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    Prosecution Committee,

    Reportage Politics related words Upper House election Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Prosecutors pedestrian bridge Nerima Ooizumi Brass instrument Mountain Land Association Violations of the Political Funds Control Law Fund Management Group 鳩山総理 Ichiro Ozawa, secretary Ishikawa members arrested

    • 粛 々 and procedure advance
      But as for next inquest of prosecution meeting, probably will prosecute Osawa public opinion is hard
      Pero en cuanto a la investigación siguiente de la reunión del procesamiento, procesará probablemente Osawa que la opinión pública es dura

    • Nothing is given to all or nothing loser
      Also trend of inquest of prosecution meeting is the eye of the typhoon
      También la tendencia de la investigación de la reunión del procesamiento es el ojo del tifón

    • [bu] and coming of new pediatrician
      Forward praising the resolution of inquest of prosecution meeting with Akashi and jr west, unless you handle either the resolution to Ozawa in the same way, balance becomes bad
      Delantero elogiando la resolución de la investigación de la reunión del procesamiento con Akashi y JR al oeste, a menos que usted maneje cualquier la resolución a Ozawa de la misma manera, el balance llega a ser malo

    • Ichiro Ozawa, prosecution suitable, you do not resign,
      In the resolution book, “not to verify the political financial income and outgo report, believing, that the person in charge has stated truth, that you acknowledged with option listening of Ozawa's whom it does concerning testimony, “quite being irrational unnatural, it cannot trust investigation making clear before the submitting”,” that it did
      En el libro de la resolución, “no verificar la renta financiera y el outgo políticos divulgue, creyendo, que la persona responsable ha indicado la verdad, que usted reconoció con escuchar de la opción de Ozawa que hace referirse a testimonio, “absolutamente siendo artificial irracional, él no puede confiar en la investigación que hacía claramente antes de someter”,” que lo hizo

    • Hatoyama! Now you think that it could escape, is > the Assemblyman should resign!!
      It is the prospect that resolution of inquest of prosecution meeting is soon put out even in non-prosecution dealing of the incident which is related to the political fund of Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic party
      Es la perspectiva que la resolución de la investigación de la reunión del procesamiento pronto está puesta hacia fuera incluso en el tratamiento del no-procesamiento del incidente que se relaciona con el fondo político de secretario general Ichiro Ozawa del partido Democratic

    • “Prosecution suitable” Ozawa Ozawa Hatoyama should resign!!!
      “According to expectation…”Ichiro Ozawa who leaves 1 human 2010.4.27 sankei Secretary General rooms of democracy “7 magistrates” Secretary General =27th within and the National Diet (liquor volume Siyunsuke photographing) in the political financial readjustment method violation incident of the financial management group of Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic party, 1 people of the critical Democratic party “seven magistrates” the same day, “are the result of according to expectation in Ozawa Tokyo fifth inquest of prosecution meeting on the 27th, concerning resolving “prosecution suitable” in Ozawa,
      “根据在财务管理小组政治财政再调整方法侵害事件把1个人民主留在2010.4.27 sankei秘书长房间“7位行政官” =27th秘书长内和全国饮食的期望…” Ichiro Ozawa (酒容量拍摄的Siyunsuke)民主党的Ichiro Ozawa秘书长,重要民主党的1个人“七位行政官”同日, “是根据在起诉会议Ozawa东京第五审讯的期望的结果关于第27的,关于解决的“起诉适当”在Ozawa,

    • weblog title
      Inquest of prosecution meeting says that it is constituted by 11 citizens, but if 11 ordinary citizens of the amateurs 2 times resolves those which Tokyo area inspection special 捜 section decides non-prosecution once in law, if it is to be able to prosecute mandatorily, what meaning of existence of the trial counsel as for?
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      The representative of the political organization is, as for receiving the application of political financial readjustment method, when the representative neglecting suitable note concerning the election and supervision of the accounting patsy,

    Prosecution Committee, Reportage, Politics ,

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