� )

  • ○■ These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ 1位:大島優子(チ ームk:昨年...

  • ○■ (¯□¯;)[kousa] ゙ [nh i] ゙ [you]…?

  • ○■ (-∀-)ワイワーイ... (- ∀-) [waiwai, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [cd+dvd] The wave it ride s and scratches and the ice (dvd to attach) (type-a) [cd+dvd] the wave rides and scratches and the ice (dvd to attach) (type-b) [cd] the wave rides and scratches the ice (type-c)

  • ○■ 2008年6月1 日に乗った... As for the bus which rode on 2008 June 16th with the Kyoto city bus 205 system 6403, with the Kyoto city bus 5 system 6227 as for the bus which rode on 2009 June 16th is with the Kyoto city bus 205 system 6403, 6232 is with the Kyoto city bus 5 system

  • ○■ 12 Kitahara village Engli sh last year 13 rank, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 北原里英6通指原 乃3通高城亜... The Kitahara village English 6 finger fields 莉 乃 3 Takajo sub- tree 3 Fujie [re] it was and 6 sorts obtained and whether it is with the unit tune of delightful gradually a5th where densely copying [me] obtained and was came 5 (the [ri] [mobame] 4, the [re] densely and the [ya] is [mobame] 1) it enters?

  • ○■ Graph conversion “of ak b48 3rd selection general election 2011” was tried, a liberal translation

  • ○■ akb48総出演のヤン ー学園... It is Yankee school drama of akb48 entire performance

  • 北原里英

    kitahara rie,

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