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  • ○■ [tarizubea] it is healed

  • ○■ タリーズでご飯食 てきたので、... Because the boiled rice you ate with [tarizu], topic and the job persevering [ma] ~ which are accumulated from afternoon it does

  • ○■ In case of the coffee gum , it started biting and from 3rd extent was first climax

  • ○■ コーヒー飲んで頭 痛みが強くな... The coffee drinking, when it seems that pain of the head becomes strong, exercising, improving the blood style

  • ○■ Temporarily the foot hot water doing, healing the foot which becomes tired

  • ○■ 今日はthe al feeの高... Today the birthday of Toshihiko the Takamizawa of the alfee and [takamii, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When and you look at my f ace, way you feel at rest, don't you think? with the living don't you think? it is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ブログネタ:秋の 覚、もう食... [buroguneta]: The sense of taste of the fall, you ate already? In the midst of participation

  • ○■ < div id=mainblock> <! --Entry--> < div class=mainentryblock> < div class=mainentrytitle> < h2> < a href= [rezaru] (lezard) local magistrate mountain/Sakai crimson mediating/helping live < /a> < /h2> < /div> < div class=mainentrybase> < div class=editentry> < a href=. /admin.php? > which compiles the mode=editentry&no=1139 title= article; 2011/01/28 (gold) < /a> < /div> < div class=mainentrybody> < a href= target=_blank> < img src= alt= now [ta] of morning

  • ○■ どのコーヒーショ プが好き?ス... Favorite which coffee shop? [sutabatsukusutarizudotorupurontoekuserushioru] in addition

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: There is ma ny a thing which orders beverage, s m l and which size? While participating as for me m group by all means m shelf (the ¯ - b¯) just Mack S factor is high in raw to put out the order other than setting, (laughing) size m in [garuzutoku], it is the size which cannot be missed but the just a little being enough the leprosy which goes because (laughing) [sutaba] or [tarizu] it is high because it does not go, going, only s salt [kiyaramerurate] of the store of series of the coffee mansion before this you do not ask applied tastiness as though it is each time proper,

  • ○■ タリーズコーヒー の季節商品... Seasonal commodities of [tarizukohi], [jiyandouyahowaitomoka

  • ○■ =================== coffe e shop, somewhere favorite? > > As for poll result of everyone!? [sutabatsukusu] [tarizu] [dotoru] [puronto] [ekuserushioru] in addition

  • ○■ ブログネタ:苗字 名前、どっち... [buroguneta]: The seedling letter and name, there is many a thing which is called with either one? As for participation Nakamoto sentence from here

  • tully's


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