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    Economic recovery,

    Business related words Nikkei Stock Average Democratic Party Greece Selection ratio NY Dow Financial crisis FRB Lehman shock Incentive Easing
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  • ○■ Well yesterday China pull ed up deposit reserve requirement, but……, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 【ユーロドル1時間 足】... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ Does [seringukuraimatsuku su] of Nikkei stock price average this year offer the last buying place? The proverb which Bank of Japan refrains from 2 large events of view and American employment statistics shortly and in Kabuto cho is reported from former times<2 Nisshin 甫 becomes rough>(There is no first to attend) recently completely the aspect which starts from 2 days of month, but as expected this year? With this I last week pointed out with the number it began to forget<2 Nisshin 甫>It became rough turbulently

  • ○■ アメリカも中国も 宙人からの技... America and China receiving the technical provision from the extraterrestrial, outer space it seems that is developed, but Japan completely…

  • ○■ At wealthy layer big busi ness suitable burden!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2011年2月期の決算 、イオ... With balancing of accounts of 2011 February period, the operating profit of gms section period in nearly 9 tenths of February of 08 before the Riemann shock recovered the ion, Ito Yokado 3 periods the business decrease in profit which continues levelled out period to of February of 10

  • ○■ The urgent interview by t he prime minister who was done on 2011 March 12th

  • ○■ <!-- insertp... <! -- insertpr (); -->

  • ○■ 7:3 presently, because of outside, as for quotation weak yen development

  • ○■ (新華ファイナン は、/。魏... (As for Xinhua finance,/. 魏) As for [barakuobama] American president, him and as for German [angeramerukeru] prime minister, as for the European debt crisis harming worldwide business recovery not being permitted it made that it agrees clear

  • ○■ May be linked to more d etailed information..

  • ○■ 欧米株がまちまち 為替もまち... But the European-American stocks various, exchange various, such a weekend, Nikkei average starts and is resetting lowering largely,

  • ○■ This day, the balance of payments which includes current account from the financial affairs ministry, in addition, the business [uotsuchiya] findings from, was respectively announced from the Cabinet prefecture, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 政治路線で見ると, 戦後の『保... When you see on the political route, ''the [rihe] ゙ [raru] route of revolution to the conservative route of retreat of the postwar 'conservative route' and 'the conservative is due to [ha] ゙ [hu] ゙ [ru] collapse route', 'gaining force of the new conservative route of Koizumi administration', Abe, Fukuda and Aso' and the Democratic party?'With it has changed., a liberal translation

  • ○■ Government has required a pproximately 300,000,000 dollar subordinate work than the goal and further guarantee to the last

  • ○■ 小泉改革政権は2006 年9月... Koizumi reformation administration continued to 2006 September, became administration of circumstances 5 year. After that, it was thought that this new conservative political route is taken over, but, Abe administration large parliamentary seat of Koizumi administration moved policy concern to constitution problem and education problem in the background, cut the rudder in maintenance revolution such as reinstatement of Mori old style.

  • ○■ Present wind exchange tre nd American market Japanese market, in addition plus material stocks high (Dow Jones)

  • ○■ 今の政権に景気回 が見込めな... While anticipating business recovery in current administration, the country is moved from the district, you think that the big conduct that becomes necessary, it keeps changing,

  • ○■ Now, market economic [te] ゙ [shi] ゙ barrel revolution information revolution on a worldwide scale, it is midst of [ho] ゙ [ta] ゙ [resu] conversion. Tardy, Japanese politics and administration and enterprise and the individual, while repeating the trouble of former Japanese ones, new 'seeking reason and the air,' feel that it got going.

  • ○■ リーマン・ショッ 後に登場し... [obama] president who appears after the Riemann shock inaugurates and directly in large-sized countercyclical measures finished to step on, but it was defeated in off-year election of last year, the road which supports poor layer with tax increase to wealthy layer was obstructed

  • ○■ 0 material increase in ye n value (the Europe) stocks it is cheap (Dow Jones) Nikkei average, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ちょっとした特需 あるかもし... Perhaps there is a little special procurement,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ During such details, 2001 April Koizumi administration was born, in order that the vulnerability which accumulates in Japan, the blockade impression is broken down new principle of freedom (new conservatism) with the structural reconstruction started. The economic activation public finance soundness from the official due to the sweep and small government theory of inferior claim of the financial institution with people flexible regulation, and so on many approval of the citizen profit, like whether it rides together with [te] ゙ [shi] ゙ barrel revolution it revolution of, the reformation whirlwind happened.

  • ○■ その後10年間,ソフ ランテ... After that 10 years, aiming toward [sohutorante] ゙ [nku] ゙, it tried it will continue public finance move positively, to support property value and domestic demand but, several 100,000,000,000,000 debts were made, comparatively, there was no thing where business recovery and reformation of political economic structure advance. You say commonly, '10 years which are lost' is.

  • ○■ But, Nabi of the car is u nsolved, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし,消えた年金 問題や大臣... But, from annuity problem and the office expense problem etc of the minister of state which go out it wipes out in House of Councillors selection, in the Liberal Democratic Party strength which is built with Koizumi administration, September of .2007 the Fukuda administration it started deteriorating from House of Councillors is born and at the [neshi] ゙ [re] National Diet to collapse, 2008 September Aso administration is born, becomes to strike 75,000,000,000,000 countercyclical measures with occurrence of the Riemann shock, but, the shadow of reformation opportunity faded kept strengthening old Liberal Democratic Party color completely. After all, tenure it wiped out in full Lower House election, the Liberal Democratic Party became to lose administration. Perhaps it is fate of long-term Liberal Democratic Party administration.

  • ○■ Well, new already it has started 'groping the reason and the air', in the future, Japanese ones, one one it keeps peeling off, though call or the reformation which well, it keeps peeling, especially become, becoming to revolve in after all Japanese ones, or, 'it doesn't adjust to the European-American style reason' generally known external pressure and for the Japanese topic solution it stops obtaining?,

  • ○■ これからもよろし iお願い致... I we ask may even from now on

  • ○■ If it dashes this way, fa ilure is hasty more and more, don't you think? probably will be

  • ○■ 2012/4/27 6:55... 2012/4/ 276: 55 (2012/4/277: 31 renewals), a liberal translation

  • 景気回復

    Economic recovery,

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